The Michael J. Fox Show

Episode 1.11 : Christmas

  • The Michael J. Fox Show
    • Episode Premiere : December 12, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2014
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Michael and Annie's first Christmas together consisted of hard salami, crusty French bread and absolutely no presents. A fierce rivalry to give the best Christmas present has escalated this year...

Eve isn't feeling the Christmas spirit. After the Goldbergs' Hanukkah party, she's seriously contemplating whether she was Jewish in a past life. She finds every excuse to work her limited Jewish vocabulary into conversations. Meanwhile, Ian embarks on a quest to fulfill Graham's wish list and buy the must-have Space Fish toy. Since Annie has clearly dropped the ball on keeping the Christmas magic alive, it's Ian's job to keep Graham believing in Santa Claus.

Mike's $100 Starbucks gift card for Kay pales in comparison to her customized leather briefcase for him. Feeling guilty, Michael grabs the 18k gold turtle charm necklace intended for Annie... and immediately regrets the decision. The jewelry store only has one turtle necklace left, and since Michael finally gets to anchor by filling in for a "sick" colleague, he can't get to the store. He calls in the big guns - Eve - to pick up the present.

Knowing Leigh's instinctual ability to ruin surprises, Annie has Graham babysit his aunt for a few hours. Graham bribes Leigh: buy him ice cream and he'll tell her what Annie is actually up to. Leigh freaks out when Graham tells her Billy Joel is at the house right now. Meanwhile, Annie entertains Michael's Christmas present, the legendary Sting. Unfortunately for Annie, she doesn't know any of his songs. Mike's big anchoring break puts a time constraint on Annie's Christmas present, but Sting genteelly is prepared to wait.

Annie calls in a favor to a guy who can "get things that fall off trucks." Much to Ian's surprise, the man is a jolly Santa Claus look-alike and he has the goods: a Space Fish for Graham and a 1967 Ford Mustang matchbox car for Ian. He can't stay long to chat, though, since Christmas Eve is such a busy night for him.

It's all bad news for Michael tonight. Kay broke up with her fianc�© over the necklace because she realized she deserved better than the Starbucks gift card he bought her; Eve couldn't buy the necklace because someone bribed the jewelry store with cold, hard cash; and to top it all off, Mike's stuck at the station reporting on the city's epic snow storm. Watching Mike's segment, Annie feels defeated that her present won't pan out. Ever the romantic, Sting volunteers to surprise him at the station.

Eve's Jewish cabdriver crushes her Grinch spirit. He might not celebrate Christmas, but a holiday that brings everyone together has something to it. Mike rushes around the station, stuffing crappy office items in a gift bag for Annie. Kay's fianc�© struts in to beat up Mike for ruining his life - just as he throws a fist, Sting drops him in one punch. Despite meeting his idol, Michael finishes up the weather report. Leigh throws herself at Sting, never mind that she thought she was meeting Billy Joel.

Michael starts a long-winded apology to Annie for being present-less, but Eve runs in with a large wrapped package. Clearly, it's not the necklace... Eve found salami and French bread, just like her parents' first Christmas. It's not always the expensive presents that mean the most, as evidenced by Eve's thoughtfulness and Annie's elaborate plan to keep the Christmas magic alive for Ian and Graham.






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