Episode 3.03 : Mister Drecker or Ease Up on the Whup-Ass

  • Hung
    • Episode Premiere : October 16, 2011
    • Distributor : HBO
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2011
    • Production Company: HBO
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The scene opens with Ray at the bar. A woman comes up and says that she knows him. She says that her name is Logan Lewis. She was his student in History. He realizes that he knows her and says that she shouldn't be paying for it. He realizes by her confusion that she is not the client that he is waiting for. He says that he needs to go and that she should ignore what he said. He calls Tanya afterward, who is waiting at County Jail, and tells her that they need a better description of the women. He tells her about Logan and says that it is nothing and that he has it covered. Ray finds Logan's number on his convertible and tells Tanya that they need to tell Lydia, the rough client, to ease up. Tanya says that hey can use a safe word. Tanya hangs up the phone and waits. Charlie comes out and says that he sees that Tanya changed her mind about him.

Jason goes in to see Lenore, who is recovering from being sprayed in the eyes by Tanya. Jason tells that Sandee told him that she is pregnant and thinks that he should stop. Lenore asks for her address. Ray calls Logan the next day and says that she shouldn't take what he said out of context, but she doesn't care and says that they should meet up to catch up. Meanwhile, Matt escorts Jessica around the doctor's office and tells her that he is happy to give her a job. Matt says that it is nothing and tells her that she shouldn't bring her lunch on her first day. He volunteers to take her out. They talk about how messed up their divorces are and Jessica tells Matt what Mindy did to Ronnie. He tells her that he didn't know about it and asks when it was.

Later that night, Ray is eating a chocolate bar when Lydia comes up and tells that he can either go to jail or have sex with her. He runs away and she tackles him. He says that they need a safe word and says that it is mostly for Lydia's benefit. She tells that she doesn't need one, but tells that if Ray needs one, it is alright. Tanya gets in to see Charlie lying down on the sofa and sees that he has an ankle monitor. Charlie teases with her and says that he can make it talk and begins to take it off. She tells him that he is in her care and that he isn't going to mess it up. He leans in and kisses her. Ray comes over and tells her that they are going to have to bench Lydia before she kills him. Tanya says that he can't afford that right now and says that people are going to Jason because of the fact that he is younger. Ray says that he has it still and says that a 25 year old wants to have sex with him.

Jessica is carrying Urine samples when Mindy comes in and tells Matt that he has no proof of the thing that he heard she did to Ronnie. She asks where he heard that and sees Jessica. She asks if Matt slept with her yet and says that Jessica would probably do it. She goes in the bathroom to cry and Matt tells her that he is sorry that Mindy said that. Ray goes over to Logan's home and she shows him her yearbook and where Ray signed it. She asks if he is a prostitute and he says that he isn't. She says that she wants to get "busy" with him and he is nervous and tells her that it is not a good idea. Lenore goes over to Sandee's mother's house and goes up to her. She tells that she knows that Sandee is faking the pregnancy to get Jason to go back with her. She realizes that she is caught and Lenore says that she just wants to share Jason for a profit. Sandee says that she wants a big screen television and BluRay.

Ray goes over to Jessica's and gives Damon and Darby his old Jeep and gives Jessica a loan. However, she tells that she got a job. Darby and Damon play a song about Jessica's new job. Later that evening, Ray loses another client to Jason who tells Ray that Jason has a lot of energy. Tanya goes home to find a note from Charlie saying that he went out for some milk. She finds him at the café and says that she is in charge of him and put down a $40,000 retainer to do so. Charlie sees a police officer pull up and tells Tanya to put away the bracelet. However, Tanya realizes that it is Lydia and that she is actually a real police officer and not someone who dresses up like one. Ray doesn't care that he lost a few clients because he has a shoebox full of money. He says that he can outlast any kid and goes over to Logan's. He admits to being a prostitute and says that he is good at it. She says that she wants an A and he says that he can get her a C. However, she says that she wants an A now and he asks her for $600 and they go to the convertible. She unbuttons his pants and says that she knew it.

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