The Michael J. Fox Show

Episode 1.02 : Neighbor

  • The Michael J. Fox Show
    • Episode Premiere : September 26, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2014
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

All Mike wants is a little alone time with his wife, but with three kids, it can seem like an insurmountable task at times. Eve bursts in on her parents with a forewarning about having a lesbian platonic friend over the next day, Ian is complaining about the Internet connection, and Graham is just straight hiding at the foot of the bed. When all the kids do finally evacuate the bedroom, Mike and Annie find that the upstairs neighbor's TV is so loud it kills the mood. Mike agrees to have a word with the new guy, and Annie is snoring before he's even out of the room.

The new guy upstairs turns out to be a very attractive recent divorcee named Kelly, and she's not afraid to be a little flirtatious. At first Mike thinks it's innocent, but when she invites him in and asks him to lick the spoon of her cookie batter as a "taste tester," Mike thinks it's probably time to go. The next day, when Annie asks about the neighbor upstairs, Mike gets flustered and dances around the question before changing the subject.

When Eve's lesbian friend Reese comes over, Ian quickly takes a liking to her. But Eve wants Ian to butt out. So the next time she hangs out with Reese, it's at JJ's Fun-cade, a totally tacky and totally lame arcade center that Eve and Reese are going to ironically, not at all because they actually think it's cool. But after they get there, Ian shows up too - eager to impress Reese. He jumps on the Dance Dance Revolution game and struts his stuff, much to Eve's dismay... and Reese's enjoyment. She thinks he's kind of cute.

Leigh is struggling to finish her article for US Weekly when she goes to a local park to blow off some steam. Some mothers sharing a bench with her mistake her for being Graham's single mom, and the sympathy rushes to Leigh's head. The next day, Leigh takes Graham to the park again in hopes of getting more mom-sympathy, but she has to bribe him with soda and candy on the way. When the other moms notice how hyperactive Graham is, they start to seriously judge Leigh, and the thrill is quickly gone.

Later on, Mike comes home with some coffee, hoping it will keep Annie awake and help set the mood in the bedroom. Unfortunately, Annie has been thinking about the neighbor upstairs all day... and Kelly just happens to stop by for a visit. Mike is mortified, having played off Kelly as a boring, totally average woman. The jig is up. He rushes to get Kelly on her way, and when the door shuts, Annie pokes a little fun at her husband: if she didn't know any better, she'd guess he had a crush on Kelly. A crush? Nonsense. Unfortunately, that night Mike audibly dreams about Kelly as Annie sits in bed... wide-awake.

Eve sees Reese making out with Ian, and confronts her later when Reese is playing a snowmobiling game. Eve is a little annoyed, not only because Ian is her brother but also because he's a guy, and as a lesbian, she doesn't think Reese is exactly allowed to do that. Reese laughs; she kissed a girl once at a party because guys are into that kind of thing... but she's not a lesbian. Ian shows up and hops on the snowmobile with Reese, leaving Eve to sulk away as the awkward third wheel.

Leigh takes Graham to JJ's Fun-cade as a mea culpa for the park fiasco. And when Graham sympathizes with the struggles of writing a two hundred-word article, Leigh is happy someone actually gets her, even if he's a child. But then a Fun-cade worker shows up and starts flirting with Leigh, and once again, the thrill of motherhood quickly disappears.

Mike wants to show Annie how little he cares about Kelly, so he plans a double date and sets up Kelly with his boss, Harris. The two hit it off right away and throughout the evening, Mike wrestles with his jealousy of Harris. While he adamantly denies having a crush on Kelly, it is not enjoyable at all to see her flirt so obviously with his boss. At night's end, Annie tries to encourage Kelly and Harris to go off on their own, but Mike can't seem to let that happen.

Harris and Kelly go up to her apartment, and Annie drives to pick up the kids at the Fun-cade. Mike drives on his own to the arcade, hoping to find Annie and the kids. When he gets there, he commandeers the DJ booth and publicly admits to having a crush on Kelly. "I mean, her well-defined collarbones... " Annie says she doesn't care, but what got into him tonight? Mike says he liked the attention. It's nice to know after everything that's happened, someone could still have a crush on him. What about Annie, though? She still has a crush on him! The two reconcile and remember that even though you can get distracted sometimes, family is the most important thing in life.






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