Greenleaf Episode 1.06 Good Morning, Calvary
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Greenleaf Episode 1.06 Good Morning, Calvary

Episode Premiere
Jul 13, 2016
Drama, Family, Mystery
Production Company
Lionsgate Television
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Jul 13, 2016
Drama, Family, Mystery
2016 - Now
Production Co
Lionsgate Television
Official Site
Janice Cooke
Elizabeth Hunter
Main Cast
  • Merle Dandridge
  • Keith David as Bishop James Greenleaf
  • Lynn Whitfield
  • Kim Hawthorne
  • Lamman Rucker
  • Tye White
  • Deborah Joy Winans
  • Desiree Ross
  • Oprah Winfrey as Mavis McCready
  • Gregory Alan Williams
  • Deji LaRay
  • Ben Patterson
Additional Cast
  • Terri Abney

Despite protestations from both Grace (Merle Dandridge) and Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield), the bishop (Keith David) appoints Grace to preach on Sunday while he's visiting a sister church in Birmingham, Alabama. Grace is forced to deal with her conflicted feelings about returning to the pulpit, and Lady Mae must grapple with the notion that the bishop may be punishing her for Faith's (guest star Terri Abney, "Game of Silence") death.

Grace can't decide what she wants to preach about. After days of consulting friends and family and soul-searching, she decides to follow Zora's advice and print a sermon she finds on the internet--not exactly her style.

At Calvary, Grace leads a support group for sexually abused women and becomes concerned for a woman who is currently experiencing physical abuse at the hands of her husband. Later, she shows up in Grace's office with a black eye, children in tow. Grace helps her get set up at a hotel, but she later checks out without notifying Grace.

Elsewhere, Jacob (Lamman Rucker) plans to score a deal to broadcast the bishop's sermons on television, determined to get reinstated at Calvary. Things take an unexpected turn, though, when the executive he's courting takes a special liking to Kerissa (Kim Hawthrone).

Back at the Greenleaf estate, Lady Mae drops by Grace's room to warn her against using the stage on Sunday to punish her parents. Nearby, the bishop is meeting with Mavis to uncover the real reason Grace came back to Memphis.

Meanwhile, Charity (Deborah Joy Winans) finally decides to fire Calvary's music director, Nigel. She finds the perfect candidate in Carlton Cruise. When he reveals that he's gay, Charity has no problem with it. Kevin (Tye White), however, discourages her from making the hire, which forces him to confront his own conflicted feelings about his sexuality.

On Sunday, Grace ascends the pulpit, intending on delivering the canned sermon she found online. When she spots the woman from her support group sitting in the pews, however, she feels the Spirit move her, and she preaches from the heart--much to Lady Mae's chagrin.