Episode 3.03 : A Dish Best Served Cold

  • Grimm
    • Episode Premiere : November 08, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2017
    • Production Company: Hazy Mills Productions, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Karen Gaviola
  • Screenwriter Rob Wright
  • Main Cast
    • David Giuntoli as Turner,
    • Russell Hornsby as Guy,
    • Reggie Lee,
    • Silas Weir Mitchell,
    • Sasha Roiz,
    • Bitsie Tulloch,
    • Bree Turner,
    • Claire Coffee,
    • Kate Burton,
    • Madeline Brewer,
    • Chris McKenna,
    • Sasha Roiz

The Story

Nick jogs in the doctor's office, hooked up to a heart monitor. Doctor Graham continues to increase the speed and slope of the treadmill, but Nick's heart rate and breathing stay steady. Worried Baron Samedi's poison might still be affecting him, Nick confesses to Juliette he feels more aware, more in control now...

Monroe and Rosalee share an intimate meal at the new, exclusive Raven and Rose restaurant. A waiter serves two petit beef and truffle tartines, compliments of Chef Ostler. Unfortunately, Monroe can't partake in the delicious treat since he's vegetarian. Fighting nerves, Monroe suggests the two become more serious and move in together since Nick is transitioning home soon. Rosalee has wanted that next step to happen as well. They share a tender moment as they both officially confess their love to each other - but the moment is interrupted by Monroe's friend Sam and wife Kimber dropping by to say hello.

Captain Renard instructs his spy to reconnect with Frau Pech. When he breaks into her Austrian home, the spy discovers a note for "Sacher 215." Interested in the famous hotel's occupant, room service delivers to Room 215 while the spy snaps a quick picture: it's Adalind!

Meanwhile, a man sprints through a dark forest, clambers up a tree and... explodes. Hank receives the dead-body-in-a-tree call the next morning, and upon inspection, Nick and Hank conclude he was brutally gutted. Mrs. Klosterman, the man's widow, denies animosity from anyone. They were happy and had just dined out to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.

Any hope of an isolated attack is shattered by the discovery of a second tattered body, a woman this time. Rifling through receipts in her nearby car reveals she ate at Raven and Rose two nights previous. On a hunch, Nick calls Mrs. Klosterman and confirms they ate their anniversary dinner at the same restaurant.

Nick and Hank's visit to Raven and Rose is unproductive, except to expose Chef Ostler and all the kitchen staff as Bauerschwein. Even the victims' tox screens come back completely clean. Only Juliette provides some insight by suggesting the victims' symptoms sounds like an extreme gastric dilatation volvulus, or breed-specific stomach bloating. Maybe the Bauerschwein are targeting their centuries-long enemies, the Blutbaden.

Nick's friends surprise him with a moving-out party complete with a "Homeward Bound" cake. The festivities are cut short by a panicked Kimber - she can't find her Blutbad husband Sam anywhere. Police locate Sam's car, but arrive too late - Sam explodes while Nick and Monroe watch helplessly.

Rosalee suddenly remembers the Black Despair Mushroom has fatal powers for Blutbaden when cooked. Something from Raven and Rose's menu must contain the rare mushrooms... Nick confronts Chef Ostler, but they both know Nick can't prove Raven and Rose's guilt. A Blutbad-specific poison won't fly in court. Ostler and staff have all lost family and friends in the Blutbad-Bauerschwein feud. They're fighting for a new world, ruled by Bauerschwein!

Monroe is raving - Nick the police officer can't kill Bauerschwein, so he's got to take matters into his own hands. Stalking Chef Ostler after work, Monroe corners him and reveals himself as a Blutbad. Before Monroe tears Ostler apart, Nick tackles him, eventually pulling his gun. Nick orders Monroe to stand down, but Monroe charges ahead and forces Nick to shoot him. Surprise registers on Monroe's face as he tumbles to the ground - but the officers and Ostler aren't safe yet, as a crowd of livid Blutbaden close in. Hank and Nick threaten to leave Ostler to the wolves if he doesn't confess his crimes. "Alright, alright, I poisoned them!" Ostler pleads. Stuffing the Bauerschwein in the car and screeching back to the station for a confession, Monroe opens his eyes - it was all an act.

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