Lincoln Heights

Episode 4.02 : Persons of Interest

  • Lincoln Heights
    • Episode Premiere : September 21, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC Family
    • Genre : Drama, Family
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2009
    • Production Company: ABC Family
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Russell Hornsby as Guy,
    • Nicki Micheaux as Ground Controller,
    • Erica Hubbard,
    • Rhyon Nicole Brown,
    • Mishon Ratliff,
    • Robert Adamson,
    • Michael Reilly Burke

The Story

Cassie and Charles are brought in for questioning when the police discover that Mack of a knife wound. Detective Kersey thinks they're hiding something, but with no actual evidence of wrongdoing, he can't arrest them. Cassie thinks they should tell the police the truth, but Charles is convinced they'll never believe what really happened and he'll be sent to jail. Cassie tells him they're in it together, but Charles says he's alone in the world, just like he'a always been. Cassie can't believe how different they are, but what happens later really throws fer for a loop. Charles leaves town. Hw writes a note to the police explaining his side of the story, then takes his toolbox full of money, gets in his car, and drives off. But after talking to a girl named Amy at a truck stop, he goes home to find Cassie asleep on his doorstep. Things then go from bad to worse. The police show up at the Suttons' house to search Cassie's room. She calls Carles to warn him that they're on the way to his apartment too. With only seconds to act, Charles takes the toolbox upstairs to Sage's apartment and asks her to hide it for him. Meanwhile, the other Suttons are dealing with their own dramas. Lizzie's befriended by a group of popular girls, only to discover they're just using ger to get on Sage's good side. After inadvertently hurting an outcast named Sylvia with a text the girls tell her to send, Lizzie ditches the "bitcherati" and tries to make amends with Sylvia. But is it too late? Tay's jealous of Nate Ray and his deepening relationship with Eddie. When he sees Nate Ray giving prescription pills to a man on the street, Tay assumes he's dealing drugs. But after Tay confronts him in front of Eddie and Jenn, Nate Ray explains he was just giving his leftlover pain pills to a war buddy in need. Jenn's working on some jealousy issues of her own. Dana asking her for a job is one thing, but when Dana shows up at Tay's birthday party, Jenn puts her foot down and asks her to leave. Eddie tells Jenn she's going to have to accept that Nate Ray is his son and that Dana is in their lives to stay. That may be true, Jenn concedes, but Eddie has to let her amd Tay deal with the situation in their own way. At the end of the day, some good news arrives. Mack's autopsy reveals that the knife hit a major artery -- so he would have died even if Charles and Cassie had tried to help him. The police drop their investigation. But is the news enough to assuage Cassie's guilt? Meanwhile, Charles shows Sage the toolbox full of money. Can she keep a secret? But the bigger question: Why is Charles keeping the money a secret from Cassie?






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