Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Episode 8.01 : Informed

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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      February 28, 2018
    • Episode Premiere : September 19, 2006
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 1999 - Now
    • Production Company: NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Cast and Crew

The Story

A young woman came into a free clinic looking for the morning-after pill. She took off her sweatshirt hood and revealed a bloodied, shaved head. She refused to give her name. Benson was called in and tried to get the young woman to reveal her name, but she refused. A determined Olivia followed her home and wanted to get her report. She did get the girl's name, Hailey, from the landlord of her apartment. The victim still refused to talk, so Olivia ended up stealing the victim's underwear off the ground that she'd been wearing the night before.

Olivia returned to the station and was trying to figure out why Hailey's head had been shaved. She discovered it was a move that the French resistance used for women who sided with the enemy. Now Olivia was determined to find out who the enemy was. Olivia interviewed Hailey's boyfriend, Justin, who had not heard from his girlfriend since the previous night. Olivia let him she had been attacked and asked who had driven Hailey home the night before.

Olivia returned to Hailey's apartment to find it ransacked. Hailey and her dogs had disappeared. Not knowing what to expect, Olivia drew a gun. What she found was a gun being drawn on her. She was surprised that it was federal agent, Star (who was working undercover) and she was there investigating the eco terrorist group, EDGE, that Hailey belonged to. Star told Olivia what EDGE had been up to, and gave Olivia the alarming news that Hailey was an informant. Olivia let Star know that she had probably been raped because she'd been caught.

Olivia was facing an uphill battle with her rape case. Hailey had called Olivia's boss, Cragen, to tell him that she would sue if she received any further harassment from the SVU. There was a DNA match on the underwear that Olivia had confiscated but because it was obtained illegally, it couldn't be used. Star joined Olivia in helping find out who attacked Hailey. Cragen told Olivia to cut all ties to Star.

Star convinced Elliot to go with her to find Mitchell Hissam at his house. Mitchell was the man who took Hailey home the night she was attacked. They used their warrant to find clues as to where Hailey might be. Then Elliot discovered two sticks of dynamite in the freezer. He quickly put it back and he and Star ran out of Mitchell's cabin. Once they were outside, the entire cabin blew up. Elliot got hit with debris and an ambulance had to take him away.

Medical examiner Warner called Cragen and DA Novak in to show them the man whose DNA matched that found on Hailey's underwear. He was a drug dealer. It made sense why she didn't reveal to Olivia the identity of the man who had raped her, because she was secretly hoping to return and kill him. Hailey had worked as an informant to get the drug dealer put away and now he was out and wanted revenge.

Star and Olivia tried to convince Hailey to turn herself in. Star was disappointed that Hailey didn't turn to her for protection. Hailey confessed that when she was working undercover she took money and that's why she couldn't turn to Star. She confessed she donated all the stolen drug money to charity. But Star just needed to know about the next big thing that EDGE was planning.

Olivia agreed to go undercover and follow Hailey to the secret meeting spot where EDGE was planning their next attack. They met other EDGE members at a genetic engineering building, and showed up with bags of fertilizer and lighter fluid. Olivia posed as Mitchell's girlfriend and the members believed her. As Olivia and Hailey proceeded upstairs to hand off the fertilizer, Hailey hit Olivia over the head and grabbed the fertilizer and her gun.

Star shot and killed Hailey before she could do any serious damage. The feds swept in and arrested members of EDGE and discovered that the mastermind of the group had already escaped the building before the feds arrived. They suspected that he was already on his way back to Oregon, where he was from. The rest of the members of EDGE still believed that Olivia was part of their group and was Mitchell's girlfriend.

Elliot and the rest of the guys were surprised when they got to work and discovered that Olivia's desk had been cleaned out. Cragen couldn't comment on where Olivia was and just said the desk was for Elliot's new temporary partner until Olivia gets back. The real story was that Olivia had agreed to help out the feds by going undercover to track down the mastermind of EDGE in Oregon.






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