Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Episode 11.05 : Hardwired

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      November 29, 2017
    • Episode Premiere : October 21, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 11
    • Show Period : 1999 - Now
    • Production Company: NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Cast and Crew

The Story

Mary Sachowski is picking up her son Patrick from school when she is suddenly assaulted by another mother, Eva Banks. Eva punches Mary and claims that she called Cory, Eva's son, a pervert. Mary claims that Cory molested her son, Patrick. Benson and Stabler are called to the scene and Eva is explosive. Cory tries to protect his mother and kicks Stabler in the groin.

Benson and Stabler bring the women and boys down to the station. Mary claims that Cory and Patrick had a sleepover and she caught them wrestling naked, and that Corey was pinning Patrick down from behind. Patrick claims that he and Cory were just wrestling. Stabler interviews Corey. Stabler finds out that he has a history of playing naked games with other boys his age.

Cragen talks to Dr. Huang, who assesses that Cory is most likely re-enacting sexual abuse with other children, which is called "mastery play." Huang decides he needs to talk to Cory alone, without Eva around. Cragen and Stabler finagle Eva into letting them take Cory to the hospital, where Huang asks him about his wrestling coach, Coach Simons. Apparently, Coach Simons has massaged Cory's groin in addition to rubbing down a lot of other students.

Stabler arrests Coach Simons at the school. At the precinct Benson finds out that he has a prior record under the name Tony Accardo; convicted of forcible rape of a minor back in Baltimore. That's not all: Cory tested positive for chlamydia and the doctor found anal fissures. Stabler and Benson interrogate Coach Simons, a.k.a. Tony. Coach Simons denies touching Cory, even after Stabler physically threatens the convicted pedophile.

Benson and Stabler pay a visit to Cory's home and talk to Eva and Cory's stepfather, Thomas. Benson reveals that Cory has been sexually abused by Coach Simons. Thomas approaches Cory and scares him away. Stabler is able to talk to Cory alone. Cory states that Coach Simons never touched him. Stabler realizes that Cory has been molested by someone else and not his coach. When Thomas tries to talk to Cory, both Benson and Stabler realize that the boy has been sexually abused by his stepfather.

Stabler camps out all night outside Cory's apartment. Benson says that Coach Simons is clean in New York, but will be sent away for not registering as a sex offender. Stabler is pissed that Thomas scared Corey off about telling Stabler the truth. On top of that, Cory and Eva were homeless before Thomas met them, which causes a bigger threat. Benson approaches Eva and says that Cory was raped but is scared about telling the truth because he doesn't want to be put back in a shelter. Eva reveals to Benson that before this, Eva was physically abused by Cory's real father. Eva doesn't want things to change because they are good right now. Benson tells her that Thomas is molesting Cory. When Eva realizes that Thomas has been drugging her at night and putting her to sleep, she sees that Benson is telling the truth.

Eva agrees to cooperate with Benson. Eva makes Cory tells Benson what happened. Cory confesses that Thomas used the materials of Cory's new life, including the house, against him. Thomas made Cory pay him back with sexual favors. Cory said it started with naked pictures and then a video tape. Eva tries to be brave for Corey and feels awful for not protecting him.

Stabler arrests Thomas at his place of employment. He gets Thomas' laptop while Benson tells Cory that Thomas has been arrested. Stabler interrogates Thomas, who believes that what he and Cory have is special, and says he never raped the boy. Stabler scares Thomas into wanting to make a deal, but this isn't what he wants. Thomas has a name, Kevin O'Donnell, the leader of the pedophile rights group Our Special Love. Thomas will be getting the names of 5,000 members. Meanwhile Benson tells Eva how she and Cory can keep the house and the money and not have to go back to the shelter.

Cabot can't believe Stabler wants to make a deal with Thomas. Huang describes Our Special Love; a special rights group that defends a pedophile's right to have sex with children and claims that pedophilia is genetic, like homosexuality or heterosexuality. Stabler explains that O'Donnell tested Thomas' commitment to the group by making him have sex with Cory, and the final test will be to meet Cory in the flesh -- meaning Cory and Eva have to go undercover with Thomas. Cabot doesn't want to go through with it, but Stabler says that if they don't, thousands of kids will get hurt. Huang promises that Cory won't get hurt. Cabot agrees as long as Eva consents.

Eva tries to change her mind and doesn't want to put Cory through this again. But Cory wants to help other kids, and this inspires him to go through with it. Benson brings Thomas in the room and Eva runs to attack him, but Stabler stops her. Eva needs to keep calm in order for this to work.

Kevin O'Donnell comes to dinner to meet Cory with Thomas and Eva. Stabler and Benson watch via video surveillance. Kevin creepily talks to Cory, and Eva has to take a moment to compose herself. When Eva disappears to get dessert, Thomas goes to get his laptop and Kevin talks to Cory and shows him a naked picture. Kevin tells the boy that he doesn't want him to "cheat" on his dad; at this point the detectives have almost had enough. As soon as Thomas brings in the laptop, Benson and Stabler rush in. Before the detectives can escort Thomas out of the house, Eva stabs him in the back with a knife.

Cabot is angered and wants Eva arrested. Benson tries to play on Cabot's soft side, but Cabot won't have it. Stabler has to take Eva away. Huang says that Cory is doing worse and Benson finally convinces Eva to let him go. When Benson approaches Eva, she tells Benson to stay way and get out of their lives.

Stabler interrogates Kevin. Kevin believes he will be exonerated on all charges. He truly believes the love between an adult and a child is a beautiful thing. This pushes Stabler to the edge and he takes a chair to throw on top of Kevin. He stops himself just in time. Stabler's got Kevin's flash drive and he is going to use it against him.

Stabler and Benson find a thousand pictures on Kevin's hard drive, along with the names and addresses of all the members of Our Special Love. The SVU starts to clean house and brings in tons of pedophiles to the precinct. Stabler hauls Kevin in with all the other pedophiles.

In court, Kevin shows up with a black eye. Kevin's lawyer, Patrice Larue, says that Kevin pleads not guilty and moves for a dismissal. Judge Diane Andrews doesn't understand. Larue claims that the law regarding Kevin's sexuality is discriminatory. Cabot says that the rape of ten-year-old boy is not discrimination. Judge Andrews will allow the defense, although it gives her the "heebie jeebies."

On the stand, Kevin claims that adults dating children is harmless and victimless. He blames society for being ignorant. During Kevin's testimony, Dr. Huang is stirring in his seat. Cabot cross-examines Kevin and states that his condition doesn't exist and his actions are illegal. Kevin compares his position to gay and interracial couples and interracial. Dr. Huang can't help himself and blurts out that "it's rape" in Kevin's case and this is why all medical and law professionals believe child-adult relationships are wrong. Kevin's former girlfriend Liz takes the stand and says that when she dated him (starting at age 11) it was great; Kevin was 30 at the time. Liz's gratitude for having Kevin in her life is even more horrifying when she says that Kevin made her the woman she is today and tells how she is getting her Master's degree.

Huang is outraged with the testimonies. Cabot says they need one juror, and that child testimonies are inadmissible. The defense is calling Eva to the stand; the whole trial is a mess. Benson talks to Eva and tells her what the defense wants, they want her to explode and become the bad guy. Eva doesn't want to make anything worse. Benson tells Eva that she is a fighter and convinces her to take the stand.

Eva takes the stand and gives an emotional testimony about what her son Cory is now going through due to Kevin and Thomas. Larue brings Eva's credibility to the stand and she has to admit to her criminal charges: the assaults against Mary and Thomas. Larue makes Eva the bad guy and tells her that Eva failed as a mother and that is why Cory never told her about what Thomas was doing to him. Eva, upset and emotional, blames Kevin for what Thomas did to Cory. Larue is too much for Eva to handle and Cory bursts into the courtroom and protects his mother's name. Cory says that Thomas raped him and Kevin made him do it. Judge Andrews demands Cory be removed from the courtroom.

Benson visits Eva and Cory and tells them that Kevin was sentenced to 3,000 years in prison. Thomas will be gone for 20 years. Eva thanks Benson, sincerely grateful for everything the detective has done to help her family. Cory and Eva are packing up their things and heading down to Florida for a fresh start.






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