Las Vegas

Episode 4.08 : White Christmas

  • Las Vegas
    • Episode Premiere : December 15, 2006
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime, Thriller
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2003 - 2008
    • Production Company: Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Gary Scott Thompson
  • Screenwriter Gary Scott Thompson
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Candace Kroslak,
    • Betsy Rue,
    • David Raibon,
    • Bobbi Sanders,
    • Todd Sandler

The Story

Though it's 95 degrees out, an artificial snow machine pumps snow into the air allowing Danny and Mike to have a snowball fight with a group of Christmas bikini babes. Whale Reggie Archibald arrives with his entourage. When they go inside, Danny looks up to see an elf stealing his car from the valet

As kids line up to meet Santa - none other then Ed himself - two girls named Ariel and Ashley Connell tell Mary that they're her sisters. Ed demands that no one miss his big Secret Santa drawing later that afternoon, which he thinks everyone is trying to avoid.

While Ed puts Mike in charge of making some non-denominational decorations, Danny's car is spotted at a local gas station, but by the time Danny gets there, the car is gone.

Mary learns that her father is in jail where he belongs; she worries that Ashley and Ariel went through what she went through. Mary feels guilty that she didn't tell the police years ago. Everyone is interrupted by Ed, who demands that they meet in his office for the Secret Santa drawing ' Delinda gets Sam, Sam gets Ed, Ed gets Mike, Mike gets Danny, and Danny gets Mary.

In the surveillance room, Mike and Danny review surveillance footage and spot the elf who stole Danny's car... it's a kid! Danny needs to get that car back; it's all he has left of his mother and he promised his father he'd never let anything happen to it.

Sam pulls Reggie, who is losing his shirt, away from the tables to take him shopping with her - she's looking for a gift for Ed. Sam asks Reggie why he's being so reckless with his money, but he doesn't give much of an answer.

Word comes down that Danny's car was spotted at The Chop Shop. He arrives at the shop to learn that it was tricked out for a man who plans on racing it that afternoon. Danny arrives at the racetrack just in time to see his car explode in a ball of flame.

The driver survives the explosion and tells Danny that he didn't know the car was stolen. He tells Danny that a guy named "Rick" got him the car. The steaming, mangled car arrives back at the Montecito as Sam's gift to Ed arrives: a massage from Polly.

Delinda surprises Sam with the gift she got her... a puppy! Sam doesn't want it, but Ed's rules state that she has to accept the gift. Delinda insists that Sam needs something to love. The dog licks Sam's hand as Delinda scurries off.

Mary gives Delinda some of Danny's things from high school. Their walk down memory lane is interrupted by Carole Connell, Mary's stepmother, who asks Mary to testify against her father. It's a torturous process for her, but Mary finally agrees.

Sam enters Reggie's suite to find him hooked into IV bottles. It turns out that the entourage is really nurses and that Reggie is dying. He explains that he didn't want to die in a sterile hospital, but rather in his favorite place: Las Vegas. When he sees the puppy his eyes light up and Sam gives it to him as a present. Later that night, Reggie passes away.

Mike receives his Christmas present from Ed: a video chat session with physicist Stephen Hawking.

Danny gets a lead on Ricky and arrives at a rundown apartment building in the cold of the Vegas night. He breaks inside and finds the kid who stole his car, Kevin, huddled around a makeshift Christmas tree with his younger sister and brother, trying to stay warm. Kevin explains that he stole the car to get money for Christmas. Danny takes them to child protective services.

In the morning, Danny wakes up to find Delinda not at home, but she's left a note with an address. First, he stops at the shelter to deliver presents to all the kids. When he gets to the address, he discovers that it's a garage and that all his friends from work are there: they chipped in to buy all the parts needed to fix his car.

Mike gives Danny his gift: a beer of the month club subscription. Then Danny hands Mary a little box and tells her to open it when she's alone. To find out what's in the box, return to the Las Vegas web site main page and click on the featured video!






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