Cougar Town

Episode 2.03 : Makin' Some Noise

  • Cougar Town
    • Episode Premiere : October 06, 2010
    • Distributor : TBS
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, Coquette Prod., Doozer Prod.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jules is suffering from empty nest syndrome now that Travis has gone off to college. She hears strange noises during the night. Fortunately, she's licensed to carry a large, wooden spoon for protection. We know it doesn't sound very threatening, but it does leave a shiny raised red mark when Jules thwacks Andy atop the head.

In order to keep her promise of being less clingy, Jules made a "one phone call per week" deal with Travis. Grayson realizes that he's become the recipient of all the attention Jules used to shower on her son. Her first order of business is to buy Grayson some tighter jeans. She also likes the way he looks in glasses, so she gets him specs. This turn of events inspires Grayson to work on a new tune tentatively titled I'm in Hell.

Jules suggests she and Grayson jam together. She's always wanted to jam in her own personal jam room. Plus she likes saying jam. Grayson looks to divert her attention by claiming that a few of his DVDs were stolen by an intruder. That's all Jules needs to hear. She ropes the entire cul-de-sac crew into a neighborhood watch program. Jules intends to "take back the sac!" First order of business is to create a new slogan.

The neighborhood watch program is way boring until the gang starts downing some drinks from odd neighbor Tom's family winery. Actually, the entire winery is closer than they could have guessed. Jules and company catch sight of their bare-footed neighbor stomping grapes in his garage. You'd think that would motivate them to dump the homemade Tom Wine. Nah. Alcohol is sterile. Jules toasts, "To sweaty foot wine!" CLINK! Neighborhood watch sucked, but "wine and spy" rocks!

Laurie vows revenge after Ellie humiliates her yet again. Is Ellie worried? Nah. She's too busy trying to keep new nanny, Rosa, in line. The key is to make their relationship purely professional. Unfortunately, Rosa is looking be Ellie's BFF. Laurie warns that she better buddy up with the nanny if she doesn't want Rosa to take things out on baby Stan. Looks like Ellie will have to suffer through tea and Scrabble with the nanny.

Ellie rides the fake friendship train until it completely derails. She tells Rosa that she doesn't want to be buddies. This is news to the nanny. Rosa says that Ellie's best friend told her the last nanny was fired because she kept things too professional. The best friend she speaks of is actually Laurie. Looks like she got her revenge!

Travis plans to reinvent himself in college by becoming a quiet bad ass like Harry Potter. His roommate, Kevin, must not be into wizard lit because he decides to nickname Travis "Square Head." Trav calls his dad for some advice. Moments later, Bobby's cruising onto campus at 11 miles per hour in his golf cart to save his son from a college life of obscurity. And wherever Bobby goes, Andy is sure to follow.

Bobby, Andy and Square Head take part in a rousing game of Frisbee football. It's Trav's first step toward gaining a little respect from roomie Kevin. But now Travis is known for being cool Bobby Cobb's son. It's better than Square Head, but still not what he wants. Travis calls his mom for advice.

Jules is thrilled to help especially after she becomes savvy to Grayson's attention-diversion plan. She rushes over to the school. This leads Ellie and Laurie to lay into Grayson for letting her go after he knew she was trying to give Travis his space. If he's truly going to be there for Jules, he's gotta embrace the crazy.

Grayson heads over to the college dorms. He tells Travis that it's no biggie to call his mom more than once a week. He also lets Bobby know that this is Trav's school, not his. Bobby knows this is true. He says goodbye but not before framing his son for the theft of the campus security guard's golf cart. Just like that, Square Head is looking a little more like that quiet bad ass Harry Potter.

As for Jules, Grayson has a special surprise for her back at home. He's set up a personal jam room in her son's old sleeping quarters. This leads to a rockin' good time in the neighborhood!

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