Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Episode 15.09 : Rapist Anonymous

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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      October 18, 2017
    • Episode Premiere : November 20, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 15
    • Show Period : 1999 - Now
    • Production Company: NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Cast and Crew

The Story

Benson and Cassidy throw their first fancy dinner party to announce two exciting pieces of news: Benson will soon be Sergeant Benson and Cassidy will soon be a detective. Noticeably absent from the table is Rollins, who's across town in an AA meeting to support her friend Lena's one year of sobriety. Rollins, Lena, their mutual sponsor Nate and fellow AA member Gene grab dinner after the meeting. Against their better judgment, Rollins and Nate hook up yet again - but before things get really heated, Rollins answers her door to a hysterical Lena.

Lena discloses that Gene raped her after dinner. Both had too much to drink and had a consensual quickie, but he came back afterwards to degrade her. Shaking, she describes being forced to take off her clothes and crawl on all fours, although Lena begged him to stop. Rollins assures her that's rape and Gene can be prosecuted.

Over drinks, Rollins breaks the bad news to Lena, who doesn't take it well. Nate and Rollins slip back to her place for another romp, but the night is cut short. Gene "fell" off the roof of Lena's apartment building. Despite Rollins' stern command to sever all ties with Gene, Lena called him when she felt a drinking spree come on. According to Lena, Gene was furious but wanted to drop by and make amends with her - Lena hadn't seen him that night because she remembered what Rollins said...

When Fin discovers Rollins is sleeping with her male Gamblers Anonymous sponsor, he confronts her on her bad life decisions. Rollins sneers at his fatherly advice - she's a big girl. Warner's autopsy reveals oral sex was performed on Gene moments before his death. The detectives circle back to Lena for answers. Bits and pieces of the truth are uncovered...

Lena claims that Gene somehow got into her building and demanded sex. She didn't want him in the apartment, so she went on the roof to appease him and calm him down. He was a thrill junkie and wanted oral sex while standing on the ledge. When he started getting rough, Lena freaked out and pushed him off her in self-defense. Despite the sketchy circumstances, Rollins sticks with Lena. However, Rollins grows suspicious of Nate's sponsorship of Lena - does he sponsor Lena like he "sponsors" her? Nate assures Rollins his relationship with Lena is purely platonic.

Before his death, Gene assured the detectives he confessed all to his fiancée, Melissa. When Melissa returns from overseas, she demands Lena be arrested for Gene's murder. In the last voicemail he left her, Gene stated he was terrified of Lena and instructed Melissa to call the police if she didn't hear from him. Several days prior, Lena asked her building's super how to disable the roof's smoke alarm; on the night of Gene's death, the alarm's battery was missing. This additional evidence allows the detectives to arrest Lena despite Rollins' protests. Barba delves into Rollins' relationship with Lena - if the two weren't close, why did Lena feel comfortable enough to disclose her rape and how did she know Rollins was a SVU detective? Rollins can't answer the questions satisfactorily.

Amaro goes rogue and poses as a new AA member in Nate's group. Nate spends the meeting chatting it up with a pretty brunette, not breaking contact even when Amaro approaches him for counseling. When Amaro tells Rollins his undercover findings, she accuses him of jealousy - he's unhappy, therefore he wants to make everyone around him unhappy too.

In the courtroom, Melissa reveals Lena sent her stalky texts and explicit videos in attempts to break up her engagement. Rollins is called upon to testify and is dismayed Nate didn't show up to support her. Nate innocently informs her he's taking the stand too.

Finally, Lena testifies, crying she only performed kinky acts to placate Gene. She thought she couldn't do any better and believed he'd be nicer to her if she did what he wanted. Her rousing performance doesn't fool Barba and she's unable to answer why she continually lied to the police.

A not-so-subtle heads up from Amaro leads Barba to question Nate's relationship to Lena while under oath. With Rollins in the courtroom, Nate reveals he's sexually involved with Lena, who used him to get to Rollins. Knowing Rollins might be sympathetic to her predicament, Lena played them all. In an emotional decision, Lena is found guilty of murder. Despite the conviction, Rollins can't get over how badly she was played and hits the casino...






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