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Episode 1.11 : The World Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

  • Go On
    • Episode Premiere : December 04, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, NBC
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/go-on/

Cast and Crew

The Story

The holidays are upon us and certain members of the group are more enthusiastic than others. Fausta, for instance, has set up an entire nativity scene while Yolanda has planned a holiday party for the group, set for December 21st, 2012. Mr. K dutifully reminds everyone the Mayan calendar finishes on the 21st, which will be when the apocalypse unleashes, so the group decides to turn it into a fusion holiday/end-of-the-world party. The party will begin at eight and end at midnight, when "this little rave we call existence" comes to a close, as Mr. K so valiantly puts it.

Anne arrives late to the group's meeting, in a fuss about a marble monstrosity that has been put up next to the grave of her deceased wife Patty, whom she visits every single day. She admits she could probably skip a visit or two, but she just doesn't know when she'll be ready. When Lauren asks everyone how they'd spend their last day on earth, Ryan brings up the story of legendary basketball coach Jimmy Valvano, who while dying, claimed that on a perfect last day one must laugh, think and cry. After the session, Lauren asks Ryan if he has any idea why Wyatt has been acting weird lately. Ryan suggests Wyatt may be ready to propose, sending Lauren into a fit of terrified giggles. There's no way she's ready for that, right?

While Christmas shopping, Sonia and Yolanda run into Wyatt, who has in fact just purchased an engagement ring for Lauren! When he asks the women to help him plan how he's going to pop the question, Sonia quickly agrees; this way they'll get to sabotage the whole thing. After all, a husband is a big time suck, as are kids, and the group needs Lauren's full attention. At the radio station, Steven's thinking of going to wine country this year; he and Ryan used to go with their ladies every year. Ryan agrees to come along because, let's be real, wine country is the most ideal place to laugh, think and especially cry. Steven's bringing his date Becca. Although Ryan has no love interest to bring, he has the perfect person in mind, someone who could benefit from the magic of wining.

Ryan and Steven roll into the cemetery in an enormous RV to pick up a reluctant Anne. It's Ryan's perfect last day, and he really wants Anne to come. Meanwhile, Mr. K calls Owen to the group room to write a song for the end of the world, ceremoniously handing him an acoustic guitar. Back at the mall, Yolanda and Sonia are prepping Wyatt for the perfect proposal. They tell him to tell Lauren that she's a little too fat and then suggest an open marriage. Hip to their game, Wyatt gets up to leave, believing they don't want to help because they dislike him. He loves Lauren and believes she deserves the most magical proposal ever. Yolanda and Sonia apologize, explaining they're just worried about losing her. Wyatt assures them that being married would never take Lauren away from the group. In fact, he plans to propose at the party tonight, in front of all of Lauren's friends.

Though they've made it to wine country, Anne can't help but feel guilty that she's not with Patty, who should be her priority every single day! Ryan assures her they should be living in the moment and having fun. The two proceed to get drunk. Meanwhile, Sonia and Yolanda continue to prep Wyatt for the proposal. Sonia demonstrates an impressive proposal; the girl's got it down pat. Later that night, the end-of-the-world party is in full swing. When Wyatt runs off for a second, Lauren confirms her worst fears; Wyatt's about to propose. Lauren immediately runs into the bathroom to call Ryan, who advises that if she doesn't know, she knows! She can't say yes if she's unsure; Lauren shouldn't be content to settle. She could have the perfect marriage, just like Ryan did.

When Ryan hangs up, Anne doubts the advice he's just bestowed upon Lauren. How can Ryan be so sure about Lauren's life? Didn't he have doubts before he got married? Ryan flashes back to the night Janie issued her engagement ultimatum: if they're not married within the year, Janie's moving on. Ryan realizes that before he got engaged, he wasn't sure either. Maybe Lauren's feeling the exact same thing, which is only normal. Ryan gives Lauren a call, but she's not picking up. Grabbing an intoxicated Steven and Becca, the foursome starts up the RV and heads to the party.

In the minutes before midnight, Mr. K prepares to premiere the song he wrote with Owen. When he realizes Anne and Ryan aren't there, he postpones the performance, telling everyone that he needs to be with all the people he loves (and Yolanda) in order to truly be at peace when the world ends. Outside, Wyatt proposes to Lauren over the grinding sounds of a malfunctioning snow machine he tried to set up, knowing how much Lauren loves snow. Touched, Lauren happily accepts his proposal. Just as they're announcing it the group, Ryan and crew rush in. Ryan immediately takes Lauren outside, trying to right his wrong - until he realizes she's already wearing an engagement ring. He's happy for her and assures her it's normal to be terrified. Janie practically dragged him kicking and screaming into an amazing life.

With one minute left until midnight, the group circles around and holds hands. Any last sentiments? Danny admits that he's in love with someone here! 3...2...1. The apocalypse doesn't come, but a fresh batch of fake snow falls gently down on the group as the machine finally kicks into gear. Anne thanks Ryan for keeping her out of a sad place for an entire day. She assures him that he's a good man, and Janie was smart to nail him down. As Ryan wells up, Anne congratulates him on doing Jimmy V proud. On his "last" day, Ryan laughed, thought and cried.






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