Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Episode 12.17 : Pursuit

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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      November 29, 2017
    • Episode Premiere : February 16, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 12
    • Show Period : 1999 - Now
    • Production Company: NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Cast and Crew

The Story

Alicia Harding hosts a popular talk show, "Neighborhood Predator," that specializes in busting men who are interested in sex with minors. Benson, Fin and ADA Paxton watch from an undercover van outside as Alicia busts her latest predator on camera. After the raid goes down, Benson, Paxton and Alicia celebrate taking another criminal down. Alicia receives a mysterious package and inside she finds her favorite scarf covered with blood. Benson alerts Alicia - she officially has a stalker.

Alicia admits she receives hate mail because of her job, but doesn't let it bother her. She tells Benson she doesn't have a personal life because she's spent all her free time trying to solve her sister Vanessa's abduction from 25 years ago, when the girl was only 13. The only clues that were ever found were Vanessa's bloody clothes and a few knife cuts in her shirt. The bloodied scarf was one that once belonged to Alicia's sister. Alicia says anybody who watches her show would know that fact.

Benson and Fin search Alicia's apartment and find her underwear soaking in the sink. They also find a shrine to Vanessa's kidnapping, along with top-secret information about her sister's case that Benson suspects Paxton leaked. Back at the SVU, Benson conferences in Stabler, who is away at training, to see if he can help out with the case. Stabler thinks this stalker is personally close to Alicia and wants Benson to watch her back on this case, as well.

The SVU investigate a guy who once appeared on Alicia's show, Scott Lansky. He was never prosecuted for solicitation and was freed after the show. Fin uncovers the "Neighborhood Predator" episode Scott was featured in, along with the raw footage taken that night and it's obvious that Alicia's editing team doctored the whole scene to make Scott look guilty, when he was only a concerned citizen walking into the sting. They bring Scott in for questioning, and he says his only crime is going on chat rooms and warning young girls about potential sexual predators. Scott just wants to be left alone by the police.

Alicia receives another threatening email and this time there is an image attached of a young girl's lifeless body in a park. Alicia says if she can help identify the location of the park, can she have access to all the information that the SVU comes across? Paxton and Benson are curious how Alicia knows this was the park that her sister was last seen alive in, and Alicia says it's because she took calls from possible leads long after the police gave up on their cold case. Benson is sure that Alicia's stalker is someone different than Vanessa's murderer, but Alicia continues to disagree.

Alicia agrees to bring the detectives to the park on the condition that she can come, too. They reluctantly agree and when they arrive at the park, Alicia is ordered to stay in the car as Fin and Benson come across the body of a young girl, the exact same image that the photo captured. While digging around the crime scene, Benson and Fin unearth five more bodies of young girls in the same area. The wounds are similar to the knife patterns found on Vanessa's shirt.

Paxton is sure that the man responsible for these killings is also responsible for Vanessa's murder. Warner tells Paxton and Benson that from the looks of the bodies, the killer has forensic and medical knowledge. Benson asks what is the last lead that Alicia had on her sister's abduction. Paxton remembers months ago Alicia appealed on television for the man who found Vanessa's cut-up shirt to come forward, but nobody did. Benson is sure it had to be one of the volunteers who combed the area where Vanessa was last seen. Benson and Paxton need to get a hold of that volunteer check-in sheet.

Fin and Benson head to Alicia's offices to try to find her. Instead, they discover Alicia filmed a segment for her show, calling out the killer for the latest murders and saying she hopes they are put down like the dog that they are. Benson believes Alicia put a target on her back and needs to stop the network from running the segment on television. But it's too late; it hits the airwaves. Cragen orders Benson and Fin to find Paxton, whom they believe provided the detailed crime scene information that Alicia broadcast on television.

Fin and Benson find Alicia at Paxton's apartment and she swears Paxton didn't help her with leaking any of the information. In fact, Paxton was so angry, she had to go to an AA meeting because she was about to give in to temptation. Benson and Fin go to Paxton's meeting and find her bleeding on the floor in the women's restroom with a slash to the throat. Paxton slowly dies in Benson's arms.

Benson sobs as Warner investigates the crime scene. Benson still cannot believe that Paxton is dead and tells Warner the last thing she said before she died was, "I got him." Benson is sure there has to be a clue somewhere leading to the killer. She asks Warner to check Paxton's mouth to see if she bit her attacker. Benson is right about her hunch, there is a stray hair lodged in Paxton's throat.

Stabler returns from training and Benson rushes to his arms, crying. Stabler tells Benson he ran a search into the security logs at Alicia's office and one name that came popping up was a man who didn't even work in the office building, David Adams. Alicia's assistant, Rachel, signed David in each time. Benson and Stable go interview Rachel, who says David is her boyfriend, but Stabler tells her she was conned by the man to get closer Alicia. Rachel refuses to believe her boyfriend would do such a thing.

Benson and Stabler find out where Adam lives and use Alicia as bait to lure him out. He follows her, then when he spots the cops, he takes Alicia at knifepoint. Benson is finally able to taser him and they bring him into the SVU. Adam has a rap sheet with violence against women, and he had a secret vendetta against Alicia after murdering her sister.

Benson finds Alicia at her apartment packing up her stuff. Alicia says that she can't feel closure since Adam refuses to confess to murdering Vanessa and probably won't until he gets a plea bargain. Benson reminds Alicia that she shouldn't run away but continue her search for child predators and should accompany Benson to Rikers to talk to Adam. Alicia accuses Benson of just being a manipulative bitch.

Alicia reluctantly agrees to go to Rikers with Benson. Benson tells Adam she's recording the confession of his murders and in exchange, Alicia will feature Adam on her program. Adam tells Alicia there's a body for each year he's been living. Benson is shocked that there are 44 victims in total that Adam has murdered. Adam begins listing his victims, starting with his first one. Benson and Alicia coldly listen to Adam's confessions.






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