The Gates

Episode 1.07 : Digging the Dirt

  • The Gates
    • Episode Premiere : August 08, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2010
    • Production Company: Fox TV Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Sarah Monohan throws a little pool party for The Real Housewives of The Gates. Leigh says, "Watching stressed-out trophy wives get catty with underfed divorcees...who doesn't love that?" Sarah's bikini-clad bash is an attempt to quash the cliques that run rampant in her community. She convinces Claire Radcliff to try to make nice with Karen Crezski, but all bets are off when Devon shows up. Claire makes a hasty exit and Karen accidentally/on purpose knocks Devon into the pool. Hey, what's a party without a little dip?

Later, Sarah stops by the spa to enjoy a cup of Devon's special tea. It's tasty, soothing and has hypnotic power. No word if it's decaf. When Karen sees what kind of influence Devon is having on Sarah, she actually asks Claire for help.

The two rivals join forces to let Sarah know that things that seem too good to be true usually are, especially when they involve Devon. But they may be too late, as Sarah is totally hooked on that tasty tea.

Devon makes an Internet date with a guy who goes by the name BeastlyBoy. He likes cooking, gardening and, we're assuming, full moons, as he's a werewolf. Devon quickly seduces BeastlyBoy and adds a little something to his bubble bath that leaves him completely incapacitated. Devon then pushes him under the water, drowning him so that she may steal his werewolf eyes. This is a prime example of the dangers of online dating. Later, Devon draws some blood from her hand to smear lines across what looks like a map of The Gates. Creepy.

Andie is experiencing some nasty side effects from the pills Dr. Peg provided, so she flushes them down the toilet. Brett knows something is up and tries to confront Andie. This leads to a hallway brawl with Charlie, who gets a swell shiner thanks to Brett's wolf-powered right hook. Blue veins grow on Andie's back as she tries to comfort Charlie. When Brett sees this, he knows that Andie is different like him. He reveals his wolf side to her. They seem to be bonding over their unique situations and all Charlie can do is watch from the sidelines.

Nick asks Dylan to help him dig up some dirt on Frank Buckley. W.R. Harrison, the developer who cofounded The Gates, died under mysterious circumstances. A visit to Buckley's longtime CFO, Lloyd Foster, shows that there was no real financial benefit to be gained from Harrison's death. Foster suggests that Harrison and Buckley argued over the latter's affair with Vanessa, as the former was quite fond of Devon. Whatever the issue, Harrison was so distressed that he threatened to shut down The Gates.

Nick and Dylan find the empty office that's being used to funnel large monthly payments from Harrison's estate. Since vampires never age, Dylan says they have to reinvent themselves every so often by creating new identities. However, they don't want to lose the money they accumulated in their old ones. There's only one way to test a theory that Harrison is a vampire trying to hold onto his cash. They have to dig up his grave to check for a body. Anybody got a shovel?

A late-night trip to the cemetery finds a still-dead Harrison rotting in his coffin. Nick notices an impact wound on the back of the skull even though Harrison supposedly fell to his death by accident. Foster even said they found him face-down at the bottom of the steps. Of course, that information was never made public.

Nick knows Foster is the killer and sets up a video sting to catch him destroying evidence, but Frank Buckley shows up unexpectedly. BANG! Foster shoots Buckley in the chest. He pours lighter fluid all over Buckley and the evidence. Nick storms in before the fire can be set. He cuffs Foster and sends Buckley off in an ambulance.

Frank Buckley knows Nick would have been free to leave The Gates had he died. For that reason, he says he will no longer try to stop Nick from doing just that. Back at the station, Vanessa tells Nick that she's the reason Frank tries so hard to keep the secrets of their community. She's a vampire. Everything her hubby does is for her. Everything is done out of love.

Vanessa's heartfelt speech suggests that perhaps vampires aren't really monsters. Perhaps they are just people with unique differences and difficult histories who need his help. Maybe this is where he's meant to be. You know, maybe she's right.






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