Go On

Episode 1.06 : Big League Chew

  • Go On
    • Episode Premiere : October 09, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, NBC
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/go-on/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Ryan runs into Lauren at a restaurant, and although she's alone, she's clearly on a date. Ryan begins to pry, and the situation becomes even more awkward when the whole group walks in, having chosen this restaurant for their monthly outing. Lauren introduces her boyfriend Wyatt, and the tension quickly escalates when Yolanda and Sonia start imagining Lauren in sexual situations. Freaked out, Lauren announces that she and Wyatt are heading to another restaurant. But before they go, Wyatt names every member of the group. Clearly, Lauren talks about them all the time.

Anne and Ryan are walking to a group meeting when a muscle car squeals up. Danny's wife's boyfriend Hector rudely boots Danny out of the car. Regardless, Danny doesn't seem to mind; Hector's been driving him around since he totaled his truck. Before Lauren arrives, the group calls Ryan out at the snack table: he's grief eating. They've all been through it. When Lauren arrives to hear them talking about grief eating, she reveals her nearly sexual obsession with Snickers. It's not long before the group lays into her about telling Wyatt about them. Since turnabout is fair play, Lauren agrees to bring Wyatt to a session to divulge dirt on her, but only if the group promises not to be weird. They do not.

After dropping Danny off at home, Ryan asks how he copes, living with Hector and his wife. Danny describes the happy, peaceful and safe place he seeks refuge when he's feeling low. It's a place where no one locks their doors at night, and ladies dress up to go to the five and dime: Harborville. This imaginary town is fully realized with a population of 700, and Danny knows them all. Ryan thinks it sounds a tad obsessive, but Danny assures him Harborville is a coping mechanism that works. Just then Hector steps up to harangue Danny - they're out of beer. When he gives Ryan the thumbs up on his show, Ryan asks, "Why are all my fans gross?" In the meantime, Danny seems like he's in a trance, having floated away to Harborville.

On the air, Ryan eats so much while talking that Carrie has to explain that he can't be understood. This insight bounces right off. At the next meeting, Ryan is devastated to learn the group has replaced the snack table with a hug table. Ryan denies he has a problem; but the group heard his show, and they know he's in denial. In response, Ryan announces that, as of this moment, he's going on a subsistence diet, and starting a regimen of cycling, which includes Lycra. Wyatt shows up and reveals a ton of dirt on Lauren, fitting right into the group dynamic. Lauren is mortified. After Wyatt leaves, the group asks why Lauren hasn't married Wyatt after three years of living together. She seems more passionate about Snickers than Wyatt! Like Ryan, Lauren denies her issue and leaves.

Outside the group meeting, Ryan confronts Danny about his own denial and suggests giving up Harborville. After all, Ryan's giving up his emotional eating, and embarking on the most intense bike ride of his life. With the best of intentions, Ryan dons a Lycra biking outfit and gets on his bike, but he only gets as far as his local liquor store. He's just attacking the snack aisle when George walks in and, despite his blindness, catches Ryan amidst his binge. When Ryan admits he can't stop grief eating, George allows that he just might not be ready yet. Ryan should bike home and expect a visit from the group later tonight.

That night, Lauren is sitting up while Wyatt goes to sleep, thinking about what the group said to her. Across town, Ryan's doorbell rings and the group files in with their go-to grief foods, including a Kit Kat lasagna. They're all going to eat together and eat until they can't eat anymore - it's calorie aversion therapy! Overfull, Ryan is relieved when the doorbell rings. Lauren wants to show off photos that prove she's in love with Wyatt. Saying the group overstepped, Anne herds them back inside, but Ryan won't back off. When Lauren asks how she's supposed to know she's in love, Ryan replies, "When you don't know, you know. You know?"

The next morning Danny shows his new personality, all aggression on the outside. Danny tells Ryan that he's come to terms with his terrible life, and yes, Harborville is a pathetic delusion. But Ryan has backed off his former skepticism and asks to hear more about Harborville. Danny agrees, but on one condition: first they have to sledgehammer Hector's car.

At another session, Lauren congratulates Ryan for getting a handle on his grief eating. Would he like to share how he got control of his habits? Blissed out, Ryan doesn't answer, because he's not there. He's in Harborville.






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