Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Episode 12.14 : Dirty

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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      January 31, 2018
    • Episode Premiere : January 19, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 12
    • Show Period : 1999 - Now
    • Production Company: NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Cast and Crew

The Story

A young woman has been found dead with cuts and signs of rape on the top of her car, from where she appears to have been thrown from the roof above. Benson and Warner investigate. The victim, Page Ferguson, worked for the Brooklyn DA. Her colleague Sunny called in to report Page's fall.

Sunny fills Benson in on Page's job as a narcotics DA, which has made her a lot of enemies. Sunny also tells Benson that Page had an office romance with an abusive co-worker, but never revealed his name. Sunny still believes the killer is a member of the Latin Kings, since Page put their leader Angel Rivera behind bars. Benson tells Cragen she's certain this murder was more personal than a hit.

Benson and Sunny try to get a confession out of Angel, but he remains silent. Back in the lab, Warner tells Benson and Sunny that Page died immediately after impact when she hit the car. Warner is also puzzled that Page had so many cuts on her body, but no defensive wounds. She suspects Page was a cutter, even creating wounds so that it would appear as though she was raped. Sonny's horrified by the thought that Page might have killed herself. Benson wants to talk to the last man who saw Page alive, her boss, Ian.

Benson talks to Sunny and Page's boss Ian, who admits Page was the subject of an investigation over missing drug money that was never logged in. Ian says Page took a polygraph that showed signs she might be lying, while Sunny refused to take one altogether. Ian suspects Page and Sunny are in it together. Back at SVU, Fin shows surveillance footage of Page leaving her office. She looks like she's in a hurry, but shows no signs of being scared, nor is she followed.

Benson interviews two of the detectives in Page's precinct, Waldon and Riggs. During the interview, she receives a text saying Sunny stole the surveillance footage they were looking at earlier. When Benson finds out the feds have Sunny in custody, she arrests her on the spot for tampering with evidence. Back in interrogation, Benson accuses Sunny of killing Page out of fear she was going to spill the beans about stealing the drug money. Sunny says she went to the feds to prove she and her squad had nothing to do with the missing money.

Benson is able to trace the phone that called Page minutes before she left work in a hurry. The phone belongs to an ex-convict who has a history with knives. When Benson and Fin go to arrest Lakeisha, they find her with one of the Latin Kings' snitches, Damon, who pulls a gun on Benson. Before things get out of control, the Brooklyn precinct shows up and breaks up the standoff.

Back at the Brooklyn precinct, Riggs tells Benson she can't talk to Damon because he's testifying in their big case in two days. Benson knows Damon is the key to her investigation into Page's murder and not Lakeisha. Sunny shows Riggs Page's autopsy report, which reveals Page was tortured for hours before being thrown from the roof of the building. Riggs is visibly upset at the findings. He agrees to hand over Damon if it means solving Page's murder once and for all.

Benson and Fin catch Damon and Lakeisha both lying during interrogation. They suspect Page realized Damon was crooked, and was going to dump him as her witness, revoking his deal with the DA and resulting in prison time. The DA gives Benson and Fin permission to arrest Damon for murder. They go to arrest him at his hideout apartment only to find both Damon and Lakeisha shot to death inside.

It's revealed that Riggs and Page were involved as couple. Sunny suspects Riggs had Damon and Lakeisha stop Page from firing Damon as his witness by having her killed. During Damon and Lakeisha's murder investigation, Fin has to tell Sunny she can't be involved. Fin finds a young neighbor of Damon's in the hallway. The boy is scared the killer will come after him, since he watched him dump the gun in the dumpster. Fin finds the gun, but tells Benson he doesn't want to get the young boy involved.

Benson and Fin suspect Angel ordered the hit from inside the prison, but realize that someone from the inside had to have leaked the location where the feds were hiding both Damon and Lakeisha. Benson pieces her case together: Riggs had both Damon and Lakeisha pick up Page and drive around in her car, torturing her, hoping she would give up the drug money she'd been suspected of taking.

Benson and Fin bring Riggs in. He admits to his relationship with Page; he knew about the inner demons that caused her to become a cutter. Riggs says Page was really messed up mentally. Riggs continues to suspect Page killed herself by leaping off the roof. Cragen informs Benson that Sunny signed papers to visit Angel the same day as Damon and Lakeisha's murder. Benson and the DA head back to Rikers to tell Angel they have proof that he gave Damon's whereabouts to his pregnant girlfriend and she arranged the hit.

Benson and the DA tell Angel that they won't prosecute his pregnant girlfriend if he admits Sunny gave him Damon's address. Benson heads to Sunny's and tells her she's solved Page's murder. Benson tells Sunny her theory: Sunny was the one who stole the drug money, and when Page wanted to turn her in, she hired Damon to kill her. Once Damon killed Page, Sunny had to find a way to eliminate her only tie to Page's death, and ordered Angel to arrange the hit, in return for a deal with his prison sentence.

When the search dogs find a stash of cash in Sunny's wall, she admits to everything. Page always ruined every opportunity Sunny had for moving up the career ladder by doing a better job. Now Sunny has nothing but a career she sacrificed her personal life for. Sunny tells Benson to look at her - she is Benson's future. Benson vows never to be like Sunny as she arrests her for Page's murder.






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