Las Vegas

Episode 3.11 : Down & Dirty

  • Las Vegas
    • Episode Premiere : December 05, 2005
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime, Thriller
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2003 - 2008
    • Production Company: Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The APAC comes to the Montecito as the floor and rooms are overrun by porn stars. That's right, the Adult Products and Accessories Convention. Casey booked the convention without Ed's knowledge.

Sam files her divorce papers and wants to know whether Casey will honor his commitment for half of the casino. Sam wants to get together to divvy up the responsibilities.

In addition to the porn convention, there's a televised poker tournament also taking place at the Montecito, with a $10 million prize. Mike salivates over the game ' he doesn't gamble anymore. But at the final table, there's a really cute schoolteacher, Julie, to whom Danny takes a liking. She makes outrageous bets, and everyone wants to know if she's ridiculously good or just ridiculously dumb.

Ed talks to Casey about the porn convention. He thinks in the long term it will hurt the casino's bottom line. Casey says he couldn't agree more and wants Ed to remedy the situation by starring in a new commercial to bring integrity back to the Montecito.

Danny meets the schoolteacher after the poker game. He asks if there's anything he can do to make her stay any more pleasant. Meanwhile, Mike notices a tiny battery on the ground. He thinks someone may be getting info from a small earpiece to signal the players.

Mike and Danny watch Albert, the television engineer for the poker show. They ask him how the video feed works and wonder if anyone would have a chance of cheating. Albert says there's no way.

A porn producer, Rod Russell, loses his 'Woody' ' a bronze statue awarded for best film at the adult convention. He'd won the award last year and always carries it with him. He thinks someone stole it out of his room. Danny and Mike say they'll look into it.

Mike and Danny check the hallway cameras for Rod's Woody. They find an employee going into Rod's room, but when they close in on him, they see he's not an employee. Danny goes on the hunt.

Mike checks on the possibility of cheating at the poker tournament.

Casey comes into Sam's suite with champagne. He says he's being nice because he wants them to be friends if they're going to be partners. Casey says he wants to settle things himself, without lawyer interference. He offers her $1 million and says he's trying to do her a favor. She declines.

Mike watches footage of the poker tournament and finds a kid with a wireless earpiece. He sees that the schoolteacher is getting the signals about the cards. The cheaters have broken into the video feed for the show.

Sam learns that because she was married in Hawaii, she's only entitled to half of her and Casey's goods from their marriage. She finally realizes why Casey offered her money.

Danny and Mike catch the schoolteacher with two Cal Tech students. They have a wireless remote attached to the teacher. The students say they're doing a research project and are monitoring all the player's heart rates to determine whether or not they're bluffing. No one is actually cheating.

Danny visits a porn star's suite and finds Ron Jeremy. Ron tells Danny that stealing the Woody isn't about the money, but the honor of the award. Danny decides to look up past losers of the award from the year before.

Mike asks Howard ' one of the players at the poker table ' if he was wearing a heart monitor as well. He was and Mike wants to know if he felt anything suspicious about the game. He says he doesn't think he saw anything, but he says it's weird that the teacher read him better than anyone else on the planet.

The show producer, Lance, doesn't want security staff involved in the show. Ed tells him that if he wants to take the tournament somewhere else, to go right ahead. But Ed says it's his $10 million and wants to make sure the money is won honestly.

At the pool, Danny finds Les Marinoff, the loser of last year's Woody. He also finds Manwell, Les's assistant. Les is the one who stole the Woody, so Danny chases him and tosses him into the pool.

On the final day of the poker tournament, Danny and Ed watch closely. Howard wins big and it's down to him and Julie, the schoolteacher. Mike sits in the engineer's truck and notices Albert pushing a button to signal her. Next round, Mike stops Albert, forcing Julie to call a bet on her own. Miraculously, she still wins the hand, and the tournament.

Sam meets Casey back on the floor. He tells her it's over and he's leaving. He gives her his wedding ring and says goodbye.

Back at the pool, Albert meets up with Julie and demands his half of the money. Julie says she won it on her own when he didn't give her the signal. Mike finds them and arrests them both.

They all watch the Ed's commercial. However, last-minute changes mean that Delinda is actually the star of the ad. Ed appears only in the last frame, waving to the guests.






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