Episode 2.04 : The Fairy Godparents Job

  • Leverage
    • Episode Premiere : August 05, 2009
    • Distributor : TNT
    • Genre : Drama, Thriller, Action
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2008 - 2012
    • Production Company: Electric Entertainment
    • Official Site : http://www.tnt.tv/series/leverage/

Cast and Crew

The Story

A man carrying a young girl bangs on the door of a clinic. A security guard tells him to leave because the clinic has been permanently closed, but a nurse inside forces him to open the door and saves the girl's life. Later, the woman tells Nate that the clinic was closed after all of its money was lost in an investment with a man named Fowler. Fowler was arrested by the FBI for stealing from his clients and all of his accounts are frozen, but the clinic needs their money back within a week or it will be sold.

Sophie is late to the team meeting to discuss the job because her new boyfriend breaks up with her. He says that he doesn't really know who she is. Hardison has discovered that Fowler managed to disappear $20 million from his Ponzi scheme. Since Fowler is on house arrest, Nate theorizes that the money is in his apartment, ready for when Fowler decides to run. Nate comes up with a plan to get Fowler, his wife and stepson and their FBI guard out of the apartment using the stepson, ten-year-old Whitmark.

The principal of Whitmark's private school gets a sudden, all-expenses-paid trip to Botswana, and Nate takes over as a soft-spoken German. Sophie is a classroom teacher and Eliot is the new gym teacher, and they try to find something Whitmark is good at, but can't find the boy's strength (despite Sophie's manipulation of the spelling bee).

Hardison and Parker buy an apartment directly above the Fowlers', but as they installing security measures outside Fowler's apartment Parker spots a gunman. She foils a murder attempt, but is caught by the FBI with the man's gun. Thankfully, the FBI agents are the same pair who Parker and Hardison met while working a con on Moscone (The Wedding Job) while disguised as FBI agents. Hardison and Parker convince the FBI agents (one of whom has a crush on Parker) that they are there to back up the real agents with Fowler.

As Parker draws a detailed sketch of the gunman, Sophie discovers Whitmark' talent: singing. Nate and Sophie decide to stage a musical, but the two days they have mean Sophie has to use the material at hand: the kids' science projects. Parker and Hardison convince the FBI agents to let them into Fowler's apartment and Parker finds something hidden in a wall.

Sophie and Nate defend Whitmark when the parents of other students don't want Whitmark to have the lead part in Sophie's ‘Sciencical' because of his father's crimes. Sophie has bonded with the boy over the way everyone sees him a certain way, but not as he really is.Fowler is allowed by the judge to go to his son's performance, but due to their cover as FBI back-up, Hardison and Parker are expected to go to the musical with the real FBI. Parker is going to stay behind, but the agent who has a crush on Parker decides to stay with her. Hardison ends up straying behind, hoping Parker can explain the rappelling system over the headsets. Parker has to explain the rappelling and how to dismantle the security system while the FBI agent flirts with her.

Whitmark is hiding in the bathroom and Sophie tries to make him feel better. She eventually admits to the boy that she is a con artist who has lied so much she's not sure of what the truth is. She convinces Whitmark to go onstage by telling him that when you perform, you show a part of yourself, and that others would like him more if they knew who he is, not who they think he is.

Hardison finds a case hidden in the wall and discovers that its empty, just as Eliot sees the assassin from Parker's sketch in the auditorium. Nate figures out that Fowler hired the hitman to kill his FBI guard so he could escape. Eliot knocks out the hitman while Whitmark sing, and Nate sees another student's father inconspicuously trading bags with Fowler. Nate steals Fowler's new bag and discovers that the parent has provided Fowler with a new identity and a plane ticket to Bogota. It turns out the bag Fowler brought had tapes implicating the other father along with Fowler in the theft of the investor's money. The FBI agents arrest both men.

Nate and Sophie deliver some of the twenty million Hardison recovered to the clinic, and Nate tells Sophie that maybe telling the truth isn't such a bad thing.






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