Lincoln Heights

Episode 4.01 : Home Again

  • Lincoln Heights
    • Episode Premiere : September 14, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC Family
    • Genre : Drama, Family
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2009
    • Production Company: ABC Family
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Russell Hornsby as Guy,
    • Nicki Micheaux as Ground Controller,
    • Erica Hubbard,
    • Rhyon Nicole Brown,
    • Mishon Ratliff,
    • Robert Adamson,
    • Michael Reilly Burke

The Story

It's a new morning in Lincoln Heights. The earthquake's over, but the emotional aftershocks are still rattling. The suttons try to pick up where they left off before everything came tumbling down. But so much has changed. Because their home was damaged by the fire, the Suttons are living in a small apartment for them in a quiet suburb called Glen Oaks. Eddie and the kids don't want to move but, because their place in Lincoln Heights is so wrecked, they don't see another choice. Charless still hasn't told Chassie about the money he found in her attic. But something bigger than that secret threatens their love. The police investigate Mack's death and question Charles and Cassie. When their stories don't match Cassie reports that Mack and Charles were fighting before MAck died, but Charles leaves out that detail the police become suspicious. Eddie believes Cassie, but he begins to wonder if Charles's temper got the better of him on that fateful day. And when Eddie finds out about an altercation between Charles and some guys who made a racist remark in front of Cassie, he begins to think that Charles is too hot-headed for her. When Eddie responds to shots heard inside an abandoned house, he finds a little girl all alone watching TV. Her name's Briana, and her mother abandoned her after the quake. Eddie takes her to Jenn's clinic and, when no one from the Department of Children's Services comes to get her, Jenn takes her home. But Briana runs away in the middle of the night, taking food and Tay's first aid kit. The next morning Tay's really sick and, without the insulin from his kit, he could die. Jenn and Nate rush him to the clinic, but the doors are locked. There's no time to get Tay to the hospital, so Nate breaks down the door, saving Tay's life. But even that isn't enough to make Tay like him. Eddie finds Briana in her abandoned house, curled up next to her mom, who's high on drugs thanks to the dealers who have turned the house into a drug den. Her mom gets taken in for treatment, but Briana faces being put into foster care until a kind neighbor named Sofia takes her in. Briana's neighbors, including Eddie's friend Jake, bulldoze the house as a sign for drug dealers to stay away. As the police investigation heats up and Eddie's suspicions about Charles grow, Cassie asks Charles to tell her what really happened in Germany. He says Mack was beating up his mother, and he stepped in to save her. His mom didn't want Mack to go to jail, so she told the police that he and Mack fought. Her faith in Charles renewed, Cassie promises to be with him But will she regret it? After saying goodbye to their old place, the Suttons are driving away when they see Jake, Briana, Sofia, and the rest of their neighbors planting a garden where Briana's abandoned house used to be. Overcome with emotion and neighborhood pride, the kids file out of the car to help. Later that evening, Eddie tells Jenn's father thanks, but no thanks. It may take him and Jenn working day and night to pay for the house repairs, but it's worth it to be where they belong. The Suttons are finally home, but the happy moment is cut short when the police come to the door. They've ruled that Mack's death wasn't an accident. And they want to talk to Cassie and Charles.






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