The Gates

Episode 1.03 : Breach

  • The Gates
    • Episode Premiere : July 11, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2010
    • Production Company: Fox TV Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Terry McDonough
  • Screenwriter Richard Hatem
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Victoria Platt,
    • James Preston,
    • Devyn Tyler,
    • Shannon Lucio,
    • Linden Ashby,
    • Andrea Powell,
    • Paul Blackthorne,
    • Jason Davis,
    • Rachel DiPillo,
    • Kendrick Cross,
    • Kym Jackson,
    • Chris Jensen,
    • Catherine Dyer

The Story

The policy at The Gates is that the police cannot enter a house without owner permission. But when a silent alarm is tripped at the McAllister home, Nick Monohan can't wait for an invitation. He and Marcus storm inside to find the supposed-to-be-vacationing Mr. McAllister in the kitchen. Nick apologizes for the confusion before leaving. He doesn't see the cowering woman behind the counter, a pool of blood beside her on the floor.

Andie is still conflicted over the two young men in her life. BFF Mia asks, "Who ya hiding from? The guy who told you he loves you or the guy you made out with in the woods?" Uh, both. Mia helps Andie realize that she must decide how she feels about Brett, so she sends him a text. Brett misses the incoming message, as he was busy running with Lukas and a few other wolves in teens' clothing. He had to clear his head after finding out that Andie kissed Charlie. That Lukas Ford can be such a gossip.

Claire offers to cook dinner for a couple of clients Dylan needs to impress. While shopping at the market, she bumps into Christian Harper, a fellow bloodsucker from her pre-Gates days. As they reminisce, we can see Claire still has a thirst for blood that hasn't been bagged in her hubby's lab. When she sees Christian sucking the AB-Negative out of a woman in an alley, Claire can't resist joining him for a bite.

Somebody hacked into the security system to trigger the McAllister alarm. Since the system is isolated, the breach was initiated by someone inside The Gates. Dozens of bogus alarms go off simultaneously followed by the station being flooded with calls from real robbery victims. The homes that are hit belong to families that were attending the high school football game. Nick says, "I want cameras up, lights on, gates shut. I want every car checked thoroughly. I'm ordering a full lockdown of The Gates."

When the teen wolves realize they are locked out of the community, Brett impressively leaps over the wall to let the others inside. A glimpse of a varsity football jacket is caught on a security camera. Brett's mom, Karen Crezski, assures Nick that her son was at the football game. The coach, however, says otherwise. Brett admits he skipped the game but has an alibi for the robberies. He says he was riding bikes with some friends and they were seen by the school's history teacher, Mr. Abernathy.

Karen is most upset with her son. She says, "I will not let what happened to your father and Jeremy happen to you." Later, Karen explains to Sarah that Brett's dad and brother were killed in a hunting accident. Now, any reasonable person would assume they were the hunters. But we know they were actually the hunted. In other words, they were wolves when they were shot. No wonder Karen wants her boy to steer clear of the woods.

When Brett finally meets up with Andie, she tells him that it's over between them. Andie is now free to follow her heart, which is leading her to Charlie. As for Brett, he's finding solace with Lukas and the others. He told his mom that before was the first time he'd run with this furry, fangy group. We now know that it won't be the last.

Leigh's guest house was hit during the break-ins and something very valuable was stolen. She's wary of Teresa upon discovering that this new girl has moved in with Marcus after only dating him a week. Leigh puts her suspicions on hold when Peg shows up with some meds to ease her pain. What pain, you ask? We have no idea. But being separated from whatever was swiped from Leigh's house seems to be the cause.

When Brett's alibi checks out, Nick wonders why a history teacher would be hanging out where kids ride their bikes. The numerous delivery drop boxes in the area provide the answer. Abernathy robbed the houses and then mailed the merchandise to himself to avoid being caught with the stolen goods. It seems Mr. Abernathy also taught computer science, which is how he was able to hack into The Gates' security system. Busted!

While cataloguing the recovered property, Leigh finds the small box that was stolen from her place. Whatever was inside is missing. When Mr. Abernathy makes bail, he returns home to find Leigh waiting for him. Abernathy promises to take the secrets he learned to the grave. Unfortunately for him, Leigh has to make sure of that. BANG! BANG! Leigh shoots Abernathy dead. We have no idea what's in that box. But whatever it is, it's obviously something to die for.






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