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Episode 13.14 : Home Invasion

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      October 18, 2017
    • Episode Premiere : February 15, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 13
    • Show Period : 1999 - Now
    • Production Company: NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Cast and Crew

The Story

Benson and Amaro interview Murphy, a tough bookie who's not intimidated by cops. They ask him about Sidney, but he's steadfast on not giving them any details. With no hard evidence, Benson has no choice but to let him go. As Murphy walks through the squad room, he subtly matches eyes with Rollins, who's surprised to see him. Later, Rollins is getting gas when she's suddenly grabbed from behind and punched in the stomach by Murphy. She hits the ground hard, gasping for breath. "You're in deep to the wrong guy, sweetheart," he warns Rollins. He threatens that she needs to pay up her debts or next time she won't see him coming. Later, Rollins reluctantly reveals to Finn that she has a gambling problem and is in deep to Murphy. She's trapped and doesn't know what to do. Finn tells her they'll take down Murphy and his organization, but she needs to come clean to the captain. Later, the SVU squad barges into Murphy's bookie operation and places everyone under arrest. The head bookie tells the squad that no one in his organization had Sidney or his family killed. "Sidney was a gift that kept on giving. Why would I want to kill him?"

Benson and Amaro interview Carmen Vasquez, a former maid with the Eckhouses. Cameron is deeply saddened by the news about Emmy; she took care of Emmy since she was two years old, but there is no love lost between her and the parents. Carmen reluctantly reveals that Sidney fired her a couple months ago; he said she stole Joan's jewelry, but she swears he was lying. Carmen reveals that Sidney had a serious gambling problem and stole the jewelry himself to pay off his debts. Later, Benson and Amaro visit Carmen's brother Jimmy who also used to help out at the Eckhouse household. Jimmy is a preacher who holds bible study sessions at a storefront church. Jimmy is deeply saddened about Emmy; she was his little angel. He reiterates what his sister said about Sidney; he's a compulsive gambler who made Emmy place his bets when he was too drunk to do it himself.

Rollins and Fin interview Emmy's boyfriend, Rob, and his father, Mr. Fisher. Rob is visibly upset over the situation. Emmy was supposed to come over to his place to study that night but his father made him cancel. Mr. Fisher knows little about the Eckhouse family except Joan was a workaholic as the chief counsel for the New York Gay Rights Coalition. He does remember seeing a squad car parked outside their house about a month ago, but doesn't know what it was for. At the Gay Rights Coalition office, Benson interviews an emotionally shaken Maureen Manning. She tells them that for the past few weeks Joan has been acting spooked, but Maureen doesn't know any more details. Through tears, Maureen reveals that Joan and she were involved as a couple; Joan was going to leave Sidney as soon as Emmy was older.

At the hospital, Emmy has come out of her coma but doesn't remember much about the shooting. Amaro notices that Emmy is being treated for antivirals and asks the doctor why. The doctor reveals that Emmy's surgery triggered a genital herpes outbreak. The boyfriend swore that he was not having sex with Emmy - why did he lie? Later, Benson and Amara re-interview Mr. Fisher about his son's relationship with Emmy. "There was something needy about that girl, desperate," Mr. Fisher admits, but he believes his son told them the truth when he said both Emmy and he were virgins. As Benson and Amaro walk to their car, they theorize on how Emmy could've gotten herpes when she claims to be a virgin. "Absentee mother, adolescent girl alone in the house with a father who has a drinking problem... It won't be the first time we've tested a corpse for STDs."

Sidney Eckhouse sits in his living room watching basketball on TV with his daughter Emmy and wife Joan. Emmy tries to leave as Sidney begins to get upset over his team losing. He asks Emmy to sit back down; he'll bet her that they'll make a comeback, but Emmy doesn't want to bet. The doorbell rings and Joan heads to the door thinking it's their Chinese food being delivered. As Joan opens the door, she's startled to find a man in a ski mask who suddenly points a gun at her and fires! Later, the SVU squad arrives at the Eckhouse home to find Joan shot dead in the doorway and Sidney killed on the couch. Emmy was rushed to the ER in critical condition with a bullet in her head. Benson sorrowfully looks at the living room wall where the word "Queers" is spray-painted on it. "I've seen my share of hate crimes, but an execution of an entire family? That's extreme."

The lab results come back from Sidney's autopsy, and both the father and daughter test positive for the same strain of herpes. It seems Sidney was molesting his daughter. Cragen tells the detectives to find out who else might've known about it. At the hospital, Benson asks Emmy about the molestation from her father. At first Emmy denies it, but she soon opens up to Benson about the horrors Sidney inflected on her. Emmy swears she never told a soul about it. "I handled it myself, okay?" Later, Benson and Finn re-interview Carmen to see if she knew about Emmy's molestation. "He was a sick man. He brought evil all around that house," Carmen tells the detectives. Later, the ballistic report arrives. DNA from both the father and daughter were on the bullet that hit Emmy, meaning the bullet went through Sidney and accidently ricocheted into Emmy. She was never an intended target.

Amaro and Rollins re-interview Jimmy in the interrogation room. They know Jimmy cared deeply for Emmy and that he would do anything to protect her. Amaro then plays a hunch and lies to Jimmy. The hospital called with bad news; Emmy had a complication with her recovery and died. Jimmy is in shock; he can't believe it. "Can't be. Can't be. That can't be His [God's] plan." "You want God to forgive you?" Amaro asks Jimmy. "Then you've got to forgive yourself." Jimmy breaks down and admits he killed the parents to protect Emmy. She wasn't supposed to be there that night; she was supposed to be at her boyfriend's apartment studying. In the other interrogation room, Carmen reluctantly admits to Benson that she planned out the whole thing. "Sidney was raping her"; it had to be stopped by someone.

Talking to Cragen, Benson and Amaro try to figure out if Emmy played a part in her parents' murder. All evidence points to Emmy working in conjunction with Jimmy and Carmen on planning out the time and place of the crime. Benson and Amaro meet Emmy at the hospital and try to coax the truth out of her. Emmy tears up as she admits the truth. "Carmen and Jimmy were trying to save me. I told them Friday night my parents would both be home. I was supposed to be at Rob's house. I told them to write 'Queers' on the wall so the police would think it was a hate crime." Amaro understands why she would want to kill her father, but why her mother? "My father was just pathetic; he couldn't help himself. But my mom, I hated her more than him... She let it happen." Emmy tells the detectives that Jimmy and Carmen tried to tell her mother the truth, but she was too concerned about saving the world to save her own daughter. As Emmy is placed under arrest, she hugs Rob one last time and whispers to him, "I'm free... I'm free now."

Rollins walks into Cragen's office and reveals that she has a gambling problem. Cragen nods; it seems Murphy already ratted her out in hopes of getting a release. Cragen tells Rollins that he's already notified Internal Affairs about the situation; he doesn't want to give Murphy's lawyers cause to have his case dismissed. Then Cragen sternly asks Rollins if she ever did any favors for Murphy. Rollins swears that Murphy never knew she was a cop until he saw her in the squad room. "I really should take your gun and shield right now, but I'm going to bat for you," Cragen tells Rollins. She'll get a command discipline put on her record and must get help with her gambling addiction, just like Cragen did when he was a young detective with a drinking problem. Rollins tears up as Cragen tells her about his indecent past. She's not alone with her problems, "but you screw up again, you're gone."

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