Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Episode 12.12 : Possessed

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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      January 31, 2018
    • Episode Premiere : January 05, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 12
    • Show Period : 1999 - Now
    • Production Company: NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Cast and Crew

The Story

Patrick heads to his girlfriend's apartment to check on her and finds her tied to a chair in her bra and underwear and unconscious. When Patrick tries to untie Larissa he's attacked by a man dressed only in his underwear. At the hospital, Stabler and Benson interview Patrick, who's recovering from his beating. He tells the detectives he's willing to do whatever he can to help catch the creep who was in Larissa's apartment.

Larissa's attacker referred to her as "Brandy," and Larissa was found in underwear adorned with the same name. Larissa's doctor tells Stabler and Benson that she's recovering from a severe overdose of roofies and she had several nicks on her body from where her attacker shaved her. Fin tells Stabler and Benson that this case fits the M.O. of a similar serial rapist who attacked two 10-year-old girls in New Jersey. Stabler heads to New Jersey to interview the victims.

Both of the little girls admit their rapist called them Brandy, even though their names are different. One of the little girls shows Stabler a letter delivered to her home with a photo of a man's hand holding a plaque reading "Conventry," attached to a symbol, and the threat that the little girl is being watched. Huang tells Stabler that the symbol belongs to an undercover pedophile group that uses such symbols to communicate with other pedophiles.

The lab takes a thumbprint off the photo and matches it to convicted sex offender Eldon Balogh. Both Fin and Stabler rush to Eldon's apartment. There they find dozens of VHS tapes of other attacks. On his computer they find that he's uploading photos from where he's at now, which appears to be in Larissa's hospital room. Benson heads to the hospital and finds Larissa missing. Stabler searches every hospital room to find Eldon, just as he finishes raping an unconscious Larissa again. Stabler attacks Eldon until he's pulled away.

The next morning, Larissa packs up to leave the hospital. She tells Benson that she was raped as a child, and it was filmed and distributed. Eldon was not the man who raped her as a child, but a fan. Larissa was forced to go by the name of Brandy in the video. Stabler interviews Eldon at SVU. Eldon tells Stabler that he's wanted to be with Brandy for years, which is why he attacked the two little girls in New Jersey - because of the resemblance.

Eldon goes on to tell Stabler that he murdered the old man, Orville Underwood, who was the first to be with Brandy. Eldon says he met Orville online, and all he wanted was Brandy's real name. Stabler and Benson head to Orville's townhouse to find the elderly man beaten but still alive. The detectives are shocked to hear Orville admit that he gave up Larissa's identity to Eldon during his beating. Stabler and Benson are shocked to discover that Orville is the man who turned Larissa into Brandy.

Larissa tells Benson that as a child, she was kidnapped and forced to be in child pornography movies. Her foster parents never even cared she was missing. She said she escaped when another one of the kids, Daniel, distracted her kidnapper. She jumped out the window and ran. She never knew what happened to Daniel. She says Daniel told her other girls in the pornography ring were "terminated" by the Conventry pedophile group when they got older.

The pillowcase found in Eldon's Brandy video collection links Orville to the scene. Orville tells Fin and Stabler that he agreed to meet with Eldon. The detectives are also reminded that Larissa tried to accuse Orville of rape years ago, but she couldn't positively identify him in trial, so he was found not guilty. Orville can't be accused of the same crime twice. Hardwick tells Stabler and Fin that they don't have enough evidence to keep Orville. As Orville leaves the SVU, he runs into Larissa outside and calls her Brandy. The detectives tell him to keep walking.

Stabler tells Larissa that Eldon was murdered in prison, but Larissa still wants to go after Orville, despite the double jeopardy situation. The detectives plead with Larissa to help them find Daniel, so he can bring new charges against Orville. Larissa watches the videos in hopes of remembering more about Daniel. She points Daniel out in the video and says the wristband he's wearing is the same one he later gave her. She buried it in the backyard of her foster parents' home after her escape.

The detectives dig up the leather bracelet and are able to find partial DNA still left on it from 16 years ago. The DNA is a partial match to a boy named Daniel who was reported missing 16 years ago. The same Daniel has a rap sheet for prostitution and shoplifting, and now owns an abandoned warehouse. At the warehouse, they find a stamp for Conventry and realize Daniel is now involved in making his own child porn. Daniel grabs a young boy and threatens to throw him off a ledge if Stabler doesn't back away.

Stabler is able to talk Daniel away from the ledge and says that he can help him when nobody else can. Back at SVU, Fin says they found Underwood's stash of books he wrote about Brandy and distributed to pedophile groups. Using the books, Hardwick wants to press charges of conspiracy to commit rape. Orville argues that the books are fiction. Hardwick's case is tough to prove, especially with Eldon dead. The judge says Hardwick doesn't have enough evidence and throws the case out.

Larissa says the only way to convict Orville is to get Daniel to testify. She heads to Rikers to convince him to try to do something good for a change. Larissa tries to convince Daniel that Orville destroyed his life; Daniel shouldn't be hurting children out of revenge. Larissa is devastated that Daniel doesn't see any harm in making porn videos with children.

Back at SVU, the detectives receive a call. A girl by the name of Brandy has barged into Orville's townhouse with a gun. At Orville's, they find Larissa standing over Orville's bloody body holding a gun, and a little girl crying in the bathroom. Larissa tells Stabler that Daniel told her Orville was still raping little girls. Hardwick believes Larissa's story - that she was protecting the little girl - and refuses to press charges. Larissa walks free.






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