Episode 1.15 : Island of Dreams

  • Grimm
    • Episode Premiere : March 30, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2017
    • Production Company: Hazy Mills Productions, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Rob Bailey
  • Screenwriter Jim Kouf, David Greenwalt
  • Main Cast
    • David Giuntoli as Turner,
    • Russell Hornsby as Guy,
    • Reggie Lee,
    • Silas Weir Mitchell,
    • Sasha Roiz,
    • Bitsie Tulloch,
    • Bree Turner,
    • Claire Coffee,
    • Kate Burton,
    • Madeline Brewer,
    • Chris McKenna,
    • Sasha Roiz

  • Additional Cast
    • Claire Coffee,
    • Bree Turner

The Story

Adalind and the captain hold a meeting on Adalind's progress with Hank. The captain insists that she must make Hank fall in love with her... even if that means helping it along with a little love potion. Adalind's confused to the reasons for seducing Hank when Nick's the one who poses a threat, but the captain insists that Hank is key. He hands her a vial of Hank's blood and tells her to make it happen.

Two Skalengecks, or lizard-like creatures, inhale an unusual drug through horn-like contraptions. Whatever the drug is, it's potent and sends the two men into a frenzy. After getting high, they grab their guns and make their way to the Grimm creature spice shop to rob more of the stash. They knock the shop owner to the ground and raid the basement, grabbing what they can before taking off.

Though the owner tries to fight off the robbers, he comes up short and gets shot dead. Nick and Hank later arrive on the scene and are left wondering why anyone would kill the owner of a tea and spice shop. They assume he must have been dealing under the table and decide to go through his inventory with a fine-tooth comb to see what they can come across.

Nick contacts the owner's next of kin, a woman named Rosalie. They bring her into the station to learn more, but Rosalie is unaware if her brother was dealing anything illegal. Upon her request, Nick escorts her to the spice shop to take care of business, and Rosalie, a Fuchsbau like her brother, discovers that Nick is a Grimm. While at first she's frightened, Nick insists that he didn't hurt her brother and won't hurt her either. He explains to Rosalie that whoever killed her brother was after something dangerous and of value in the Wesen community. Rosalie agrees to look through her brother's stash to help Nick find the substance and track down her brother's killer.

Meanwhile, Adalind bakes some very special cookies, including some secret ingredients. She surprises Hank by showing up on his doorstep with her baked goods in tow to thank Hank again for saving her life. Hank's flattered by the gesture and bites into the cookie, as Adeline instructs him to not give those cookies away... she made them just for him.

Nick has Monroe accompany him to the spice shop for some Wesen insider info; which spices would be worth murdering someone for in the Wesen community? Monroe comes across one in particular, a drug called "J." It's poisonous to humans, but for Wesen, it's like meth mixed with rat poison and helium. There are some hardcore recreational users; the stuff is highly addictive and extremely dangerous. Rosalie's surprised to find Nick with a Blutbad in tow, not quite understanding how Nick can be a cop and keep his Grimm identity under the radar.

The irrational robber/addicts decide to return to the spice shop to refresh their stash and are surprised to find Rosalie there. She manages to fight them off and make her escape, but she doesn't feel safe anymore (and for good reason). Nick offers police protection, but Rosalie requests that Monroe stay with her instead; it'd be nice to have someone around who understands her situation. After spending the night on the couch, Monroe accompanies Rosalie to the spice shop to help her with the continued investigation.

Adalind's love potion cookies start to take effect, as Hank begins having hallucinations of Adalind at crime scenes... and in his shower. When Officer Wu swipes one of Hank's cookies and heads over to the spice shop, he's in for a shock when he breaks out in horrible welts and passes out in front of Monroe and Rosalie. His condition worsens quickly, and Rosalie works with the spices to try to concoct an herbal remedy. Thankfully, her treatment works, and Nick helps them transport an unconscious Wu back to his apartment.

Rosalie reveals she used to be an addicted to "J" herself and leads Nick and Monroe to what's essentially a Wesen crack house, called "The Island of Dreams." Knowing that their suspects are low on drugs, they hope that this is the place to find them shacked up. Nick and Hank infiltrate the den and track down their suspects only to let them escape amidst gunfire and chaos. Monroe comes face to face with one outside and is held at gunpoint, but he is saved when Rosalie sneaks up from behind and knocks the man to the ground.

Later, Nick visits Officer Wu at his apartment to see how his recovery's coming along. Wu notes that he feels fine; he's just really hungry. After Nick leaves, Wu decides it's time for a snack; he opens up one of his couch cushions and begins eating the foam, seemingly unfazed!

Monroe arrives at the spice shop with flowers in hand to thank Rosalie for saving his life. Monroe's pleased to learn that Rosalie's decided to stay in town for a bit and keep the shop open; she'd forgotten how much she enjoys Portland. Monroe has a hard time hiding his excitement at this news; could Rosalie be staying for other reasons?

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