Brothers & Sisters

Episode 3.05 : You Get What You Need

  • Brothers & Sisters
    • Episode Premiere : October 26, 2008
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2011
    • Production Company: After Portsmouth, Berlanti, Touchstone TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

One big question on our minds: What's going on with William Walker's illegitimate son, Ryan Lafferty? Now that Rebecca found Ryan's file on Holly's desk, she and Justin argue over what to do with the information. Justin wants to show the file to his mom, but Rebecca wants to give Holly a chance to explain first.

As a test to see if her mother will lie, Rebecca drives up to the vineyard with her Holly and casually asks her about Ryan. Color us shocked when we actually hear Holly own up to the fact that she's been digging for information on the kid. Has Holly turned over a new leaf?

Scotty's conservative parents drive into town for the weekend from Arizona. Kevin wrangles Kitty and Robert into going to dinner with them in a bid to impress them.

Nora meets with business people, trying to raise $17 million for her new nonprofit agency-housing for families of sick children being treated at nearby medical facilities. None of the big bucks crowd is biting until she mentions her husband was William Walker. Suddenly, one of the men in the meeting says he'd be glad to arrange for his boss to meet with her, to talk about a possible grant.

While on their business trip to the orchard, Holly and Rebecca crack open a bottle of wine. Holly asks her daughter questions about her relationship with Justin-including if they've had sex yet. Can we just officially ban all mothers from ever asking that question, starting with Holly?

At a cocktail party thrown by his law firm, Kevin's boss says he voted for Kevin to make partner. Yay! But turns out he was outvoted by the board, and Kevin was passed over.

That's a real kick in the smart Armani suit for ol' Kev, since he was planning to show up to the dinner with Scotty, his parents and the McCallisters, and finally impress his in-laws. Instead, the meal is painful. We watch as everyone toast's Kevin, thinking he got the promotion. When he tries to hold his husband's hand, Scotty pulls his hand away, not wanting his mom and dad to feel uncomfortable.

That said, we feel highly uncomfortable when the legal eagle Walker finally snaps over Scotty's parents constantly fawning over the McCallisters and pretending Kevin's not there. Needless to say, dinner ends then and there.

Rebecca and Justin argue about the trust she's beginning to place in Holly again, and just when things reach a boiling point, anger turns to a full-on makeout session, and they land in the sack together for the first time. Afterwards, Rebecca jokes, "I can't believe we had fight sex before we had real sex."

Nora wins a grant from a hesitant investor after they meet for drinks and she explains that, though she's inexperienced, she managed the schedules of five well-rounded kids and her husband-and that being a housewife and keeping up a happy family more than makes her qualified to run a business. You tell ‘em, Norma Rae!

After his humiliation of being passed over at work, gay Democrat Kevin tells Republican Senator Robert he seriously wants to take up his offer to work for him on the campaign as Kitty's replacement. Now, we've seen odd couples on TV before, but this one could literally take the cake!

We just knew that after all that fightin' mad sex, Justin and Rebecca wouldn't want anything distracting them from their newfound bliss. So they trick Nora and Holly into having lunch together, and tell their mothers it's now their job to sort out the Ryan thing.

After some bitchy banter-c'mon, you weren't expecting Hallmark-worthy prose-Holly gives Nora the file and says it'd probably be better for her to look Ryan up first.

Oh, brother (literally)!






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