Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Episode 10.02 : Confession

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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      October 18, 2017
    • Episode Premiere : September 30, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 10
    • Show Period : 1999 - Now
    • Production Company: NBC, Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV
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Cast and Crew

The Story

It's a busy day at the SVU as the detectives remain tied up with suspects and taking reports. A young teenager walks in wanting to report a sexual assault. Benson agrees to sit and talk to Eric as he begins to mutter things like, "I love him" and "I know it's wrong." Benson slows him down and wants him to clarify. Eric takes out a picture of his little stepbrother, Cory.

Eric begs Benson to get him help, to keep him from acting on his sexual fantasies involving Cory. Benson later tells Cragen she is determined to stop Eric from taking any action. She visits Eric's mom, Dana, and begins questioning her about Cory's behavior. Dana gets defensive and demands to know what all the questions are for.

A doctor's examination of Cory proves that he hasn't been abused. The detectives begin to delve into a website Eric has been visiting that supposedly helps keep pedophiles from acting on their urges. The site supplies endless photos of children, so that potential pedophiles can get their fix without having to find victims. Stabler and Benson find Jake Berlin, the man who heads up the site.

After a visit to a child psychologist, the detectives discover that Cory shows signs of having been abused. That is, until Benson and Stabler begin to suspect their new ADA of planting ideas into the young boy's head. Greyleck denies all accusations, but the child psychologist can't side with either party.

After a search of the Kelly apartment, detectives find some of Cory's clothing with semen on it and immediately order DNA testing - which ends up matching Eric's stepfather. Meanwhile, Eric goes missing and the detectives begin to wonder who helped him flee.

As the detectives all try to figure out where Eric could have disappeared to, Munch points out that Jake just uploaded a bunch of new photos to his pedophilia website. One little girl catches Stabler's eye and he rushes out of the building; meanwhile, Fin and Benson go confront Cory's father, Sean. He defends himself by saying he used his son's shirt as it was the only thing in the bathroom he could use to clean up after himself.

Cragen and Munch summon Fin and Benson to Jake's apartment after they discover that one of the little girls on the website is Stabler's daughter. Once they arrive at Jake's office, they discover him bloodied and Stabler trying to get access to his computer. Cragen makes Jake take Elizabeth's picture off of the website.

Back at the SVU, Stabler is forced to give up his badge and gun. Cragen tells Stabler that Jake targeting his family was a reason to go after him, but it wasn't an excuse. He doesn't have anything more to say. Cragen puts Stabler on unpaid leave until all of Jake's wounds are healed.

Benson confronts Dana and Sean about Eric's whereabouts. Benson wants to arrest Eric for being in possession of child pornography, in hopes of locking him up and keeping him from attacking a child. Dana swears she doesn't know where Eric is and she breaks down. She cannot help but feel guilty for what Eric is struggling with.

Fin and Benson stake out the Kelly residence. They follow Dana to her car with a big box. She unknowingly leads them to a loft. Fin and Benson have their guns drawn as they slowly follow Dana inside and are alarmed when they hear her screaming loudly. They rush up the stairs to find Dana cradling a bloodied and unconscious Eric in her arms. As Fin tries to tell Dana that Eric is dead, she starts screaming that she killed him.

The detectives are trying to piece together the murder scene. Warner explains it took several knives to stab Eric to death and whoever did murder him must have had a lot of built up rage. Fin points out the murderer must have been injured, too, judging from all the blood found at the crime scene. Benson is sure that Sean has to be the murderer.

Warner also informs Benson that Eric was sodomized with a foreign object. Benson and Fin were able to identify the object as the homemade baseball bat that belonged to Cory, and they bring Sean in for questioning. He admits that he wanted Eric dead and he still believes Eric was molesting Cory, even if evidence says he didn't. Sean denies killing Eric, just threatening him.

Warner tells Benson that Sean didn't murder Eric. The DNA found at the scene proves that the killer is diabetic and Benson points out that Eric's mentor, Jack, is diabetic. Benson confronts Jack and learns that he and Eric shared online chats. Jack says he just wanted to stop Eric from hurting children.

Benson lets Jack know that because he murdered Eric, they will never find the victim he admitted to abusing. Benson calls a press conference in hopes that Eric's young victim will step forward. After interviewing several young boys, Benson is still back at square one.






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