Las Vegas

Episode 4.03 : The Story Of Owe

  • Las Vegas
    • Episode Premiere : November 10, 2006
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime, Thriller
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2003 - 2008
    • Production Company: Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Milan Cheylov
  • Screenwriter Gardner Stern
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • James Russo,
    • Cutter Mitchell,
    • Wayne Mitchell,
    • Jonathan Strait,
    • Stephanie Brown

The Story

While getting a pedicure, Sam's paycheck arrives, but there's a problem: it's too low! Meanwhile, Danny asks Mike for advice on whether or not he should ask Delinda to move in. Mike turns around to find Sam waiting for an answer about her check. He tells her it's low because three of her clients stiffed the resort.

Sam asks Ed for help, and he agrees to make a jet available, but insists that she only go after the first two, believing that the third will come to her. He gives her the number of a guy to call to help her collect the money. Sam connects with Warren and gives him the names of the "douche bags" who owe her money. He assures her there won't be any violence.

Becky Ray, the wife of Don Ray, one of the resort's high rollers, asks Ed for a favor for Don's 40th birthday: a day with Ed Deline! She wants Ed to toughen him up, to impart some reckless charm, so she can learn to love him for more than his money. Ed agrees to do what he can.

Sam asks Polly's advice about moving in with Danny and receives a graphic rundown of Polly's sex life, instead. In another part of the casino, Mike mends fences with Mary who talks about being more assertive. Mike suggests that she try confronting her biggest fear, which is doing standup comedy, to help get her life back on track.

Sam and Warren begin their quest in Los Angeles where they confront Nelson Fox about owing the hotel money. When Nelson refuses to pay, Warren kicks the crap out of him. Job done.

Next stop, Denver. Sam flirts with Warren and asks him for a drink in the hotel bar, but he turns her down. Later, Warren finds Sam at the bar being hit on by a cheesy man. Moments later, Sam and Warren are on their way to her room.

Ed tells Mike and Danny what transpired between him and the CIA Agents and they all think that the agents bought the faked shooting of Sharif that the three of them planned.

Ed's day with Don doesn't exactly light things on fire. Because of this failure, Ed tracks down Danny and Mike and insists that they help him teach Don how to "man up." Ed plots to stage an incident for "educational purposes" - Mike will be an unruly patron and Danny will request Ed to get him to leave using whatever means necessary.

Sam and Warren pay a visit to Gerald to collect the money he owes. A few blackmailing words from Warren gets Gerald to open up his checkbook. Afterwards, Sam tells Warren that, "last night was a mistake," even though she loves hanging out and working with him.

Danny and Delinda enjoy their first real date by having dinner together. Delinda thinks they should move in together but she's concerned because they haven't spent that many consecutive days together. To rectify this, they decide to try a trial run by getting out of Vegas for a while.

Mary decides to overcome her fear of doing standup comedy by doing open mic at a comedy club... she totally flops. While waiting for Mike to get the car, comedian Adam Corolla gives her some words of wisdom about writing a comedy act.

Just like Ed thought, Sam's third welcher is found gambling at the casino, and Ed tells her that she's not welcome until her debt is paid. Sam calls in the big guns... Warren. Sam and Warren stop the welcher's car, throw out her driver, and Sam beats her up until she finally cries uncle and pays up.

Ed eats humble pie and apologizes to Al for the "little show" they put on. Al's lawyer doesn't want to accept Ed's apology even though Al seems satisfied. In fact, Al admits that the whole lawsuit was the lawyer's idea. When the lawyer suggests a payoff of $10,000, Ed tells Al that his lawyer will wind up keeping most of it. Instead, Ed offers Al a $5000 bonus if he fires his lawyer on the spot. "You're fired!" shouts Al.

Don's wife is unhappy with the transformation that Ed engineered in her husband. He's too forceful now and makes her do things that he wants to do even if she doesn't. On top of it, she has a "bad prenup" and won't get much money if she divorces him, meaning that she's stuck.

The whole gang comes out to hear Mary's second attempt at doing comedy. Adam's help really pays off and she slays the crowd by telling jokes about her "clueless boss."






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