Lie to Me

Episode 3.08 : Smoked

  • Lie to Me
    • Episode Premiere : November 29, 2010
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2011
    • Production Company: Fox TV, Imagine TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Two masked gunmen enter and rob a barbecue joint where Kira and the man she calls "Uncle Teddy" are working. Meanwhile, Cal is at home - Emily notices that he's playing online poker instead of writing his book - when Detective Wallowsky arrives. Wallowsky tells Cal that Kira was killed during the robbery.

Jimmy, who owns the restaurant and is dying of cancer, is an old friend of Wallowsky's. She often arrested his then-teenaged sons Marcus and Rudy. Jimmy wants answers. Wallowsky hands Cal a DVD of footage taken from the security camera.

Cal races to the office, tells Gillian that they're taking the case pro bono as a favor to Wallowsky, and - after watching the DVD - says that Kira's death was an intentional execution. Cal orders Ria and Eli to interview a number of the restaurant's disgruntled employees. All have alibis and none are lying.

Wallowsky and Cal question Teddy - who is Jimmy's longtime employee and best friend - about Kira, Marcus, and Rudy. Cal says that Teddy knew the killers but didn't tell the police this, and he theorizes that Teddy and Jimmy had a Cain-and-Abel-type relationship. Then Cal and Wallowsky visit Jimmy and ask about his relationship with his sons.

Cal and Wallowsky put dental hygienist Marcus and unemployed Rudy in the cube together and watch. Marcus tells Rudy that Kira is dead and he's an uncle. Both claim that they haven't seen Kira in years.

Cal enters the cube and realizes that Marcus is deaf in one ear. Turns out Rudy hit him with a bottle after they stole the restaurant's night deposit, which got them cut out of Jimmy's will years ago.

Marcus accuses Rudy of killing Kira, and a fistfight breaks out. Wallowsky enters and hauls Rudy away.

Cal knows that Marcus is lying about not having seen Kira, but Wallowsky returns, saying police found a hooker who claims that her meth-head boyfriend killed Kira. Cal doesn't believe this, but police have the gun - and the ballistics match the bullet in Kira's head.

Cal and Wallowsky question the two murder suspects, Eddie and Nick, separately. Cal believes that Nick is blaming Eddie - who was too high to remember what really happened - for the killing. Cal shows Eddie photos that disprove his guilt, noting that there was only $1,500 in the till, and Eddie admits that they were hired to kill Kira. But he doesn't know by whom, and he doesn't recognize Marcus' photo. Nick clams up and calls for a lawyer.

Cal and Gillian meet Marcus at the restaurant. Cal is abrasive, accusing Marcus of killing Kira so the brothers could inherit the business. Gillian turns on the empathy, (falsely) claiming she lost a brother in a car accident.

Marcus tells Gillian that the last time he saw Kira, she wanted him to make peace with Jimmy. Marcus denied this meeting because he thought their family history would lead people to believe he'd fought with his sister. He also says he told her that Rudy was a lost cause. When Cal invites Rudy - who's overheard this entire conversation - and Teddy into the room, Gillian observes that the brothers are more concerned with making up than finding the killer.

Wallowsky then asks Teddy to come down and look at a police lineup. He still can't I.D. the killers, but Cal notices that Nick immediately recognizes Teddy. Cal accuses Teddy of hiring Nick and Eddie to kill Kira and trying to pin it on Marcus and Rudy. Teddy denies this - and Gillian agrees - but Cal doesn't buy it.

Cal revisits Jimmy, who is angry that Cal first accused his sons of killing Kira, but now accuses his best friend of the killing. Cal replies that Jimmy told Teddy to frame his sons and that he can either swallow his lies and go quietly or die with his eyes open.

Back at the restaurant, Wallowsky is apologizing to Teddy, who gets a call that Jimmy has lapsed into unconsciousness. Cal says that Kira's death broke Jimmy's will to live and Teddy should know this.

Wallowsky brings Teddy to Jimmy's bedside and says that the machine Jimmy is hooked up to is the only thing keeping him alive. She also says that Jimmy has changed his will, wants Teddy to inherit the restaurant, and has given Teddy power-of-attorney to decide whether to pull the plug. So will he sign off or not?

As Teddy picks up the pen, Cal enters, saying cancer - not Kira's death - is killing Jimmy. But her death is killing Teddy, who's torn between his loyalty to Jimmy and his jealousy of Kira. Cal adds that Teddy's anger at Cal was overriding his grief at Kira's death, which is why Cal couldn't immediately spot Teddy's lies. But picking up that pen without first talking to Marcus, Rudy, or any doctor showed that Teddy's mind was already made up.

Before Teddy can deny this, Jimmy opens his eyes, pulls himself upright, and exclaims that everything Wallowsky just told Teddy is contrary to his true wishes. He's furious with Teddy for causing Kira's death, because she was the only family he thought he had left. Teddy denies wanting Kira dead - and Cal says that Teddy halfway believes that, but he also couldn't accept that Jimmy's love for his family would trump their decades of friendship. Wallowsky takes Teddy into custody.

Cal returns home, where Emily orders him to start working on his book.






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