The Gates Episode 1.04 The Monster Within
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The Gates Episode 1.04 The Monster Within

Episode Premiere
Jul 18, 2010
Drama, Crime
Production Company
Fox TV Studios
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Jul 18, 2010
Drama, Crime
2010 - 2010
Production Co
Fox TV Studios
Official Site
Paul Edwards
Gabrielle Stanton
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • McKaley Miller
  • Georgia Cole
  • James Preston
  • Roger Cross
  • Shannon Lucio
  • Kyle Secor
  • Paul Blackthorne
  • Rachel DiPillo
  • Matt Martin
  • Barbara Alyn Woods
  • Stacey Turner

In the dark woods outside The Gates, a hunter takes aim with his rifle. BANG! A wild wolf has been shot. Only it's not a wolf. It's Lukas Ford. He lies wounded in the field as the hunter closes in for the kill. But the hunter quickly becomes the hunted when another wolf springs from the darkness, tearing him to shreds. We see that the wolf in question is Brett. He's back in his human form kneeling over the body of the man he just killed.

Brett and another runner, Lexie, bring Lukas to Coach Ross. In addition to heading up the academy football team, Coach Ross is Pack Beta. In other words, he's a top wolf. The kids keep mum about the dead poacher, but Brett needs to dispose of the body. He heads out to the woods only to discover the hunter is gone and the police are investigating his disappearance. Blood spatters are found in the area along with a Gates Academy shirt.

Coach Ross knew that Brett was hiding something. He's the one who moved the hunter's body, which is later found miles away at Franklin Park. The coach is furious with Brett and boots him off the football team. Later, an angry Brett wants Lexie to run with him. She refuses, saying no one runs without Lukas. That argument doesn't fly with Brett as this lone wolf takes off into the woods.

It's the day of the annual Father-Daughter dance. It's also the one year anniversary of the night Nick Monohan shot and killed an unarmed man during his time as a Chicago cop. Nick reluctantly agrees to double date with Dylan Radcliff and his daughter, as his gut has always told him there's something off with the guy.

Nick reveals a secret he's been keeping. He admits to Sarah that it wasn't self-defense when he shot that man in Chicago. The guy was a rapist and a murderer, but Nick knew the D.A. didn't have enough to prosecute.

The killer was going to walk. Nick couldn't let that happen. He says, "He was a monster. And now I don't know if I'm any different."

Andie and Charlie sneak into a broom closet for a little make-out session before algebra class. Hey, it's more fun than math, right? Unfortunately, Andie's kisses have a knee-buckling affect on Charlie. He passes out in the middle of his classroom. Peg diagnoses him with mono, though she knows the boy's collapse stems from Andie's succubus ways. She pleads with Thomas to tell his daughter the truth, which he eventually does.

Claire sneaks off with Christian to feast on another unsuspecting blood donor. But the woman Christian has locked in his tractor beam is Barbara, the biggest gossip girl in The Gates. Claire quickly puts the kibosh on this evening's bloodletting. Now she has to worry about Barbara spreading rumors and tattling to her hubby.

With Marcus covering for Nick at the station, Teresa volunteers for photographer duties at the Father-Daughter dance. The fact that she's packing a gun in her camera bag leads us to believe she's had experience shooting more than just pictures. A heartfelt phone call with Marcus reveals that she's had to deal with an enormous amount of pain in the past. But we still don't know where that pain comes from.

Everyone seems to be having a great time at the big dance. Even Nick and Dylan are getting along, bonding over their mutual desire to do whatever it takes to protect their families. As the end of the dance draws near, photographer Teresa packs her bag and heads for home. She tells Nick that Marcus is picking her up and he has a quick question for the Chief. So, Nick follows Teresa outside.

Remember that gun Teresa had in her camera bag? Well, now it's in her hand and she's aiming it at Nick. On the one-year anniversary of the night Nick killed a man, he's come face to face with the guy's vengeful sister. Teresa used Marcus to get into The Gates and close to the man who murdered her brother. As Teresa leads Nick into the woods, she explains that she came here not just to kill him, but to kill his entire family as well.

Just as Teresa is ready to pull the trigger, a figure springs from the darkness. It's Dylan. He's on top of Teresa, plunging his fangs into her neck. Teresa is dead and Nick is bewildered. Dylan pleads with him to find their daughters while he takes care of Teresa's body. Thoroughly confused, Nick asks, "What are you?" With blood dripping down his mouth, Dylan says, "You know exactly what I am."