Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Episode 14.03 : Twenty-Five Acts

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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      March 21, 2018
    • Episode Premiere : October 10, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 14
    • Show Period : 1999 - Now
    • Production Company: NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Cast and Crew

The Story

Captain Harris reassigns all of the SVU detectives with new partners: Much will team up with Fin, his old partner. Rollins will be partnered with Benson. Detective Amaro will be a floater, occasionally working alone. After the reassignments, Benson discovers that Amaro asked to be reassigned because he doesn't feel that Benson trusts him as her partner.

Jocelyn Harris, the author of a popular "50 Shades of Grey"-like novel, appears on a late night political talk show. During the interview, Jocelyn flirts with the show's host, Adam Cain. Cain and Jocelyn go out to dinner after the show, and the two wind up in Adam's lavish condo.

During the action, Adam begins to get a little rough with Jocelyn. When Jocelyn tells Adam that she doesn't like it like that, Adam says he knows what she wants because he's read her kinky sex book. He proceeds to forcibly rape Jocelyn while choking her with a belt.

The next morning, Benson and Rollins respond to a call at the hospital from Jocelyn's book tour manager, who called because she suspected the Jocelyn has been raped. When Benson and Rollins interview the author, Jocelyn denies being raped, saying she flirted with Cain and she was asking for it, but that she didn't expect it to be that rough. Rollins convinces Jocelyn to get a rape kit anyway, and Jocelyn agrees.

Back at SVU, the squad watches Jocelyn's interview with Adam Cain from the previous night. Benson and Rollins take turns explaining to the other detectives why they should pursue this case, even though Jocelyn hasn't pressed charges. Rollins explains that Cain has a history of crossing the line with his interns, and that Jocelyn might still be in shock. The squad agrees to pursue the case.

Later that night, Jocelyn is attending a book-signing party. Cain shows up, corners Jocelyn in the elevator, and rapes her again, citing another chapter in her book as inspiration. After her second forceful encounter with Cain, Jocelyn pays a visit to Benson's apartment, where she says she'd like to press charges against Adam Cain.

Back at SVU, the detectives take a look at the security camera video from the elevator. Cain was clearly brazen about the attack. The case might be difficult to pursue because Jocelyn's book seems to be asking for this type of behavior from her sexual partners. They'll need a formidable district attorney to go after Cain, but the Delia Wilson scandal scared most of them out of town. Luckily, Captain Harris knows the perfect attorney for the job.

Benson and Rollins meet with D.A. Raphael Barba, who has agreed to take the high-profile case. Before the team can gain a firm advantage on Cain, he announces on his television show that he is about to be accused of rape. He also tells his television audience that he's not guilty. Fin and Munch arrest Adam Cain in broad daylight, with cameramen watching everything.

Barba knows that Cain's attorney will try to get Jocelyn's book admitted as evidence, and it will be tough to get the jury on her side if that happens. The defense will find the lover who inspired that chapter in the book, get him to testify that Jocelyn "likes it that way," and her case will be thrown out the window. The detectives need to find Jocelyn's ex-lovers before the defense can.

The detectives discover that Jocelyn's real sex life does not align with her book at all. Meanwhile, Amaro finds some glaring discretions between Jocelyn's writing in her book and her writing everywhere else. After looking into one of Jocelyn's professors, Amaro discovers that her other writing aligns to the style of Jocelyn's book. He suspects that Jocelyn's professor actually wrote the book.

Meanwhile, Barba and the detectives take Amaro's information to Jocelyn. In an interview, they tell Jocelyn that they know she didn't actually write the book. Unfortunately, she'll have to tell the jury if she wants to see Cain punished for his crimes. Jocelyn says that revealing that information would ruin her life and her career, but she decides to go ahead with it.

In court, Jocelyn takes the witness stand to tell the jury that she didn't actually write the book. The defense attorney uses the revelation to paint Jocelyn as a liar. Barba calls Jocelyn's former professor to the stand. The professor explains that she chose Jocelyn to represent her book because she was sweet and innocent, and it juxtaposed the content of the book perfectly.

District Attorney Barba decides to play to Cain's primal urges. When Cain is on the stand, Barba remembers something that one of Cain's former victims said: Cain turns into a different person when he has a belt in his hands. In court, Barba wraps a belt around his own neck and asks Cain to demonstrate how he choked Jocelyn with the belt. Eventually, Cain loses control and chokes Barba with the belt. Barba then shows the bruises on Jocelyn's neck. It's enough to convince the jury that Cain called the shots with Jocelyn.

While she's waiting for the jury to reach a verdict, Benson has a heart-to-heart with Captain Harris. Harris tells Benson that, because Cragen will be returning to SVU, he'll be moving on. He also encourages Benson to think about climbing the ladder to a higher rank. Benson says she likes working for Cragen, but acknowledges that it won't be the same when he returns.

Back in court, the jury finds Adam Cain guilty of raping Jocelyn. Outside the courthouse, Jocelyn ponders what she'll do now that her life has been torn out from under her. Barba tells Jocelyn that America loves a comeback. He descends the courthouse steps toward the army of reporters who are eager to get to Jocelyn.






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