The Michael J. Fox Show

Episode 1.07 : Golf

  • The Michael J. Fox Show
    • Episode Premiere : October 31, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2014
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

A college dropout kid, a needy sister, a teen daughter, an eight-year-old, a new job - could Mike and Annie Henry be any more besieged? What this marriage needs is a romantic getaway and Mike's got just the ticket: a weekend charity event at a swanky golf resort in New Jersey. He'll hit a few balls for the fundraiser and then scoot then out to get some quality romantic time with Annie. What could go wrong? Mike orders an ocean view suite, which is a massive upgrade from the pathetic garden view room they had when he proposed at the same resort years ago!

Mike and Annie leave the apartment in Ian and Eve's hands for the weekend; after all, what could possibly go wrong in two days? Sensing an opportunity, entrepreneurial Ian immediately rents the apartment out to vacationers and cleans the place up to look just like a hotel suite; Eve helps out by placing mints on the beds. But with their rooms leased, Ian and Eve are forced to find somewhere else to stay for a couple days. When every hotel in town mistakes them for two romantic teens looking for a place to hook up, they're left with nowhere to crash! After a last-ditch bribe fails, Ian lets one hotel clerk know there will be terrible repercussions for his establishment on Yelp.

Mike and Annie's ideal weekend gets off to a bad start when a rude guy cuts Mike in line at the resort and steals the last ocean view suite! Adding insult to injury, the guest who jumped the line is blind but is still insistent on the ocean view room. Annie was expecting to hang out by the pool all weekend, but the weather isn't exactly bikini-worthy. Of course she's not going to let that stop her. On the golf course, Harris introduces Mike to his playing partner for the day, Chaz Garrity, the super successful composer and singer behind their newscast's catchy new theme. But when Mike sees that Chaz is the blind guy from the check-in line, the rain clouds wash over his golfing parade! Mike immediately senses that the crowd is more sympathetic to Chaz's condition than his own and Chaz isn't afraid to play it up to the hilt. It's going to be a long day on the links.

Leigh was supposed to have a date with her latest boy toy, Felix, but he canceled on her. She's so depressed, mostly because she really thought he had promise... I mean, he didn't try to steal her identity like the other ones! Saddened, Leigh reluctantly agrees to take in Graham for Mike and Annie while they're out of town. At her place, Leigh embraces the company of her eight-year-old nephew, using him as a makeshift therapist as she vents about her most recent relationship whiffs. This Felix guy was the one; their third date was supposed to be tonight, and everyone knows that's when the guy says the three magic words Leigh's been dying to hear... "I'm getting divorced." Seeing that she's upset, Graham offers to be Leigh's date for the night!

Chaz's use of his blindness is really starting to rub Mike the wrong way; Chaz is gregarious in front of the crowd but a jerk behind the scenes! Annie reminds Mike about his promise to "just hit a few balls," and considering their couples' massage appointment is soon, mentions he should probably call it a day on the course. But Mike has other plans. His competitive juices are flowing, and Mike really feels like putting his disingenuous playing partner in his place. On the back nine, Mike knocks over Chaz's bag just as he's putting his ball, and the noise causes him to badly miss. Mike blames it on a nearby kid and goes on to beat Chaz by two strokes. Score one for the good guy!

With no place to go, Eve buys a tent for Ian and her to sleep in on the roof of their apartment. But a massive gust of wind swoops the entire thing over the edge - along with Ian's wallet. In the next instant, a thunderstorm begins to open up on top of the two of them. Ian and Eve rush for the fire door, but it's locked from the inside. In the depths of despair, Eve promises to never disrespect her parents' trust again. A few minutes later, however, as they're descending the fire escape, Eve knocks on her bedroom window and drops a massive lie on her renters: her parents left them without a place to stay for the weekend. Disgusted at such terrible parenting, the renters let Eve and Ian in from the cold.

At the fundraising dinner following the golf outing, Chaz makes a toast alluding to Mike and his cheating ways. Annie defends Mike's honor with her own toast about the value of not being "a sore loser." When Chaz leaves the dinner, he pushes Mike out of his way in anger, which convinces Annie he can actually see. She tells Chaz to "think fast" as she throws a lobster in his direction... but it bounces off his jacket and food gets everywhere. So she was wrong about the blindness thing. On the way back to their room, Mike and Annie notice one of the ocean view suites is vacated, and they sneak in to take advantage of the amenities. Annie asks Mike if he'd like to capitalize on their supposed romantic weekend. Say no more!

As Mike and Annie lay in bed, a hotel clerk opens the door - it's Chaz returning to his room! As Chaz moves around, Annie and Mike desperately try to sneak out in silence. Before they can get to the door, Chaz hears them and turns around to see Annie naked. Chaz tells her she was right about his blindness... he can see shapes, and ooh la la. Meanwhile, Leigh's pathetic disposition about her love life even turns away her nephew, Graham. She realizes it might be beneficial to stop feeling sorry for herself and be thankful for the good things in her life. Mike and Annie come home to find Ian's renters coddling their children at the kitchen table - and glaring at Mike and Annie. What kind of parents leave their kids in the cold?

Looking back, Mike realizes that he likes to be the inspirational guy above all others. He admits that Chaz got under his skin this weekend because of all the affection fans were throwing his way, instead of at Mike. Mike thinks that even though we tend to fall into certain roles in life, we shouldn't let them define us, because if you get too caught up in how other people see you, you may not stop and enjoy the view every once in awhile. Ian and Eve are grounded for their scheme, and at the Henry household, that means watching a double feature of hockey movies with their parents! The renters play cards at the kitchen table as Leigh and the rest of Mike's family sits on the couch. When Mike asks the couple if they're ever going to leave, Ian apologizes and explains he gave them a late checkout. He really needs a positive Yelp review!






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