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Episode 8.07 : Underbelly

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      January 17, 2018
    • Episode Premiere : November 14, 2006
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 1999 - Now
    • Production Company: NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Cast and Crew

The Story

A group of teenagers found the body of a teenage girl floating in the bay. The detectives were called to the scene and discovered she was only 14 years old and had been dead for two weeks. The victim also had a similar tattoo as two other victims who were found months earlier.

The detectives visited a man in Brooklyn who had a reputation for tattooing minors. He recognized the pictures of the victims and admitted to the tattooing but nothing else. They got the name of one of the victims - Chantal - because of the t-shirt she was wearing in the picture. They paid a visit to her foster mother.

Stabler and Beck paid Chantal's biological mother a visit. They discovered she was a recovering crack addict who was only concerned about money. She told the detectives that Chantal ended up in foster care when she made up lies about being molested. She told them that Chantal then went to a group home. After the conversation, the mother wanted to know if she could sue somebody for the death of her daughter.

Beck and Stabler went to the group home where Chantal last lived. They interviewed the girls at the home who all remembered Chantal hanging out with a man, Victor. They all said Victor would pick Chantal up in his tricked out SUV. One of the girls thought that Chantal left to be with Victor because he was a pimp.

Beck and Stabler set up an undercover sting, hoping to find out where Victor was. Beck was disgusted with how many teenagers were out there prostituting themselves. The detectives and the police did a round up of all the prostitutes and Beck discovered one of the girls had the same dog paw tattoo as the last three murder victims.

Stabler and Beck grilled the young prostitute, Belinda, on the whereabouts of Victor. She said that she loved him and wanted to marry him. Beck reminded the naïve Belinda that Victor was a pimp. She also talked about a man, Blake, who had picked up teenagers and sometimes, kept them. She said Blake picked Chantal to stay with him.

Finch and Munch used the power of elimination to find the location of Blake Peters, the man who had a penchant for picking up young prostitutes. Blake was a well-to-do man frequented on society pages and lived with his 25-year-old wife on 5th Avenue. His wife said he was at his law office, but when the arrived, he was nowhere to be found.

Beck interviewed the young girl who was in the hotel room with Blake. She found out that young girl was of legal age and a waitress that Blake had picked up while working. Meanwhile, Stabler interrogated Blake in the next room. He admitted to picking up the prostitutes, but that was all.

Benson came by the station to talk to Stabler. Instead, she found Beck, who had not idea who Benson was. Benson went straight to Cragen's office to tell him she wasn't ready to come back to work yet. She also asked Cragen to not tell Stabler that she had come by.

Stabler told Beck that he believed Blake wasn't the killer and that they should be looking for the pimp, Victor. Beck decided to interview Belinda again in order to get Victor's address. Belinda divulged to Beck that Victor beat his prostitutes, but he really did care for them. She said Victor would not let Belinda have contact with the girls, once they were "adopted" by Blake.

Stabler interrogated Victor about the killings of the three young prostitutes. He assured Stabler that he cared for the young girls and never wanted to see them get hurt. Victor assured Stabler that he had no case and that he would be walking free. Meanwhile, Beck was having a hard time making Belinda press charges.

Novak, Beck, and Stabler went out for drinks to celebrate bringing Victor to trial. Stabler kept bragging to Novak on how great Beck was in encouraging Belinda to press charges. When Novak left to talk to a friend, Beck told Stabler it was time for her to leave. He offered to take her back to the squad to get her car.

When Stabler and Beck arrived to his car, the two shared in a passionate kiss. They were interrupted by both of their cell phones. Captain Cragen told Stabler the news that Sister Peg was attacked and in the hospital. It was shortly after Sister Peg had agreed to take Belinda from Victor and care for her.

The detectives talked to Sister Peg in the hospital. She described the man who beat her and he bore a striking resemblance to Victor. They discovered Victor had snuck out of the jail by using another inmate's identity. They interviewed the man and he swore he was just doing Victor a favor in exchange for money and electronics.

Stabler and Beck were able to find Victor's home address and they arrived there looking for him. They found luggage and heard a woman's scream in the next room. They asked Victor to come out, but he brought Belinda out at gunpoint with him. He vowed to not go back to jail. He and Belinda escaped out the door and the detectives were close behind them.

After Stabler was able to save Belinda, Beck went chasing after Victor. When he got into his SUV and attempted to run her over, she shot him and killed him. With the investigation over, Stabler assured her she was going to be o.k. She wanted to be left alone.

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