King of the Hill

Episode 8.21 : The Redneck on Rainey Street

  • King of the Hill
    • Episode Premiere : May 16, 2004
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Animation, Comedy
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 1997 - 2009
    • Production Company: Deedle-Dee, Judgmental, 3 Art, Film Roman, Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Khan is upset when Connie is rejected from Rice summer school. While Connie seems to get over the news quickly, the blow is harder for Kahn to accept. Apparently good grades, community service and a first chair seat in the orchestra isn't enough to get Connie into the university. Kahn gives up all desire to keep up with the middle-class neighborhood and decides to become a full-blown redneck bringing Minh down with him. Together they become beer-drinking, El Camino driving, ATV-riding slobs that live off welfare. Their front yard becomes a dumping ground for bathtubs, toilets and rusty cars while the weeds grow so high that the house is out of plain view. While, Kahn is bringing down the value of all homes on Rainey Street, Connie tries to maintain a seemingly "normal" life; Peggy helps to look after Connie while her parents are going through this embarrassing redneck phase. When Hank hears that foreclosure proceedings have started on Kahn's house, he must act fast to shake Kahn of his redneck ways. Hank discovers that Kahn is participating in the stick fights and rushes to the lumber yard to bring Kahn back to reality. Although it takes some convincing, Kahn finally agrees to return to himself for Connie's sake. In the end, Connie is accepted to Stanford summer school after the admissions officer learns about Connie's crazy family and her ability to cope under pressure.






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