Episode 3.15 : Once We Were Gods

  • Grimm
    • Episode Premiere : March 14, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2017
    • Production Company: Hazy Mills Productions, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Steven DePaul
  • Screenwriter Alan DiFiore
  • Main Cast
    • David Giuntoli as Turner,
    • Russell Hornsby as Guy,
    • Reggie Lee,
    • Silas Weir Mitchell,
    • Sasha Roiz,
    • Bitsie Tulloch,
    • Bree Turner,
    • Claire Coffee,
    • Kate Burton,
    • Madeline Brewer,
    • Chris McKenna,
    • Sasha Roiz

  • Additional Cast

The Story

An archaeology researcher at the local university uncovers a shocking find at a nearby construction site: a room full of ancient Egyptian relics left over from archaeological research in the 1920's. The most astonishing find in the haul is a sarcophagus containing a mummy that appears to be an Anubis, a mythical Egyptian half human-half dog creature that was believed to protect the dead. More research is necessary, but if the mummy is what it appears to be, this could be the most important discovery in human history.

Nick, Hank, Monroe, Juliette and Rosalee discuss a plan of action for dealing with Wu, who is still in the mental hospital recovering from his Aswang encounter. Everyone agrees that they should avoid enlightening Wu about the Wesen world until they see how he responds to treatment. Nick and Hank don't like it, but they agree that Wu's recovery is most important.

That night, two thieves break into the university's archaeology building in an attempt to steal the Anubis mummy. The heist is interrupted by a security guard, who shoots one of the thieves when he woges into an Anubis and attacks. The other thief shoots the security guard and flees without the Anubis mummy.

Nick and Hank arrive to investigate the next morning. It's a cut-and-dry crime scene: two thieves broke in, the security guard surprised them, and one thief and one security guard did not survive the ordeal. The only witness, another security guard, says the attacker must have been wearing a dog mask. While Nick and Hank map out the crime, the head archaeologist, Vera Gates, arrives to check on the mummy. Dr. Gates explains that the bizarre mummy is probably a deformed human, but a CT scan will confirm one way or the other. Nick and Hank know that the mummy and the thief were both Wesen, but how was the mummy preserved in its fully woged form?

Meanwhile in Austria, the Royals have discovered the identity of Renard's spy. He's brought into custody and tortured until he finally reveals Adalind's hidden location. The Royals dispatch a unit to retrieve Adalind and the baby, but Renard manages to tip them off (since he hasn't been able to reach his spy in two days). Adalind and her bodyguard flee through the woods with the enchanted baby in hand.

Hank and Nick turn to Monroe and Rosalee for answers. Monroe explains that all of the ancient Egyptian gods were Wesen and that a Wesen could be mummified in its woge form if it had been tortured to death. Rosalee informs the detectives of a Sicilian society called Beati Paoli, whose members dedicate their lives to attacking museums and collectors who display Wesen relics and antiquities.

As much as Monroe and Rosalee disagree with the thief's methods, they have to agree with his intentions: displaying a fully woged Wesen mummy in a museum is immoral, disrespectful and wrong. At least Nick and Hank have a motive for their thief, and they can be sure he'll try to steal the mummy again.

Alexander, an envoy from the Wesen Council, arrives at Monroe's house asking to meet with Nick. It's a bizarre request, but Nick agrees. The envoy tells Nick that the Wesen Council wishes to eliminate the Beati Paoli thief and procure the mummy in order to give it a proper traditional burial. Nick doesn't really care about the mummy. Right now, he's just interested in catching his murder suspect.That night, the Wesen thief attacks Dr. Gates at her home and forces her to take him to the laboratory to obtain the Anubis mummy. Luckily, Nick and Hank arrive in time to rescue Dr. Gates. The thief transforms into his Anubis form and attacks, but Nick easily beats him down. He's a Grimm, after all. The thief is placed under arrest, and Dr. Gates, after suffering a mean bump to the head, doesn't remember much about her abduction.

Alexander, the Council envoy, loads the Anubis mummy into his truck. Nick may be a Grimm, but he's certainly not an enemy to all Wesen. If he wants to get into the Council's good graces, he'll need to respect Wesen culture and traditions. The following morning, Nick, Hank, Monroe, Rosalee and Alexander burn the Wesen mummy on a traditional funeral pyre, showing due respect to the former Egyptian god.

Later that day, Wu is released from the mental hospital. He assures Nick and Hank that he doesn't think the Aswang he saw was real, but Nick has a feeling he's hiding something. It may only be a matter of time before he's forced to let Wu in on the secret.

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