Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Episode 11.09 Perverted
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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Episode 11.09 Perverted

Episode Premiere
Nov 18, 2009
Drama, Crime
Production Company
NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Episode Premiere
Nov 18, 2009
Drama, Crime
1999 - Now
Production Co
NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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David Platt
Dawn DeNoon
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Peter Hermann

A family on vacation comes across a murdered biker who is tied to a tree. Once the SVU is on the scene, Fin and Warner investigate the body. Turns out the perp sexually mutilated the victim, cutting off his male parts. Warner shows Stabler that the man was tasered. When Fin goes through the victim's belongings he finds Benson's card, even though Stabler has no recollection of ever working with the deceased.

Stabler visits Benson, who is home sick in bed, to ask her about the victim, Clyde Vandyne. Benson says that she hasn't dealt with Clyde before and thinks that possibly a former SVU victim came after Clyde and killed him for revenge. Stabler tells Benson to take care and that he'll figure out why Clyde had her card. Stabler then makes Benson some tea and puts her to rest.

At the Death Knight's Clubhouse, Munch and Fin ask Clyde's gang members for any information. However, nobody wants to cooperate with the cops and the bikers want to handle things in-house. The detectives get a break when T-Bone shows up and doesn't have the right license to be driving a motorcycle. T-Bone doesn't have a choice: he has to go with the detectives.

Munch and Fin take T-Bone down to the precinct and show him a video of a "gang rape" that T-Bone was part of. The girl in the video, Starla, is almost unconscious, however T-Bone says that Starla is a "mama"; a sheep for anyone to use. That night Starla was Clyde's coming home present after getting out of Attica Prison. However, Clyde took a liking to Starla and she became his old lady. Cragen tells T-Bone if Starla tells a different story, T-Bone is going away for rape.

Stabler goes to talk to Starla, but discovers that she isn't home. Stabler almost gives up when he sees Starla coming home, dressed in a cheap business suit. Starla tries to make a run for it and a bunch of legal documents fly out her briefcase. Starla says she didn't have anything to do with Clyde's murder, and that the video tape wasn't rape. Surprisingly, Starla is working at the city clerk's office and stealing blank birth certificates. Starla is only 19 and admits to letting the Death Knights run a train on her to get into their gang. However, she doesn't seem ashamed or victimized by these actions. When Stabler asks Starla about her contact with Benson, Starla says she's never even talked to a cop before. It seems as though Starla is as upset about Clyde's death as she is about his missing bike.

At the precinct Cragen gets a break in the case. There was a 911 call about a hit and run, regarding Clyde's bike. A brunette driving a black Mustang plowed her car into Clyde's motorcycle. The 911 caller got part of the license plate. When Cragen and Stabler to get a match of owners, the name Olivia Benson pops up, to Stabler's unpleasant surprise.

Benson walks Cragen to her car to check it out. Turns out Starla wasn't lying about never meeting with Benson. Benson says that she doesn't remember ever meeting Starla either. Regardless, Starla will be going to jail for stealing legal documents from the Clerk's office. When Benson shows Cragen her car, they are both in for a shock: there is a broken headlight and dented front bumper. Benson swears she didn't do this to her car. She says that she hasn't driven the car in a month. Cragen tells her to take a few days off to get over her flu. But things are not looking good for Benson.

Benson talks to Stabler, Munch and Fin who all have her back and don't believe that she murdered Clyde. Fin is about to track down the 911 caller but tells Benson it's probably not the best idea if she tags along. Benson is aware that she is becoming the prime suspect. In order to clear her name, Benson asks Warner to take a DNA swab from her.

Fin and Munch find Khalil, the supposed 911 caller, at Columbia University. Khalil has a thick accent, which was not what the detectives heard on the 911 call. Khalil says he didn't make the call and that a stranger came up to him and said he needed to report a crime, but his cell battery was low. The stranger made the call three blocks from where the accident took place. Khalil gives a description of the mystery man to help out the detectives.

Khalil's description doesn't help much and Fin thinks there is still no way that Benson killed Clyde. However, the security cameras at Benson's garage recycle the tapes every 24 hours, so the detectives missed their window to prove that Benson didn't take her car out that night. Meanwhile Benson is frantically going through her case files to try and figure out what is tying her to this murder. Cragen orders Benson to go home and says he'll have Stabler go over her cases.

Stabler calls Kathy and says he needs to work late. While on the phone a rogue biker, Russell, begins to spill alcohol on Stabler's car. Stabler begins to arrest Russell but it turns out that Russell is working undercover. Russell tips Stabler off about the surveillance his partner is running in the building across the street. Once Russell and the rest of the bike gang leave, Stabler can go up there and check it out.

Stabler meets up with Detective Lewis, who has been running surveillance on the Death Knights for the past six months. Russell could have blown it by talking to Stabler. Lewis is able to tell Stabler that Clyde didn't have any bad blood with anyone in the gang. When Stabler questions Lewis about Benson, Lewis pulls up her file. Lewis was only checking to see if Benson had ties with the gang, but her name never came up. Stabler gets Lewis to show him a surveillance photo that shows an unknown man putting a GPS tracking device on Clyde's bike.

Benson is resting and gets woken up by Lieutenant Tucker. Benson tells Tucker how she did not drive her car the night that Clyde was killed. Before Benson can continue defending herself, Tucker says that the murderer has been identified, and it's her. Tucker arrests Benson and brings her to the precinct. Fin, Munch, and Cragen all stand up for Benson. However, Tucker is taking Benson to Central Booking, where Benson has been undercover. Benson desperately wants Tucker to talk to her, because she is certain she did not kill Clyde.

Benson talks to Tucker. She says that she was home alone, sick. She has no alibi, and no boyfriend. Tucker finds it odd that no one stopped in to look at her. Benson swears she and Clyde have never met. Meanwhile, Cragen tells Stabler that Benson waived her Miranda rights, but Stabler bangs on the glass to try to get Benson to stop talking. Stabler shows Cragen the surveillance photo of the unknown man and this is the guy they should be looking for. Stabler tries to get Tucker to stop the interview with Benson, but Tucker won't listen to him. Tucker thinks if Benson is a dirty cop, Stabler's probably dirty too.

Back in the interrogation room, Tucker continues to press Benson for information. Tucker brings up Benson going to a psychiatrist last year and Benson is shocked that Tucker even knows this information about her. Tucker thinks that Benson suffered from PTSD, had a flashback and then killed Clyde. Benson demands Tucker to tell her what he has on her: the DNA was a positive to the blood on the knife. Benson can't believe it, she was the one who told Warner to run the DNA in the first place. Benson realizes she made a mistake: she needs a lawyer.

Stabler tells Cragen that he is going to show the picture to Starla to see if they can get an identity of the mystery man who tampered with Clyde's bike. Cragen tells Stabler to release the photo to the media as a person of interest. When Cragen tells Stabler about Benson's DNA match, Stabler yells at Warner for tainting the evidence and making a mistake. Warner gets mad and says she's re-running the DNA, but in no way did she taint the evidence. One thing is for certain: that is Benson's DNA on the knife.

Benson is in Central Booking, and is approached by Defense Attorney Trevor Langan, to her surprise and dissatisfaction. Langan tells Benson that he has already been paid for by concerned friends, and there is nothing much Benson can do but go with it. At the arraignment, the Death Knights come in. Benson has a set bail and Langan says he will be sure to get her out of Riker's, where there will be plenty of Death Knights friends to greet her.

Stabler bails Benson out of jail by mortgaging his house. Stabler shows the picture of the mysterious guy in the photo. Back at the precinct, the detectives get a tip from an ex-girlfriend. Fin, Munch and Stabler find Lawrence Grabowski under a bookshelf in his office, looks like the Death Knights got to him first. The detectives find evidence that Lawrence has been following Benson. Lawrence says he didn't kill Clyde and that he never stole Benson's blood, he has just been following her for a client, Brady Harrison. Turns out Stabler and Benson put Brady away seven years ago for a string of date rapes.

At the precinct, Munch and Cragen find the connection to Brady and Clyde; apparently they got into a fight at Attica, Clyde coming out with hardly a scratch while Brady was put in the infirmary. Stabler and Fin go to Brady's place but find it ransacked, with no one there. The Death Knights came in and killed Brady's dog, but there is no sign of Brady. Stabler finds the Death Knights and Russell, the undercover cop, to see if he knows where Brady is. Russell tells Stabler that they went to Brady's home, but he was already gone. If Stabler doesn't find Brady, Benson will be tried for murder.

Benson is back at her apartment while the rest of the detectives try to locate Brady. Cragen says Brady ordered his private eye to follow Benson into a diner and bag her utensils after she ate. Warner says the sample was Benson's blood, not saliva. After some intense investigating, Warner has come up with some horrifying information. Turns out scientists have found a way to fabricate DNA. Basically, someone took Benson's DNA and combined it with someone else's blood, making the entire genetic sample Benson's. The detectives get a lead to Dr. Joseph, who has been known to make fabricated DNA. Fin tells Dr. Joseph that he wants to set someone up for murder. Fin asks Joseph to call Brady, and Joseph does; Cragen and his team get a location on Brady and he is right in Benson's neighborhood.

Just when Benson is about to answer her phone, Brady comes busting through her door. Brady holds Benson hostage with his taser gun. He thinks Benson arranged for Clyde to rape him in prison. According to Brady, Benson had told him, "A pretty boy like you is going to be real popular in prison. Maybe when you're raped, you'll understand what you put those women through." Benson says she is sorry, she didn't mean for Brady to get raped, but Brady isn't sorry about framing her for murder! Brady goes to shoot himself in the head so Benson can't prove her innocence, but Benson is able to kick the gun out of his hand and taser him. Stabler gets there just in time.

At the interrogation room Stabler and Benson confront Joseph; this "mad scientists" fabricated DNA has possibly put away innocent people. It also means that criminals are going to claim the DNA wasn't theirs. Dr. Joseph tells the detectives their free ride is over. It's a horrifying revelation for both Benson and Stabler.