Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Episode 14.02 : Above Suspicion

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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      May 23, 2018
    • Episode Premiere : September 26, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 14
    • Show Period : 1999 - Now
    • Production Company: NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Cast and Crew

The Story

Amaro still has Cassidy pinned down at gunpoint in the bathroom. Cassidy explains that Carissa used Amaro as an excuse to get to Cragen. Meanwhile, Ganzel finds a hidden microphone in his condo while hanging a picture. Foster gets notice that the bugs in Ganzel's condo went dead, but she can't get ahold of Cassidy to find out what happened. She asks Benson to track Cassidy down. Benson goes to Amaro's apartment, suspecting that he has something to do with Cassidy's disappearance.

Cassidy convinces Ganzel to cooperate with the NYPD in order to bring conclusive evidence against Delia. In exchange, Ganzel asks for the evidence from three years of wiretapping to be used against him in the future. Rollins and Fin ask Ganzel to testify against Delia in court, but Ganzel says he'll only testify if he's granted full immunity. Eventually, the detectives agree to the demands.

On their way out of Ganzel's apartment, Cassidy and Benson discover two carjackers attempting to steal Ganzel's car. One runs and Benson gives chase, while the other pulls a gun on Cassidy. Cassidy pulls his gun and an NYPD patrol car arrives. An officer pulls her gun and, despite Cassidy shouting that he's an undercover officer, the NYPD patrol officer shoots Cassidy twice in the chest.

Internal Affairs learns that the officer who shot Cassidy is Alana Gonzalez, a clean cop who has never had any trouble. Benson is suspicious from the get-go, mainly because the patrol car arrived too fast and both officers have clearly been coached. Captain Harris agrees with Benson, and they decide to investigate on their own.

Alana claims she didn't know that Cassidy was a police officer, but Rollins says they know it was an arranged hit and that Alana will soon be headed to prison unless she cooperates. Just as they are about to leave, she decides to tell them everything. Her sergeant told her that Cassidy was armed and dangerous, and that she would get a promotion if she "took him out."

Benson visits Cassidy in the hospital and learns that he'll recover. She tells him that Ganzel called in a favor to have him shot, and Cassidy is not surprised. The two seem glad to see one another and share a passionate kiss, rekindling old flames. Meanwhile, Bart Ganzel tries to flee the country, but Fin and Rollins arrive to arrest him before he gets out the door.

Foster meets with Ganzel's lawyer, Mr. Querns, to tell him that he's also being accused of Ganzel's crimes. Foster and Benson play tapes from the wiretaps for Mr. Querns in which Ganzel speaks ill of Mr. Querns and talks at length about how Querns is the scapegoat for his illegal activity. Mr. Querns decides to resign as Ganzel's attorney in order to testify against his former employer.

When Querns goes back to Ganzel's loft to resign, Ganzel confesses that he killed Carissa because she and Cassidy were having an affair. He explains that he set Carissa up to frame Cragen, but he became upset when he found out about Cassidy and killed Carissa in Cragen's apartment. Luckily, Querns recorded the entire conversation on his cell phone.

Finally, Captain Cragen is off the hook for Carissa's murder. As Benson is retrieving Cragen from prison, she delivers some bad news: Cragen is cleared of the murder charge, but three of Delia's escorts have accused Cragen of solicitation and forced sodomy. The SVU team gears up to go after Delia once and for all, but their digging reveals a series of abandoned investigations. Getting to Delia is going to be difficult.

Benson heads to Foster's office to question her about the string of failed investigations into Delia's business practices. Benson suspects that Delia has a mole in the department, but Foster urges Benson to simply let Cragen take the fall, as Delia is powerful to take down. Foster has to leave in a hurry to tend to a medical situation with her daughter, which gives Benson an idea.

Under Benson's lead, the SVU team begins looking into Foster's finances. They learn that her daughter's medical expenses are much more than she can afford, which means that she's getting money from somewhere else. Benson puts two and two together and realizes that Foster is Delia's mole in the department. Benson confronts Foster about the money, and eventually Foster confesses to receiving bribes to drive investigations away from Delia.

In the fallout of the SVU squad's investigation, Foster and Delia are arrested. They also learn that the District Attorney was complicit in the crimes, along with a number of high-profile politicians who had taken bribes from Delia. Delia's escorts recanted their accusations against Cragen, clearing his name, but Cragen knows it won't be the same now. His days with the squad are numbered.






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