Greenleaf Episode 1.13 What Are You Doing Here?
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Greenleaf Episode 1.13 What Are You Doing Here?

Episode Premiere
Aug 31, 2016
Drama, Family, Mystery
Production Company
Lionsgate Television
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Aug 31, 2016
Drama, Family, Mystery
2016 - Now
Production Co
Lionsgate Television
Official Site
Clement Virgo
Craig Wright
Main Cast
  • Merle Dandridge
  • Keith David as Bishop James Greenleaf
  • Lynn Whitfield
  • Kim Hawthorne
  • Lamman Rucker
  • Tye White
  • Deborah Joy Winans
  • Desiree Ross
  • Oprah Winfrey as Mavis McCready
  • Gregory Alan Williams
  • Deji LaRay
  • Ben Patterson
Additional Cast
  • Jen Harper
  • Jason Dirden

Deacon Sykes (guest star Jen Harper) is not sold on the idea of Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) preaching at "women's day." Basie (guest star Jason Dirden) reveals he wants Jacob (Lamman Rucker) to run Triumph's new community center that will be built very near Calvary. Lady Mae confronts her sister Mavis (guest star Oprah Winfrey).

At the Women's Day event held by Calvary Fellowship World Ministries, Lady Mae delivers a sermon on the "virtuous woman." The speech goes awry, however, when her powerful words inadvertently get the audience to turn and applaud Grace, a sign that Lady Mae can no longer keep her daughter from taking the pulpit.

Meanwhile, the bishop's rival, Basie Skanks, reveals that he plans to have Jacob run Triumph's new community center, which will be built across the street from Calvary. Later, the bishop explains that he has an ulterior motive for allowing Jacob to join Basie's team.

Back at Mavis' blues bar, the family's black sheep reminisces about the bishop's personality before he started building the Calvary empire. Later, Lady Mae stops by to confront her sister. Mavis doesn't back down, though, and accuses her sister of looking the other way while Mac committed his heinous acts.

At Calvary, Grace prefaces her sermon by acknowledging Mac's crimes, with Lady Mae and the bishop soberly looking on. She calls for a moment of silence for the women Mac abused, including those who've spoken up and those who haven't, those who are still alive and those who, like her sister Faith, have passed. At last, she exhorts the congregation to speak out against such abuse, giving it no quarter within the community.

Across town, Mac is still pulling strings, trying to blackmail the bishop into coming to his defense. Mac's father hints that his son knows something about a church fire that claimed a caretaker's life--something he says was "no act of God."

Finally, Sophia leaves to spend the summer with her dad in Phoenix, Charity tells Kevin that she needs some time to herself, and Mac mysteriously shows up again at the Greenleaf mansion as if nothing happened.