Brothers & Sisters

Episode 3.09 : Unfinished Business

  • Brothers & Sisters
    • Episode Premiere : November 30, 2008
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2011
    • Production Company: After Portsmouth, Berlanti, Touchstone TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Whatever the problem is, the Walkers usually work it out. But, doing that work sometimes can be awfully messy.

Like, when Nora tries to strongarm Justin, Kevin, Saul and Scotty into helping her renovate her new cancer family charity home, the boys balk at cleaning up the roach-infested hellhole. It's going to be a nightmare. But, you know Nora. Tugs on some heartstrings. Slips in a guilt trip. And soon they're all tearing down the walls.

Sarah delivers a pep talk to her Greenatopia business partners, Ethan and Kyle, before their big meeting with a representative from a venture capital film. That representative? It's Graham Finch (Steven Weber). Yeah, that same Graham Finch Sarah dated briefly. After hearing the pitch, Graham asks Sarah to dinner to "discuss" things further. Um, "discuss" = sex, right? Or are we too cynical?

At Ojai Foods, Holly is so impressed with Rebecca's performance at a meeting with a marketing guru that she offers her daughter a full-time job. Rebecca worries what Tommy might say when he returns from his business trip. Holly says he'll be fine. We say he won't. But, what do we know. Rebecca takes the job.

Out of the blue, Kitty gets a call from a very pregnant Trish. We thought Kitty scared her away for good. However, Trish has had second thoughts about her second thoughts. She's now ready to give up her baby, if only Kitty can trust her for being such a flip-flopper. That's a tough call.

Later, Sarah meets Graham for a drink. He's in a flirty mood, but he actually has a business proposal. His investment firm will invest a million bucks into Greenatopia – ca ching! - but there's a catch. Ethan and Kyle will be demoted to co-founders, i.e. they'll just be figureheads with no say in the direction of their own company. Sarah doesn't think Ethan and Kyle will go for it. But she goes for it when Graham leans in for a kiss. Just one kiss, though. This is a business meeting.

Then, guess what? Ethan and Kyle do think Sarah just sold them out. Due to their economic situation, Ethan and Kyle have to accept the deal, but this isn't good business. For once, we're on their side.

Back at the rundown cancer family center, Nora whacks a wall beam that causes a crack to run up the opposite wall. The crack gets bigger all the way until the ceiling caves in. Somebody could have gotten killed! Nora wants to give up. She should have listened to everybody that this self-renovation was a bad idea. Yeah, she should have. Surprisingly, Kitty tries to keep Nora motivated. "A lot of great things come out of messy, complicated situations," she says. It's a nice speech, but the center is too much of a disaster.

The next morning, Graham visits Sarah in her conference room, i.e. the kitchen. She turns down Graham's deal on Ethan and Kyle's behalf. She won't sell them out after all. Yay! It's not all bad news, either. When Graham moves in a little close, they kiss again and suddenly Sarah is rapidly tearing off his business suit. What's a little sex between non-business partners?

Kitty has decided to trust Trish and has convinced Robert to trust her, too. They watch excitedly as Trish gets an ultrasound. That's their baby on the fuzzy, static-y little screen. Do they want to know the sex? No. Good, we want to be surprised, too.

Finally, Tommy, after hearing about Rebecca's promotion, calls Saul into his office for a surreptitious late-night meeting. Tommy wants Holly out. And Saul is only too happy to help out. Now THIS is going to be a battle!






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