Cougar Town

Episode 1.05 : You Wreck Me

  • Cougar Town
    • Episode Premiere : October 21, 2009
    • Distributor : TBS
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, Coquette Prod., Doozer Prod.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jules wants Bobby to make something more of his life. He's been giving golf lessons at public course but has the potential to become a fulltime teacher at a nice country club. The problem is that Bobby doesn't want to leave the historic place where he set the course record. There's even a plaque hanging below the restroom sign. It's nice. Bronze.

Jules tells her paper buddy Grayson that he should start playing golf with Bobby. She thinks it would be good for her ex-husband to make some new friends and it would be good for Grayson to actually have a friend. Grayson doesn't have much in common with Bobby and is baffled by the fact that Andy keeps cruising around the course in a golf cart just to serve Bobby beers. As Grayson sets to tee off, Bobby steps over and makes an adjustment to his stance. Whatever he did works, as Grayson hits a monster drive down the fairway. Game on!

Jules wants Laurie to step up her game in the real estate world. She lets Laurie take over some of her workload so she can spend more time with Josh. As Laurie hosts her first open house, Jules has lunch with Josh. He wants her to kiss him in public because he thinks Jules is embarrassed to be seen with him.

Jules says she's game for a public display of affection, but first has a little constructive criticism about how Josh smooches. She demonstrates the proper way to maneuver one's tongue while kissing an apple. Lucky apple, unlucky Travis, who just happens to walk by during his mom's impromptu French kiss class with fruit.

As Jules attempts to overcome her fear of kissing Josh in public, Laurie calls to say she accidentally beat up a family member who lives in the open house she was showing. The guy really shouldn't have sneaked up on her like that. Jules ditches Josh to deal with Laurie.

Jules and Laurie get into an argument about what went down at the open house. Jules admits that the reason she wants Laurie to do well is only partially so she can have more free time. But it's also because Laurie reminds Jules of what she was like when she was younger. Laurie is touched and Jules lets her work with another client. She says she has faith in Laurie and if she blows it it's no big deal, as this client is only looking at condos.

Back on the golf course, Grayson sinks a putt that allows him to beat Bobby's course record. This sends Bobby into a bit of a funk. This is probably the first time we've ever seen Bobby depressed. Jules tells Grayson, "You broke him, you fix him."

Grayson tells Bobby that he doesn't generally like people, but he had a good time with him today. Grayson, Bobby and Andy share a drink at the bar. It's cosmopolitans all around. As the men promise to keep their affection for cranberry-based cocktails a secret, Bobby realizes that maybe losing the club record isn't so bad. He's 40 and it's time for him to find something other than a golf score to serve as his legacy. Now he's thinking darts.

Jules finally proves to Josh that she's not afraid to get all wet and sloppy with him in public. She invites Ellie to have a seat at their table as she plants one on him. It's good, long, hot kiss. Ellie says, "He kisses with a perfect seal around your mouth like he's trying to suck your brains out." With this, Josh feels the need to leave the table and get everyone some more drinks. Jules also wants him to see if they have more apples.






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