The Michael J. Fox Show

Episode 1.03 : Art

  • The Michael J. Fox Show
    • Episode Premiere : October 03, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2014
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Eve's caught the art bug: her new photography class has inspired her to create an impressive portfolio. As she shares the shots around the table, Mike and Annie couldn't be more proud - until they realize Eve's portfolio is filled with photos of nude male models. Gulp. Eve knows an overreaction when she sees it and gets ready to storm off, but Mike and Annie assure her they're cool with it all - she's just so talented. Secretly, Mike and Annie know they've got to do something.

Mike pulls Eve aside to try to steer her toward perhaps pursuing subjects that are just a little less revealing. But Eve's having none of it - the nudes are metaphorical. Trotting out a childhood story, Mike tries to roll with Eve's energy but only succeeds in getting aesthetically rolled over. In the end Eve's so happy her dad gets it - even if he doesn't. For Mike, it's mission unaccomplished. Annie takes her own shot one on one. Despite an elaborate horror story of an artsy high school friend whose pretensions left her hairless and addicted to heroin, Even finds a way to hijack the session into a photo shoot - complete with her mom taking off her top. Mission double unaccomplished.

Meanwhile Ian's having girl trouble with Reese. He seeks out Harris for advice who counsels him he's young and he should treat relationships like car buying - the more tests drives, the better. So Ian cuts her loose and immediately begins feeling miserable. Hearing about the breakup from Reese, Leigh advises the girl to teach Ian a painful lesson. Reese "accidentally" sends a racy text to Ian that was supposedly intended for one of his closest rivals. Ian's distraught until he checks in with Harris who calls the text as a ploy. Soon enough, Ian's playing the field again.

Mike and Annie commiserate about where Eve's headed only to get more good news from their daughter: the nude shots of mom are her best work and so they simply must be in her show at the community center tomorrow night. Mike and Annie fall back and mull the options. They don't want to be uncool parents who ban their daughter's activities just because they say so, but nude photos of Annie on display isn't a price they're willing to pay just to seem progressive. There's only one solution: art heist! Just like that Mike and Annie are art thieves, complete with a flashlight, a lock pick and a pronounced sense of stealth. Mike works the lock like an old thief, much to Annie's excitement. "You're a badass," she tells him.

As they skulk around the gallery space, Mike and Annie can't help but admire a few of the other nude shots. Mike explains they'll have to steal some pictures from other artists or Eve will know it was them. As they're sizing up the various photos, a guard intercepts them. Recognizing Annie from her nude shot, he asks if he can invite the other guards over to say hello. Mike and Annie hightail it.

Now the hard part comes. Eve calls her parents out on their craven act. They explain they just don't want her taking nude photos - of anyone. Why? Eve demands. And then the answer hits them: "Because we said so." Eve heads off in a huff, but Mike and Annie share a secret smile. Progressive parenting be damned. Laying down the law has some advantages - including the comfort kids get from knowing they have boundaries and something to rebel against. Later, Mike whips out his Gibson SG and regales Annie with a triumphant guitar solo in the living room. Lo and behold, a smiling Eve is right there to capture the moment with her camera. Mission accomplished.






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