Dancing with the Stars Episode 8.12
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Dancing with the Stars Episode 8.12

Episode Premiere
Apr 20, 2009
Reality, Music
Production Company
BBC Worldwide
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Episode Premiere
Apr 20, 2009
Reality, Music
2005 - now
Production Co
BBC Worldwide
Official Site
Main Cast
  • Tom Bergeron
  • Carrie Ann Inaba
  • Len Goodman
  • Bruno Tonioli
  • Erin Andrews as Herself - Host
  • Brooke Burke as Herself - Host / Herself / Herself - Audience Member
  • Samantha Harris

Week 7 of Dancing with the Stars brings us unlearned numbers and a groovy 1960s group dance. Who made a comeback and who finally had a breakthrough? Find out below.

We're over the hump, y'all! I don't know about you, but I'm relieved. It's down to the wire now. This week, we have unlearned dances, and because we need to pad time to fill up 90 minutes, we also have a group dance. I actually like the group dance (though I've only seen two: Season 4's group swing and Season 5's group rock 'n' roll, in which Marie Osmond ran around searching for Jonathan Roberts like the lost little girl she is), so I am looking forward to this 1960s number. But who cares about dance when we know it's all about the clothes... which the celebrities designed this week. And uh, no, LT was not kidding when he said he wanted to cover up Edyta. She looks like a Siberian ice queen with that faux fur.

As an added bonus for all of you, we are featuring fallen Season 8 contestant Nancy O'Dell's take on all the dances and her predictions. If you've frequented the Dancing blog, you may have seen her general thoughts on the season already, but as we get down to the wire, it's time to get more specific too.

Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani: Argentine Tango

Melissa needs to be a maneater, but doesn't know how to. What does Tony do? Take her to Wisteria Lane, naturally! Synergy! Too bad Edie's dead. They meet up with Teri Hatcher... who is a really great actress, Melissa says. No comment. Costume-wise, Melissa clearly concentrated more on herself than she did on Tony. What's with the red line on the stockings? Is that where we're supposed to peel? It looks like one of those perforated lines on packaged gum. Anyway, this song is giving me a sonic headache, but it doesn't seem to be affecting them. Melissa's legs look awesome, red line and all, with its sharp and acute lines. I don't really feel the maneater-ness, just like how I didn't feel any chemistry in their rumba last week. It's a good performance, but not a great one. Len loves the lifts, but saw a blunder. Bruno calls it the revenge of the maneater. Carrie Ann calls it by far the best Argentine tango she's ever seen. Uh, what?!? Do the names Gilles and Cheryl mean anything to you? How soon we forget.

Score: 29

Nancy says: They were amazing. She had a bruised rib, so to be able to that is fantastic. Her legs were gorgeous. I was afraid they were going to tell her she had too much ballet in there because a lot of the leg stuff looked like stuff you'd learn in ballet. But they didn't so that was good. Tony did an amazing job with the choreography; it was beautiful.

Lawrence Taylor & Edyta Sliwinska: Waltz

LT's not all doom-and-gloom anymore, but he still ain't no dancing machine. He's got the waltz and needs to "get his smooth on." And that he does. I guess Warren did dislodge something from his you-know-what last week. He's graceful and is exuding an ocean of calm with this waltz. Can it be? LT has finally, finally let his inhibitions go? Looks like it. Even Steve-O and the Woz are impressed (Steve-O outed Woz's weekly visits). Unfortunately, LT stumbles in the middle and Edyta's dress gets caught over her face. See, guys. This is why she wears nothing - clothes can be dangerous! Speaking of the dress, it is gorgeous. LT has a new career if he ever gets sick of golf. Bruno says he got the romance right, but calls him out on his fall. Carrie Ann loves his easiness on the floor and is majorly jealous of the dress. Len lists, like, 11 things wrong with the dance, but still loves it. Backstage, Sam wants to know how his performance last week "eltered" his attitude.

Score: 21

Nancy says: I liked it, but he's probably going to be the one that's in trouble. That was funny with her dress!

Lil Kim & Derek Hough: Rumba

Kim's aiming for the perfect 30. That may be a problem because she associates the rumba with "ay caramba." Derek needs to tone down the sexiness for Len and come up with the perfect choreography. He's such a great fake crier! The dance looks nice, but it doesn't feel like a rumba to me. This looks too sweet, even sweeter than Shawn's. Go figure. The moves also look strained and rather awkward at times. Kim still brings it with the leg extensions, but where's the heat? The sensuality? I guess in Chuck and Julianne's room. Carrie Ann finds it too understated and underwhelming. Len doesn't want them to try to please him, but still adores it. Bruno misses the roach, I mean, raunch, in Lil Kim because then it's like a margarita without tequila. I need a drink too. Sigh

Score: 26

Nancy says: She's so used to shaking her hips and the dress she wore was designed to disguise her hips so you couldn't tell if she was shaking it too much. It was a little bit confusing because last week Len did say to subdue it a little bit. But this week, they're like, "No, be who you are." That could confuse a girl! Which one do you want? I think she'll be fine though. She's so cute with her laugh. She'll laugh and get through.

Chuck Wicks & Julianne Hough: Samba

Chuck knows at this point it's all about the fans since his scores aren't reflecting the generous comments he's getting, so he goes schmoozing in Alabama. It's a Dancing swing state, I guess. There's too much red going on here. Chuck, trying to look like a red-hot tamale doesn't mean you are one. Wearing The Hef's silk PJs don't help either. And the dance?  It's actually not bad, if you try to get the image of him grabbing Julianne's boobs at the beginning out of your head (or maybe you shouldn't). Chuck's hips are a helluva lot looser and he's way more in sync with Jules than he's ever been before. However, the samba itself does seem a beat slower. Don't cheat, man. Len likes it a lot and thinks it's his best dance to date. Bruno thinks he wants it so badly. And how badly do you want it, Bruno? Carrie Ann can't sit down. Sam loves "Schtuck."

Score: 27

Nancy says: My standout was Chuck. I thought he was really good. He didn't seem nervous. He looked really good so I have to congratulate him on that. I want them to stay in so they stay together as a couple, or it may be too traumatizing for them.

Ty Murray & Chelsie Hightower: Waltz

Ty's excited for a ballroom dance because he gets to hold on again and he kicks ass at that. But he can't get romantic with Chelsie, so Jewel comes in to tell some romantic stories, like how Ty randomly picked and gave her wildflowers. Swoon! Ty dedicates the dance to his wife - and what a good one it is. Ty's back, guys! He is the perfect gentleman for the ballroom. He's got the wonderful holds, the straight posture, the light steps and the completely winsome personality. Think back to last week and how brutal that jive was. And now look at this affectionate waltz. Night vs. day. He just needs to stay away from Latin, that's all. Bruno thinks this a bigger comeback than Mickey Rourke's. The cowboy trumps The Wrestler! Ty stares blankly. You know the only Mickey he knows is the mouse... and Rooney, only because he was there a few weeks ago. Carrie Ann loves the posture and is glad her dancer's back. Len says it has more rises and falls than a bride's nightie.

Score: 24

Nancy says: He was so cute. He's so likeable because there seems to be nothing fake about him at all. What you see is what you get. The Latin dances are hard for him because they're so in-your-face and he doesn't seem like an in-your-face type of guy. He was good. He didn't look awkward or anything.

Shawn Johnson & Mark Ballas: Cha-cha

Shawn spent the past week picking up awards and has missed rehearsal for the group dance. She and Mark have to practice at night, with Mark's scruff, and she's not picking up steps as quickly as she used to. You could never tell with this. Shawn's cha-cha isn't as flashy as past ones (aka the approximately 14 cha-chas I've seen in my life), but it's fun and lively - a playful romp, if you will. Her lines are, of course, neat and tidy. Mark's Jacko costume, by the way, is the best example of proper use of a Bedazzler. Carrie Ann thinks she came alive! She has been for 17 years. Len thinks she mixed rhythm and sharpness perfectly. Bruno confuses Shawn with the devil. (It's a good thing.)

Score: 28

Nancy says: She looked amazing. She got a 10! If I had to pick a routine that stood out, it would be Shawn, Melissa and Chuck.

Gilles Marini & Cheryl Burke: Viennese Waltz

No more frenetic dances for Gilles. He's got to get calm for this, so he does some synchronized swimming in someone's backyard. And a cannonball. Gilles looks like he just took an Ambien and is not into this at all. Don't turn it completely off, man! The dance is exquisite and definitely quiet. Gilles' technique is still there, but I think it's missing some oomph, kind of like Lil Kim's. Or maybe I'm just too used to his frenzied numbers. Or maybe he's still trying to cope with Steve-O's absence. Len loves the romance and rotation. Bruno thinks he's watching Gigi. Carrie Ann says he's the most graceful dancer she's seen, but wants him to watch his posture.

Score: 27

Nancy says: He was great. He just looks like a professional dancer no matter what he does. He had to tone down the sexuality of the Latin dances, but he still did pretty well.

It's time for the group rehearsal footage - sans Shawn, but plus a cardboard cutout Shawn! Even better! Choreographer Christian Perry's turned back time to the '60s, and Ty went with him... all the way to Woodstock. Groovy, indeed. Did anyone mistake him for Ozzy Osbourne at first? C'mon, raise your hand. LT can't get into the clown move and wants Steve-O's number. For the first time, the celebs are going to get some solo time in the spotlight without the pros. Each pair must also come up with their own '60s moves. What's next? Choreograph the routine yourself next season? Ty and Chelsie play to their, or more like his, strengths to create "the groove rider." Think about it.

We have to fade to black and white for this number at first. Because just dressing in black and white is not enough - especially not for wigged-out Chuck. As Bruno says, "First it starts out with a wig, next is a frock." Heh. And I, too, have the urge to watch Scooby Doo now, Tom. This is kind of boring. Ty's a bit slow and there are way too many swimming moves. I'm having visions of That Thing You Do!. They also need to stop with the flipping the girl and having her hold onto the guy's legs move. (Yes, that is the best I can describe it.) Overall, it's silly, frilly and jolly, which is what the '60s were, right? Part of them, at least. I only have two other group dances to which I can measure this one, and I'll place this second, behind the aforementioned swing and about 43 pegs ahead of the Osmond-ized rock 'n' roll.

Nancy says: It was good, but I sit there going, "Oh my God! That is a lot to learn." I'm like 5'10" and I'm going, "If that were me and Tony and I were sitting on top of his shoulders - how do you get up so quickly like that?" My goodness! My legs would be wrapped around his head and stuff. That didn't sound nice! You just wonder how they pull that off altogether. That's a lot of work and memorization.

Nancy's predictions:

I had Steve-O first last week and then changed it to LT last week. You should always go with your gut! I think it's LT this week. Maybe the dance-off is over now. I guess when you have to few people left, a bottom two would be too revealing and you could probably guess who's going to go next week. I don't know who else would be in the bottom two though. The only people left are Chuck, Ty and Lawrence, and I don't think it would be Chuck after last night. I don't think it would be Ty either because he's so likeable. Based on the dances, it would be LT and Ty.