Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Episode 10.06 : Babes

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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      October 18, 2017
    • Episode Premiere : November 11, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 10
    • Show Period : 1999 - Now
    • Production Company: NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Cast and Crew

The Story

A couple's date is interrupted when a man engulfed in flames comes crashing through the window. Munch and Stabler meet Warner at the scene of the crime, where she reveals the victim had been sexually mutilated before being set on fire.

Warner identifies the victim as 22-year-old Joshua Galli. Stabler and Munch interview the man's father. He admits that Joshua suffered from schizophrenia and turned to drugs and alcohol. Munch and Stabler discover that Josh's only enemies were teenagers who made videos of assaulting the homeless, calling themselves, "Street Cleaners."

After an alibi clears the Street Cleaners in the murder of Joshua, Stabler and Munch are back to square one. The detectives discover that Joshua died from being burned by paraldehyde and lit on fire with a burner that belonged to Blessed Heart High School. Munch and Stabler take a field trip to the high school in hopes of finding a killer.

The detectives bring in student, Alec Bernardi, after finding suspicious burn marks on his hands. His mother storms in the SVU demanding to see him. Meanwhile, Alec tells Munch and Stabler he is proud of what he did to Joshua. Alec admits that Josh deserved to die because he had raped Alec's sister and got her pregnant.

Benson goes to the Bernardi residence to interview Alec's sister, Tina. She defends Joshua and tells Benson that she was never raped and that the sex was consensual. Tina tells Benson the story of how she met Josh and how their relationship turned sexual. Tina admits she really wanted to get pregnant. Tina tells Benson that three of her other friends were all pregnant, too, and the idea came from another friend, Fidelia.

As Benson interviews Fidelia about her pregnancy pact, her boyfriend Max walks in. He and Fidelia were saving themselves until marriage and now he finds his girlfriend pregnant with another man's baby. Benson begins to regret being so hard on Fidelia after seeing she was just a kid, herself.

The detectives now have four pregnant teenagers and need to track down the fathers-to-be. One of them, Joshua, is dead, two others are still students, but the last father-to-be is a 22-year-old DJ who goes by the name of "Dizzer." Fin and Stabler track down Dizzer at his record store. When Fin and Stabler return to Fidelia's residence to tell her family the news, they, along with her parents, discover Fidelia hanging from her ceiling, dead.

After finding out that Fidelia received instant messages telling her to kill herself, the detectives have to trace who wrote the messages. Munch traces the IP address to an Internet café and security cameras show it was Tina's mother, Peggy, who wrote the hateful messages.

Munch and Stabler are shocked when they find out they can't prosecute Peggy for sending the goading messages. Greylek reminds them that cyber-bullying isn't a crime. Cragen wants Greylek to do her best to dig up as many felonies as she can against Peggy for her crazed instant messages that resulted in Fidelia's suicide.

Fin and Stabler are alerted that a mob has gathered outside Peggy's apartment, calling her "monster mom." As they place Peggy under arrest, the angry mob grab at her while accusing her of murdering Fidelia.

Peggy is brought forth before a judge, who reads her the charges she's facing. Greyleck asks to set Peggy at $50,000 bail. Greyleck also asks the judge to keep Peggy away from all email access while she's on bail.

Greyeck makes Peggy read what she had sent Fidelia shortly before the girl committed suicide. Greylek wants to get the point across to the jury how seriously hateful Peggy's words were. Peggy tries defending her actions, saying she was just goofing around with Fidelia, not thinking she really was going to commit suicide over the message exchange.

As Peggy is reading the message exchange out loud, her daughter stands up and says they have it wrong and Max was in Fidelia's room on the night of her suicide. Stabler and Much go to the high school to pay Max a visit.

Max admits he was in Fidelia's room shortly before her suicide, but denies having anything to do with her death. Stabler and Fin try to push Max's buttons in hopes that he will break and confess. Max starts crying as the detectives remind him that Fidelia had more feelings for Dizzer than him. Max tearfully admits to strangling Fidelia out of anger and making it look like a suicide.

Because of Max's confession, the judge dismisses all charges against Peggy. Meanwhile, her son gets sentenced 15 years to life for murdering Joshua and Max is sentenced to four years in prison for murdering Fidelia. Greylek asks Peggy how she can live with herself knowing she sent the messages out to Fidelia. Peggy is arrested for assault when she lunges at Greylek in the courtroom. Later on, Joshua's father steps up and says he'll help Tina out any way he can since she is carrying his grandchild.






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