Into the Badlands Episode 1.06 Hand of Five Poisons
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Into the Badlands Episode 1.06 Hand of Five Poisons

Episode Premiere
Dec 20, 2015
Drama, Action, Adventure
Production Company
Entertainment One Television
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Dec 20, 2015
Drama, Action, Adventure
2015 - 2019
Production Co
Entertainment One Television
Official Site
David Dobkin
Alfred Gough, Miles Millar
Main Cast
  • Daniel Wu as Sunny
  • Aramis Knight
  • Emily Beecham
  • Sarah Bolger
  • Oliver Stark
  • Madeleine Mantock
  • Marton Csokas
  • Ally Ioannides
  • Edi Gathegi
  • Orla Brady
  • Nick Frost as Bajie
  • Stephen Lang as Waldo
  • Lorraine Toussaint
  • Sherman Augustus
  • Babou Ceesay
  • Ella-Rae Smith

Sunny rides his motorcycle to the docks, with a burlap sack dripping blood.

Sunny drops the sack on the River King's desk. "Your payment in full," he says. The River King pulls a severed head out of the bag -- it's Bale's. The River King studies M.K.'s "Wanted" poster, but Sunny lies and says he's got the right boy. The River King smiles and agrees to grant Sunny passage at midnight.

In Veil's clinic, Sunny tells her to wait for him and M.K., but Veil has to tend to Jade. Sunny warns her to stay. Emotional, Veil berates Sunny for not stopping Quinn from killing her parents. Sunny promises her things will be different once they leave, but Veil echoes the Baron, saying, "We are all slaves to our nature." Veil says if she's there when Sunny gets back, Sunny will know her answer.

Penrith's Totemist travels to a church to see three cloaked Abbots. He shares M.K.'s "Wanted" poster, saying Penrith has discovered another "dark" child. The Abbots carry a wooden chest to their truck.

In Jade's room, Lydia tends to a feverish Jade. Lydia thinks Jade spent "too many hours under the hot sun," but Quinn enters and reveals monkshood petals, hidden in Lydia's jewelry box. Lydia looks at Jade and realizes she's been set up. "I heard rumors after Beatrice," Quinn says. Lydia maintains innocence, but two Clippers take her away. Jade tells Quinn she has something to tell him about Ryder.

Lydia is escorted out of the Fort. She sees Ryder and begs for help, but realizes he's the one who told Jade about Beatrice. "I may have warned her that you have a tendency to turn on people," he says. He gives her a bag of totem figures for her journey.

In Quinn's study, Ryder tells Quinn that The Widow gained access into the Fort through the emergency tunnel, which Sunny has a key to. "Sunny's loyalty's been impeachable, but I think he's played us both," Quinn says. Quinn asks about M.K.'s pendant. Ryder says he traded it.

At the chapel, Quinn mocks Sunny about not capturing The Widow. "The Sunny I know never missed a kill," he says. Quinn recounts how he trained and groomed Sunny over the years. "What else could I have done to keep you from betraying me?" Just then, a dozen Clippers surround Sunny. "We have a traitor in our midst," Quinn announces. He strips him of his rank and orders him to turn over his sword. The Clippers are ordered to lock Sunny up and bring Veil to Quinn. M.K. tells Quinn to kill him too, but Quinn says he won't kill a boy with "such a bright future."

In her clinic, Veil packs her bags. An ether-soaked cloth is forced over her mouth.

A hood is removed from Veil's face. Tilda and the Butterflies take her to The Widow, who requests medical attention. Noticing her hesitation, The Widow assures Veil she has no reason to kill her. "I bet we want the same thing. A peaceful world where all women have a voice that's heard," The Widow says. Veil asks who cut her. "The man you love," The Widow says. "You could spend your entire life cleaning up after him."

Quinn tells Sunny, chained inside the Brig, that he plans to raise Sunny's baby in the Fort and shares his fascination over M.K. "I can't wait to fill his back with little black lines," he says. As Quinn walks away, Sunny threatens, "When I get out of these chains, I'm going to clip you first."

Lydia arrives at Penrith's commune, but he's unhappy to see her. "My daughter died in my heart years ago," he says. When she begs for mercy, he orders her to kneel and rededicate herself to a spiritual path. She obliges.

At the Sanctuary, Veil stitches The Widow's wound. When she notices a burn scar, The Widow says her late husband "had a funny way of showing his affection." Veil notes The Widow's plan to "rid the world of brutal men." After stitching her up, Veil places three bottles next to The Widow. "One of these is a tincture which will prevent you from dying," Veil explains. "The other two are poisons. I'll be happy to tell you which is which after I'm safely back at my clinic." The Widow warns her about going back, saying she "set things in motion to make this world safer." Tilda covers Veils face with a hood and takes her home.

In Quinn's study, Quinn tells M.K. he has the potential to be a greater Clipper than Sunny. M.K. says he just wants to go home, but Quinn says running away is an illusion. He offers to protect Tilda, spare Sunny and pay for M.K.'s first Doll at the Tick Tock "to celebrate our understanding."

Zypher and Ryder meet near a river. Ryder shares Quinn's plan to leave the Fort that night. "He'll only have a Colt with him," he says. Zypher says she'll bring Jacobee, who wants to kill Quinn. She plans to clip Jacobee right after. Ryder tells her not to notify The Widow since she's dying. "By sunrise tomorrow, there will be two new Barons in the Badlands," he says.

That night, Waldo unlocks Sunny's shackles so he can make it to the River King's boat and warns him that The Widow is making a move against Quinn and Jacobee. Sunny realizes Waldo is the traitor. "The system is broken. We got to blow it up and start again," Waldo says. Waldo says he should have saved Sunny "from this life" then passes him a pendant, identical to M.K.'s, he says he found around Sunny's neck. Waldo tells him the ambush is happening at the Doll house, but warns him to "be smart" and forget M.K.

Tilda and Veil ride through the woods. Veil tells her that The Widow doesn't have her best interest in mind, but Tilda claims she has no other choice. Veil offers her another option: "The three bottles," she says. "The blue one is the tincture. The other two are filled with poison. You decide your own future."

Quinn and M.K. walk towards the Dollhouse. M.K., seeing no one else around, senses something is wrong. "Don't skulk in the shadows," Quinn calls out. Jacobee, his clippers, Zypher and Ryder reveal themselves. "You always told me power is taken," Ryder asserts. Quinn reminds them that they're gathered because of The Widow's doing. "After you're dead, she's next," Quinn says, then slices M.K.'s back. Quinn backs away while M.K.'s eyes turn dark and he sends Jacobee flying.

Quinn runs into Sunny on a side street. Sunny plunges his sword into Quinn's stomach. "You're going to be my last tattoo," he says.

M.K. raises his fist to take Ryder out, but Sunny stops him and tells him to control his power. M.K. hammers him in the chest. The Abbots arrive just as M.K. sends Zypher into a wall. They surround him and deliver quick hits to his chest, back and forehead. M.K.'s eyes turn to normal and he collapses.

Sunny attempts to stop the Abbots. The Abbots' eyes flash with chi as they strike. Sunny relentlessly attempts to defend himself, only to be surrounded by the Abbots and delivered brutal blows. Sunny is sent through a brick wall and he passes out. The Abbots lock M.K. in their trunk and drive off.

At the commune, the Totemists chant while Lydia steps into a pool. "Welcome home," Penrith says.

At the Sanctuary, The Widow confronts Tilda about lying about M.K., whom she says she was trying to protect. "He's not a weapon," Tilda says. The Widow says she used to be "special" like M.K. In pain, she asks which bottle is the tincture. Tilda stares at the three bottles.

Veil walks the blood-soaked streets, looking for Sunny, and spots his broken sword on the ground.

Sunny awakes, chained, on the River King's boat. The River King drops Bale's head in front of him, knowing Sunny lied. "Unlike you, I'm not a killer. I'm a trader," The River King says. "And a man with a talent like yours is a very valuable commodity. You wanted to leave the Badlands, you got your wish." Sunny screams.

M.K. screams inside the Abbot's trunk as they continue driving away. His voice is overheard saying, "There is no easy way out of the Badlands."