Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Episode 8.22 : Screwed

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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      January 17, 2018
    • Episode Premiere : May 22, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 1999 - Now
    • Production Company: NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Cast and Crew

The Story

The SVU were high-strung awaiting the trial of Darius Parker, Fin's ex-wife's son. Darius's trial was getting all types of media attention because of Fin's relation to Darius. Things got worst when Stabler, Fin, and Benson were all subpoenaed to testify for the defense.

Fin's ex-wife, Teresa, was trying to leave town before being forced to testify against her son. Munch and Ken tried to convince her to stay or else she would be facing jail time. She was afraid that questions would arise about Darius's father and she wasn't ready to answer.

Darius tried to get out of going to court, but the judge ignored his pleas. Darius was in court and listened as Warner described the crime scene that Darius was accused of creating. Darius and the jury were forced to listen to details of how Nina Stansfield died after being raped by a knife that Darius was accused of using. Warner slipped when she mentioned Nina's child who was also presumed dead. Darius demanded a mistrial, since Nina's baby wasn't supposed to be mentioned during his trial.

Nina's babysitter was called to the stand to testify for the prosecution. She identified the murder weapon as the knife she bought Darius as a present. The defense painted the babysitter as a woman scorned and tried to get revenge by pointing the finger at Darius for murder.

Teresa tried to leave town before being called to testify but Munch, Benson, and Stabler stopped her. When she arrived to court, she pleaded the fifth. The judge forced her to testify, when Teresa still refused, she was thrown in jail and faced charges of contempt.

Darius questioned Fin on the stand and forced Fin to dive into his history and reveal times he was accused of being a dirty cop. Darius wanted to prove that Fin couldn't be a trusted detective. Fin found out that Ken was Darius's source when it came to ferreting out Fin's past history as a detective. Ken never thought Darius would use the information against Fin.

Tensions were still high in the SVU. Darius's defense team was trying to dig for evidence that Benson was a dirty detective, too, when it came to hiding her brother from the cops. Kathy stopped by to talk to Stabler about coming home. She dropped a bombshell on Stabler by announcing she was pregnant.

The SVU noticed a new face in the squad room, Detective Lake. Cragen introduced Lake as a new member of the SVU, something Fin was a bit concerned about. Lake later had a heart to heart conversation with Fin. He convinced Fin that somebody on the inside was giving Darius information and that was why he knew so many specific details of Fin's history with the police department.

Simon had Benson meet him outside the courthouse to tell her he talked to Cragen. He told her he took all blame for Benson giving him money and helping hide from the cops. She became nervous knowing that Simon lied to her superior, but at the same time, understood his actions.

Lake helped Fin investigate who was giving the defense information about his history. They discovered Darius' defense attorney, Braden, was meeting with LT. Alan James. Fin was sure that James was assisting Braden with information. When Fin approached Cragen about James involvement, Cragen told Fin to drop it. Cragen later accused James of getting revenge for Cragen being promoted over James years earlier.

Stabler was on the stand answering questions for the defense. Braden brought up the time Stabler covered for his daughter when she was arrested for drunk driving. Braden was trying to prove that Stabler was a dirty detective, as well. Since the judge has prior knowledge of Stabler's actions, she removed herself from the trial. Stabler also found out that his daughter Kathleen would be facing probation for her actions and was later brought in for booking.

Benson was able to get Teresa to admit she was raped and Darius was a product of the attack. Benson convinced Teresa that it wasn't her fault and that her testimony could give Nina and her child some justice. Teresa took the stand and testified about Darius's violent behavior, especially around the time of Nina's murder.

Darius cross-examined his mother on the stand. He asked her if she had ever had a rape exam done did to prove she was attacked. Her answer was no, but she did say her family never believed her when she came forward. Darius got Teresa to admit her anger for Darius came from the fact that he was born. Darius forced Teresa to reveal that his father was in fact, her father. Darius was the product of an incestuous rape. He called her a liar.

Benson went to the Internal Affairs Bureau to clear her conscience and admit she loaned money to Simon when he was on the run. She was warned ahead of time that with her admission, her career could be on the line. It was a chance she wanted to take.

The jury was back with a verdict in Darius's murder trial. Novak was shocked when Darius was found not guilty of murder and assault. Outside the courthouse, Ken told Darius he wanted nothing more to do with him. Fin told Darius he would never think about him again and left Darius to stand outside the courthouse alone.






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