Lincoln Heights

Episode 4.08 : Bully for You

  • Lincoln Heights
    • Episode Premiere : November 02, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC Family
    • Genre : Drama, Family
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2009
    • Production Company: ABC Family
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

It's Cassie 18th birthday, and she gets the chancec to celebrate it in New York City when her Aunt Naomi sends her a first-class airline ticket. at first she hestitates, because Jenn's still sick and she wants to be with Charles on her birthday. But she ends up going and having a great time. Maybe too much of a great time. Naomi throws a party and introduces Cassie to a hot art student named Julian. He invites her to spend the next day with him, and he shows her Pratt -- a top art college. He takes her back to his apartment, where Cassie models for him and they end up talking all night long. Innocent, right? So why does Cassie lie to Charles about it? She tells him she's been with Naomi the whole time, and never mentions meeting an amazingly hot, incredibly talented art student. Uh-oh. Meanwhile, Tay and Lizzie face bullies at school. After Malik is beaten up by a group of boys, who then post a video of the assault online, Tay goes to Eddie for help. Tay knows who the bullies are but doesn't have any proof. Still, Eddie warns the boys to stop bullying other kids and sets up an empathy seminar at school. while the seminar seems to resonate with most students, the bullies retaliate by abducting Tay. They carry him into a deserted room at school, rough him up, blindfold him, then tie him to a chair. Lizzie has to deal with a couple of "mean girls" when she tries out for the lead in the school musical. Angie wants the role, and she and her friend are determined to make sure Lizzie doesn't get it. Even though they never lay a finger on Lizzie, their taunts and backstabbing are bullying just the same. but they never counted on Lizzie being so AMAZING!! Her singing and dancing blow everyone else out of the water. (Tay and Cassie aren't the only Suttons with Superhuman talent.) That night, Lizzie worries when Tay doesn't come home. And when she sees the video of Malik getting beaten up, she fears the buliies have done something to Tay. She shows Eddie the video, and when they notice a drawing of the school's mascot in the frame, they figure out the video was made at school. Eddie rushes over there and hears a knocking sound coming from a room in the basement. He finds Tay, who's been tapping a pipe with his foot. Eddie unties him, and Tay tells him he got proof of who attacked him on his cell phone. Nice going, Tay! The bullies are taken away, and the empathy seminar continues in hopes of discouraging more bullying. But that doesn't help Lizzie. After getting the lead role (yay!), she's called to the principal's office. Whatever could he want to see her for?






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