Lie to Me

Episode 2.12 : Sweet Sixteen

  • Lie to Me
    • Episode Premiere : June 14, 2010
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2011
    • Production Company: Fox TV, Imagine TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Seven years ago, a woman and girl exit a taxi. The cabbie pulls a pistol on the man in the back seat, who grabs the gun. As they struggle, two shots are fired. The women and girl are killed.

Today at the Lightman Group office, seconds after Cal learns Henry Andrews called and wants to tell the truth about the Jimmy Doyle business, a bomb explodes outside.

Cal opens a package that was delivered that morning and finds a CD labeled "Lightman Psychiatric Evaluation 2003 Session One" with a note: "Meet at the stadium or Doyle gets the other five tapes."

Seven years ago, Gillian was the Pentagon psychiatrist who evaluated Cal and assured him the session wasn't recorded -- but that's exactly what's on the CD. Gillian denies knowing who taped it.

When news reports confirm Andrews was the bombing victim, Cal tells Eli that Andrews was the British liaison for counter-terrorism at the Pentagon and seven years ago he was Cal's boss.

Cal enters the parking garage and finds Doyle, who says he didn't call Andrews -- he only asked about his involvement in the death of Doyle's family, which Andrews denied. Doyle then watched Andrews purchase a cell phone, make two calls, and toss it. One call was to Cal's office. The other number was untraceable.

Doyle gives Cal 24 hours to find whomever killed his family. Cal shows him the note. Doyle asks what's on the tapes. Me talking about my role in your family's death, says Cal. Doyle threatens to kill Cal unless he learns who made the tapes.

Flashback to seven years ago. Cal tells Gillian he read IRA member Doyle as a threat to ruin the peace agreement, and someone in the Pentagon took that to mean Doyle should be eliminated. But Doyle's wife and 16-year-old daughter got killed instead. Cal feels guilty. Gillian says the men who killed Doyle's family were caught. Cal replies that's a cover-up.

While Cal goes to the stadium, Gillian looks at vintage Pentagon computer files that label Cal a security risk. Eli, having hacked her computer, enters with a printout of these files. Gillian fills Eli in, adding Cal wanted to go public about the cover-up, but didn't -- and a lot of what Cal does now is because of what he didn't do then.

At the stadium, Cal's confronted by a masked man, who hands him a second CD. Cal asks what he needs to do to get the rest of the tapes. Find Doyle and we'll do the rest, says the man. "Like last time?," asks Cal, who tries to unmask him. A second masked man appears and beats Cal to the ground.

Flashback to Gillian asking Cal about his family. Cal says he won't blow the whistle, so leave his family out of this. Cal believes Gillian's concealing something.

Back at the office, Doyle appears. Cal asks Gillian to whom she reported. Only Andrews. Doyle tells Gillian he found Andrews through the lawyer for the men who were framed for his family's murder. And all he wants is the real killers.

Cal, Gillian, and Doyle go to the lawyer's office. Gillian smells almonds. They break in, find the lawyer hogtied, and jump out the door, seconds before a bomb explodes. (Plastic explosive C-4 smells like almonds.) Cal gives Gillian's cellphone to Doyle, saying don't answer unless her name appears.

Flashback to Cal asking Gillian who's threatening his family. She stonewalls him, adding that working in counter-terrorism carries the possibility of collateral damage. Cal says you're talking about Emily. Gillian replies it would be irresponsible not to.

Cal interrupts today's DOJ press conference that blames Doyle for the bombings. Watching the video feed, Eli and Ria notice one man's angry reaction. The DOJ boss orders this man, Richard Prosser, to talk to Cal.

Cal tells Prosser the evidence against Doyle is bogus and wants to question him at the office. Prosser doesn't crack until Doyle calls, saying he's at Prosser's home with his wife. Prosser stomps out.

Cal stops Prosser, shows him the CDs, and says Prosser knew Doyle would return to avenge his family, so Prosser had Andrews and the lawyer murdered. Prosser says you can't prove this. Cal agrees, but reminds him that Doyle is still at large. Prosser wants immunity. OK.

When he learned Doyle was back, Prosser told Finch to clean up his mess. Cal tells him to call Finch.

Cal meets the masked man, who hands him another CD, then asks where Doyle is. Cal gives him an address and the man walks away -- right into the path of an armed Doyle, who unmasks him. It's the cabbie, aka Finch.

Doyle orders Finch to look at a photo of his dead daughter. He's sorry. So's Doyle, who pulls the trigger. No bullet in the chamber. Cal asks Doyle why he didn't kill him. "War of revenge," Doyle mutters, adding, "I'll never get over my hatred for you people."

Back at the office, Gillian tells Cal that a man told her to keep Cal quiet or he wouldn't be the only man to lose his family, adding if she'd told Cal this he would've never let it go, so she saved his wife, his daughter, and Cal.

"So when you say you're a bad liar, that's just an act," says Cal. "It depends on the lie," Gillian replies. They hug.






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