The Gates Episode 1.09 Identity Crisis
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The Gates Episode 1.09 Identity Crisis

Episode Premiere
Aug 22, 2010
Drama, Crime
Production Company
Fox TV Studios
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Aug 22, 2010
Drama, Crime
2010 - 2010
Production Co
Fox TV Studios
Official Site
Steve Miner
Scott Nimerfro
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • McKaley Miller
  • Georgia Cole
  • James Preston
  • Devyn Tyler
  • Linden Ashby
  • Paul Blackthorn
  • Rachel DiPillo
  • Andrew Sensening
  • Kim Wall
  • Jon Davis

Special Agent Kat Russo of the FBI believes the target of a federal investigation is living inside The Gates. Robert Jessup is accused of financial fraud. He's a model, low-profile citizen who is currently off-property. Nick and Russo check out Jessup's house. It's filled with fake passports, a copy machine and photos of numerous members of the community, including Dylan and Claire Radcliffe.

Jessup is a facilitator in the identity transfer and relocation of vampires. Leigh has trouble cracking the encryption code attached to his computer files. Well, not really. She can get in there, but doesn't do so until Agent Russo exits the area. Leigh scrolls down Jessup's confidential email list, deleting a bunch of messages along the way, including the ones that bear her name.

Jessup has a flash drive containing the old and new identities of every vampire he's ever helped. There are over 10,000 names on it. Ben McAllister says the vampires can't let Russo live if she gets hold of the drive. So, in order to save her life, Nick must get to it first. He tricks a bank manager to gain access to the safe where he quickly snags the drive. Too bad Special Agent Russo is there to snag Nick and place him under arrest.

Russo has the flash drive. That's all she wants, so she won't make waves with Nick. Leigh confesses that, though she's not a vampire, she came to The Gates to start over. Her name is on the flash drive. Nick begs to differ since he switched the drive with a phony one. That's most fortunate since a background check reveals that Special Agent Kat Russo was engaged to Robert Jessup. Oh, and she's also been dead for two years.

Robert Jessup returns home where he's visited by his ex-fiancée. Kat's still super-ticked at the man who turned her into a vampire. She's determined to kill him for what he did. Then she plans to kill every vampire listed on the flash drive. These two ex-lovers get into a violent, sword-wielding fight which leaves Jessup dead and Russo off to find the guy who slipped her the bogus flash drive -- Chief Nick Monohan.

When Russo enters the station, Nick says, "I give you this flash drive and I can't protect you." He may be right. As Russo drives down a quiet road, a car pulls alongside her. She doesn't notice those inside. But we can see Ben McAllister in the backseat. He holds a case on top of his lap containing some large, pointed objects. We don't know exactly what they are, but they sure look like they could hurt a wayward vampire.

Lexie appears to have a hidden animal attraction for the new leader of the teen wolf pack. But Lukas says, "Brett's never gonna give up on Andie. That's just how it is." So, Lexie looks to initiate a little rift between Brett and Andie by setting her sights on Charlie. She takes him to the gravesite of her twin sister, Charlotte, who died the day Lexie was born. Odd place for a first date, but Charlie doesn't seem to mind.

Devon uses Devil's Weed to help cure a woman's cancer, so Mia swipes the forbidden herbs for her BFF.

Meanwhile, Brett offers his affections to an extremely weak Andie. A passionate kiss causes Brett to collapse, though he recovers quickly. And Andie is remarkably rejuvenated, though her heart still hurts. This prompts Mia to give her the Devil's Weed which prompts Andie to seek out Charlie. Unfortunately, she finds him as he's sucking face with Lexie. Ouch.

Christian broke the bond between Dylan and Claire. Since then, they've become extremely distant toward each other with Emily getting caught in the middle. Dylan suggests that he and Claire spend some time apart. When they go upstairs to break the news to Emily, they are horrified to see that she's not in her bed. No, their daughter is currently being driven away by a man she trusts. A man she affectionately calls Uncle Christian.