Breakout Kings

Episode 2.07 : Ain't Love (50) Grand

  • Breakout Kings
    • Episode Premiere : April 15, 2012
    • Distributor : A&E
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2012
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television, Chernin Entertainment
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Guy Ferland
  • Screenwriter John Tinker
  • Main Cast
    • Laz Alonso as Host,
    • Domenick Lombardozzi,
    • Brooke Nevin,
    • Malcolm Goodwin,
    • Serinda Swan as Amanda,
    • Jimmi Simpson

  • Additional Cast
    • Josh Zuckerman,
    • Ellen Woglom,
    • Jessica Tuck,
    • Michael McGrady

The Story

Rock music plays from a small boombox as Rodney Cain glides his mop along the floor in the guards' locker room of Five Points Correctional Facility. Guard Simkins enters, wet from the shower, a towel straining to stay tied around his mammoth midsection. Rodney looks away while Simkins pops open his towel and begins urinating in the mop bucket. Simkins finishes and looks at Rodney with pure disgust. He strolls away while Rodney, mustering as much dignity as he can, unplugs his boombox and leaves.

Rodney lies on the bottom bunk in his cell reading a letter. The lights go off and Rodney, transfixed by what he is reading, clicks on his flashlight. Rodney's cellmate, annoyed by the light, tells him to shut it off. Rodney takes a moment to look up at the underside of the bunk above where letters, treasured keepsakes, and snapshots of a beautiful teen have been carefully woven through the metal springs before turning off the light.

The next day in the locker room, music plays while Rodney waits for Simkins to finish performing his usual ritual of urinating into his mop bucket. The guard taunts Rodney, saying that he's thinking about meeting up with Rodney's girl on the outside. He asks the inmate how old she was when Rodney "robbed the cradle." "Sixteen," Rodney replies.

Rodney is lost in his love letters when the lights go out. He fumbles for his flashlight in the dark, but realizes it's not where he left it. He yells at his cellmate, demanding to know where it is. Filled with rage, Rodney bolts out of his bunk to attack his cellmate but is met by the butt of the flashlight as his cellmate smashes him in the face.

The next morning, Rodney glances over the mop bucket toward the showers. He quickly yanks the cord from the back of his boombox, wrapping it around his hands as though preparing to choke someone. Simkins finishes his shower and approaches Rodney. The guard notices Rodney staring at him with a murderous look in his eyes. The guard calls him out, and after a moment, Rodney turns away. While Simkins is relieving himself, Rodney plugs one end of the cord into the wall then drops the exposed end into the bucket of water, sending a jolt of voltage up Simkin's stream and into his body. The big guard shudders and falls to the floor, motionless, while Rodney unleashes years of abuse, viciously beating him.

Wearing the guard's uniform, Rodney hurries through the parking lot, his eyes darting about as he repeatedly presses Simkins' keyless entry, looking for his car. Finally, the lights flash and the horn beeps on Simkins' SUV and Rodney rushes over to where it's parked - only to be surprised by a guard stepping out of grey Camaro next to him. The guard realizes Rodney is escaping and goes for his gun, but Rodney jumps him and unleashes another beating. The fugitive grabs the guard's gun and wallet and jumps into the Camaro. He pulls out a picture of his sweetheart and sticks it in the visor as he drives away.

Lloyd, Shea, and Erica sit in the prison transpo van, stuck in hellish traffic. Lloyd looks out the window, lost in thought. Erica asks Shea what's up with Lloyd. Shea suggests that Lloyd is "in heat," which Lloyd immediately denies on biological terms. Ultimately, his emotions get the best of him and he reluctantly asks Shea and Erica for advice about his situation with Julianne. Shea advises Lloyd to bring out the "fire and ice," explaining to Lloyd that, since he's been nice to her so far, if he starts giving her the cold shoulder, she'll eventually break. Lloyd agrees to take Shea's suggestion, which Erica finds highly amusing.

Ray enters his office and is greeted by Brad Kelley, an ex-colleague-turned-bounty-hunter. Despite the pleasantries, Ray is guarded with Brad, especially after he reveals that he wants in on the search for Rodney. Brad offers to split the reward money with Ray in exchange for equal credit in the capture, "like the old days." Ray initially declines the offer but as Brad persists, he agrees to try and work out an arrangement.

Brad leaves as Lloyd, Erica, and Shea walk into the office. Julianne hands them folders and briefs them on Rodney Cain. Lloyd takes a folder, but ignores Julianne, shooting a look to Shea as he walks to his desk. Ray joins the group as Julianne explains that an 18-year-old Rodney was incarcerated for killing his 16-year-old girlfriend's stepfather after he threatened to have Rodney arrested for statutory rape. Ray tells the team that campus authorities are locating the girlfriend, so their first stop is her mother's house.

A female college student walks along the Brennel College Campus, engrossed in the book she is reading. Rodney watches her from his car. There's no mistaking this young woman is Lorraine Hamilton, his ex-girlfriend. Rodney screeches the car to a stop. Startled, Lorraine looks up, stunned to see Rodney.

At the home of Candice Hamilton, Lorraine's mother, the Breakout Kings listen as she explains the strained relationship between Rodney and her late husband. Lloyd examines the room as Candice tells the team that last time she saw Rodney was when he was removed from the court in handcuffs. The team leaves when Shea receives a tip from the Bernell Campus Police. Lorraine was last seen getting into a grey Camaro. Lloyd excitedly explains that Candice is a liar and/or a narcissist, as there were no photos of her missing daughter in the home, but plenty of framed shots of Candice.

Lorriane and Rodney sit in the Camaro in the parking lot of a park. Rodney tries kissing Lorraine, but she doesn't respond so he moves away. Visibly upset, Rodney asks her why she isn't happier to see him. From her letters, he was sure she still loved him. Lorraine looks puzzled and tells Rodney she never wrote him any letters. Rodney throws the bag of letters out of the car and storms into the park. Lorriane goes after him and they begin to scream at one another. A concerned bystander asks Lorraine if she is okay, telling Rodney to calm down. Rodney pulls his gun on the bystander, threatening to shoot, but Lorraine begs him to calm down.

The Breakout Kings arrive at the park. Lloyd recovers the bag of letters and starts reading through them, trying to determine why Rodney would carry them out of prison and then just throw them away. Ray receives a call from Julianne, who tells him that Candice visited Rodney six times while he was in prison. Lloyd reiterates his early hunch that Candice could not be trusted. As Ray instructs Julianne to bring Candice in, he spots Brad pulling into the parking lot. Ray quietly instructs Brad to leave since his active participation was not a part of their arrangement. Brad, clearly unhappy, gets back into his truck as Erica demands to know more about Ray's relationship with the bounty hunter. He tells them that Brad was his mentor until he got kicked out of the Marshals for stealing. The cons look at each other, realizing that Brad's involvement could jeopardize their months off.

Ray steps into the bullpen with the team and Julianne hands him a signed release form from Candice who's waiting in the interrogation room. Shea, taking the paper from Ray, notices that Candice's signature matches the handwriting on the love letters that were sent to Rodney. In the interrogation room, Candice explains to Ray and Lloyd that she'd forgotten about her visits to Rodney in prison, but was meaning to inform them. Lloyd spreads the love letters on the table. After a moment, Candice admits to sending the letters, but tells them that she only sent the letters to keep him happy and to prevent him from sending "one of his buddies" to kill both her and her daughter. Before she can continue, Candice's phone rings. It's Rodney. He tells Candice that Lorraine is safe and instructs her to deliver $50,000 to the Story Town Mall. The line goes dead.

Back in the Camaro, Rodney tucks the gun into his waistband as he realized he broke out of jail based on Candice's deceptive love letters.

On the perimeter of the Story Town Mall, Ray and Erica prep Candice for her meeting with Rodney. Candice tests her wire and drives into the mall parking lot. As the Breakout Kings wait for Rodney, Erica asks why Brad was originally kicked off of the Marshalls. Ray reveals that Brad took money on ten different occasions, and, when Ray was caught taking money, Brad snitched on him to avoid jail time. The cons are not happy to be working with him, but Ray reminds them of the old saying, "Keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer."

Rodney pulls in and Candice approaches the car with the money in hand. As she walks to Rodney's car, she blatantly displays and adjusts her device revealing to the fugitive that she is wired. Rodney speeds off and Ray alerts all units to pursue him. As they tear down the street after Rodney, Brad cuts them off in an attempt to capture Rodney himself.

The Breakout Kings' SUV comes to a screeching halt as Ray and the cons pile out. Ray storms over to Brad, who frantically motions for the driver of the car blocking his path to move. Brad makes it clear that his deal with Ray has changed. He needs the money and will stop at nothing to claim it.

Rodney and Lorraine sit on a jungle gym in an empty play ground. She asks him the question she's always been too afraid to ask: Why did he kill her stepfather? Rodney replies, "because I found out what happened." He tells her that Candice had related to him in detail how Lorraine's stepfather had sexually abused her when she was a child. Lorraine pauses in shock before explaining that her stepfather never abused her. Lorraine is speechless. They both try to digest the magnitude of her mother's deceit.

The Breakout Kings are in full war-room mode, going through every document they can pull on Candice. Erica discovers that Candice cashed a one million dollar life insurance policy on her late husband when he was killed. A divorce would have been a fraction of the payoff, so it's possible that Candice arranged for her husband's death and that Rodney was somehow set up to murder him. Julianne, keeping an eye on the tracking device on Candice's car and her credit card learns that Candice has just purchased bullet rounds. The team moves quickly to track her down as she goes after Rodney.

Candice cautiously walks past Rodney's Camaro into a deserted depot. She is only a few steps inside when Rodney appears, gun in hand. As she demands to know if Lorraine is all right, her daughter steps out from the shadows. In full support of Rodney, Lorraine tells her mother to give him the money since she's already ruined his life. Candice drops the money on the floor. As Rodney bends to pick it up, Candice draws her gun. Lorraine lunges over to disarm her mother. A struggle ensues. A shot is fired.

Moments later, the Breakout King's SUV speeds in, skidding to a stop beside Candice's Chrysler. A quick sweep of the building reveals Candice dead on the floor in a pool of blood.

As cops crowd the depot, Brad appears again on the hunt for Rodney. The bounty hunter has disregarded Ray's request and is tracking the fugitive on his own. Erica calls Brad out on using a police scanner to follow them as opposed to legitimate lead sourcing. Brad insults Erica's father, and Erica goes after him. He takes a swing. She slips past it and lands an upper cut, knocking him on his ass. Ray manages to break up the scuffle then turns and faces off with Brad, strongly advising him to stay away from his team. Brad leaves the depot to track a tip about Rodney, unaware that Shea has bugged his car.

Rodney and Lorraine lie face-to-face on a bed in a cheap motel. He tells her that he will take the blame for Candice's death because he wants Lorraine to live a life outside of prison. Lorraine insists that she wants to run away with Rodney, but he is clear that she cannot.

Back at the bullpen, Julianne addresses Lloyd directly to ask if she has done something wrong. Lloyd brushes her off at first, but quickly realizes that Shea's plan is not the right choice for winning over Julianne. Julianne, back at her desk, contacts Ray after getting a tip on Rodney's car.

Lorraine rounds the corner with grocery bags on her way back to the hotel after getting some food. Brad pulls up alongside her in his truck. Lorraine sees him and starts to run, but he pulls Lorraine into his pickup at gunpoint and demands that she take him to Rodney.

Lorraine and Brad enter the hotel room. They hear the shower running from the bathroom. Brad nods towards it and pushes Lorraine forward, but Rodney appears from behind the front door and puts his gun to Brad's temple. Brad slowly releases his grip on Lorraine's arm and she steps away. Rodney opens the door and walks the bounty hunter at gunpoint towards his car as the Breakout Kings pull up to the motel. Ray draws his gun and tells Rodney to drop his weapon. Lorraine begs Rodney to let Brad go as Ray encourages him to listen to his girlfriend. Rodney hesitates, but eventually listens to reason and drops his gun. Shea cuffs Rodney and escorts him to the SUV. Lorraine goes to Rodney, leans forward and they kiss softly. With tears pouring down both of their faces, she promises to write him. The Breakout Kings pile into the van and leave Brad sitting on the curb, alone and bleeding.

The team arrives back at the office with Rodney in tow. Erica follows Ray into his office, and begins to explain that she'll understand if Brad decides to press charges against her. Ray tells her not to worry and that he'll defend her, saying that Brad threw the first punch. Erica smiles and tells Ray he's a stand up guy as she walks out of the room. Ray, being the hard head that he is, doesn't look up, but he obviously appreciates her comment.

Lloyd, realizing Shea's "Fire and Ice" advice was a disaster, follows Julianne into the coffee nook. After a surprisingly eloquent, yet thoroughly Lloyd-like explanation, he declares his love for her, but tells her that his admission does not require a response. Instead, he leaves her with the option of placing a pencil on his desk if she feels even the slightest bit the same about him.

Ray tells the cons to get back in their prison blues since the transpo van is on the way. Lloyd, back at his desk, waits anxiously to see what Julianne will do. He gets up, but before he can head to the bathroom to change, Julianne emerges from the coffee nook and walks up to his desk. She places a pen in front of him and walks away. Lloyd stares at the pen in disbelief wondering what it means. Is it a sign? Does she love him? He sits back down, examining the pen, totally confused, but hopeful.






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