Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Episode 1.05 : Episode 105

  • Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
    • Episode Premiere : April 16, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: Fresh One Productions, Ryan Seacrest Productions
    • Official Site : http://abc.go.com/shows/jamie-olivers-food-revolution

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jamie meets Doug Sheils, the head of Cabel County Hospital. Doug is upset by the broad generalizations associated with Huntington being dubbed the unhealthiest city in America. When hospital representatives ask what kind of help is needed, Jamie pulls no punches. He needs $150,000 to keep the revolution rolling and he knows that Doug Sheils is the man who can give it to him.

The reps say they'll consider his request. But Jamie knows that in order to change their perception of what he's doing, his work at the schools MUST be a success. Jamie realizes he made a mistake the last time he was at the high school by closing down the French fry line. He takes center stage at an assembly to say the line for fries will open again alongside Jamie's line for fresh food. It'll be up to the kids with path they want to take.

Jamie isn't happy about his performance in front of the students at the assembly. He worries the kids will blow off his homemade spaghetti sauce and Caesar salad now that all of their old favorites are back in the mix. Then something amazing happens. As the lunch crowd arrives, the line for Jamie's meal stretches out the door. The line for fries is completely empty. Success!

Back at the elementary school, Jamie gets a laundry list of problems from Alice. He still doesn't have her on his side. Jamie is further discouraged to learn that the chocolate and strawberry milks are back in the fridge. Rhonda says the Office of Child Nutrition said that it's more important that the kids get calcium and it's more likely they'll drink the milk with the sugar in it. Wow, really? Who would have guessed kids like sugar?

As you may have guessed, most of the kids go for the flavored milk. But one group seems to be reaching only for the white. When Jamie questions a few of the kids about their choice, the children say their teacher told them to take the good stuff. It's moments like this that give Jamie (and us) hope. If he can get Doug Sheils to come down to this school to see what's happening, he knows he can get that money.

Back at Huntington High, a bunch of breaded, preprocessed chicken has been delivered to the kitchen instead of the fresh stuff Jamie ordered. He has to work fast to create a new recipe to take the place of the preprocessed food. Jamie whips up a big batch of Sloppy Joes. Also on the menu are healthy nachos, slow-cooked chili and a pepper-spiced sweet corn dish along with a big salad bar. Jamie shares this meal with the team of teens that helped him make the change. Getting the kids involved in the revolution was absolutely the right thing to do.

Jamie meets with a representative from U.S. Foodservice, the company that sells food to the schools. He's led into a massive freezer room filled with all the preprocessed foods he hates. Jamie says, "It's my nightmare." Jamie is shocked to learn that the company also has a choice of fresher foods that they offer. The problem is that the schools buy all the other stuff. The good news is that U.S. Foodservice has people who can give Jamie a price breakdown of the good stuff so he can make his case and come in on budget.

A Green Truck arrives in town. Jamie says, "These trucks are all over this country selling fast food which is fresh and it's local. And now Huntington's got one, which is here to stay." The truck pulls into the hospital where a fresh meal is served to Doug Sheils and his staff. After Doug chows down on a healthy bison burger, Jamie thinks it's time to bring him down to the elementary school.

Jamie believes Doug will be impressed with the great things happening there. Still, he has one major concern and her name is Alice. Doug is, indeed, impressed with the healthy lunch served at the school and the fact that Rhoda was able to pull some strings to get all of the chocolate and strawberry milk replace with white.

Then Doug meets Alice. She immediately identifies Doug as the money man. Alice says there's still a lot of food that the kids don't like. Then Alice says, "But Jamie's got some good ideas." Jamie is shocked. Alice is finally on his side. But is that enough to convince Doug Sheils to join the revolution? We'll see!






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