Episode 8.13 : The Twist in the Plot

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : January 28, 2013
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Milan Cheylov
  • Screenwriter Kim Clements
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Carla Gallo,
    • Larry Dorf,
    • Vik Sahay,
    • Kimberly Jurgen

The Story


A couple goes on a segway tour through a national park trial. The wife trips off her segway and lands in a sea of rove beetles that cover her body. She screams as she notices the skull lying next to her.

That morning at Booth and Brennan's home, Booth asks Sweets if he's nervous to see Daisy back in the lab. Brennan thinks that Sweets still hasn't emotionally recovered because he hasn't slept with anyone. Sweets tells them not to shrink him and that he is fine. Booth tells them they have to go-there's a body.

At the park, Hodgins tells the team that the body has been scavengered by squirrels, rats, and rogue beetles. Brennan determines the victim is female in her early 30's. Cam notices lacerations and avulsions on the ulna and radius. Hodgins thinks the victim could have been killed somewhere else and placed here. Brennan agrees with his theory since she notices another body buried under the victim in a very shallow grave.

In the lab, Brennan examines the chest cavity trauma on the first victim. Daisy points out the fractures on the nasal bone and on the ulnas. Brennan had noticed the same fractures. Daisy tells Brennan that they are operating as one organism. Cam is a little taken back, she asks Daisy about Sweets. Daisy tells them she is an emotional rock like Brennan.


Sweets tells Booth that the body of victim #2 was staged. It had a scarf under their chin and was anointed with sandalwood, cloves, and frankincense. Booth tells sweets the Green Passages is a green burial company that leased their burial site to the National Park. It was Monica Craig's body that the grave was in. Booth and Sweets agree that they need to go to Green Passages to see who knew about Monica's burial site.

Angela shows Brennan Monica Craig's obituary in Brennan's office. Monica died of cancer and wanted a natural burial. Angela tells Brennan that Hodgins wants to be launched into the sun when he dies.

Sweets talks to Monica's wife, Wes. Wes is upset to hear that his wife's grave has been desecrated. Wes tells Sweets that the only people that knew about Monica's grave were friends and family. Sweets pulls out Angela's facial reconstruction of the murder victim. Wes recognizes the woman's face as Rachel Knox, Monica's death doula from Green Passages.

Booth and Brennan drive to Green Passages. Booth tells Brennan that his last will and testament is in his desk drawer at work and written on a sticky note. Brennan's last will and testament is 312 pages. Booth just wants a coffin and priest when he dies.

The couple arrives at Green Passages and meets the director of Green Passes, Akshay Mirza. Brennan tells him that they are here about the end of another life: Rachel Knox.


Akshay is upset about the news of his business partner. He tells Booth and Brennan that she was a free spirited and ran off a lot, that's why he didn't report her missing. She was well loved and he doesn't know who would want to hurt her. Booth and Brennan leave their info incase he thinks of anything.

Daisy shows Hodgins some fractures on the distal end of the sternal body. A blow this hard to cause that means the victim was crushed. A push into the sternum back of heart, which caused the ventricle to fill to its max capacity and pop the heart. This is cause of death. Hodgins is going to swab the ends of the fractures to see there are any particulates. Hodgins mentions Sweets but Daisy assures him that she is focused and has her life together.

As they walk to lunch, Angela tells Brennan that Monica's wife has filed a lawsuit against Green Passages for the desecration of the grave. Brennan believes that Rachel is not as good as Akshay made her out to be.

Booth tells Sweets he looked into the lawsuits filed against Green Passages. There were three suits filed by the same man, Mick Warren, against Rachel claiming fraud and breach of promise. He was trying to put her out of business.

Booth and Sweets talk to cemetery owner, Mick Warren. Mick tells them that they were business competitors but she said that they were going to join forces since she had the land. But he was all business about it. Mick tells them that she changed her mind once Akshay and her started sleeping together. This is news to Sweets and Booth.


Lance comes into the Bone Room to see Daisy. Daisy tells him that she is fine that she is staying in the apartment and writing a paper that will hopefully be published. She tells him that she has to get back to work and it was good to see him. She leaves him in the Bone Room.

Akshay tells Booth and Brennan that he didn't say anything about his relationship with Rachel because it ended over a year ago. Rachel was only with a guy for three months and then moved on. Akshay was okay with the agreement. Brennan tells Akshay that Rachel had her face smashed in months ago. Akshay admitted that they both practiced tantric sex and one night he slipped and elbowed her in the face. Booth and Brennan are skeptical.

Daisy tells Cam she has found something. Daisy pulls up a scan of Monica Craig's cancer. Daisy shows Cam the metastasis on the femur showing that Monica Craig had weeks to live before her death.

In Angela's office, Angela pulls up a 3D image of the injuries on Rachel Knox. There is a distinct oval pattern on the body. Hodgins says the weapons that match the pattern are all ancient and made from stone. Angela tells Brennan that the stone contained diamonds which means it was a saw. Hodgins tells Brennan he also found cutting oil. Brennan realizes that the murder weapon was a stone made burial marker and she knows that Akshay makes all the markers for the company.


Brennan and Booth visit Akshay again in his work area. He admits that he cuts and makes all the grave markers for the company including Monica Craig's. They tell him that they will be taking it to the Jeffersonian for testing. Akshay tells them next time he sees them he will have a lawyer.

Hodgins sits in his office watching his rove beetles. Cam checks in on him. Hodgins tells Cam he is sad for Monica Craig but when he dies he is being shot into the sun. Cam tells him she is not going into the ground and wants to be cremated. Hodgins notices that his beetles are two different sizes: one growing at a normal rate the other obese. Hodgins wants to runs some tests to see what messed up their protein receptors and could tell them more about Monica Craig.

Sweets tells Booth in the FBI that he wants to bring in Monica's husband, Wes, in again. Sweets believed he would have noticed friction between Rachel and Akshay. Sweets tries to change the subject to Daisy but Booth doesn't want to talk about it.

At the Diner, Sweets meets with Daisy. They both admit that they miss each other. Daisy tells him that she has been seeing a pathologist off and on. Sweets tells her he wanted to see her to see if their break up was a mistake, Daisy agrees. They both decide that it wasn't a mistake and that they don't belong together. Sweets gets a text, he has to return to the FBI.

Sweets talks to Wes. Wes tells Sweets that Akshay never really seemed as spiritual as Rachel and was more business oriented. Rachel was always more than genuine.

Hodgins shows Cam and Daisy what he found with his beetles. Hodgins tells them that something toxic interrupted the beetles eating patterns. He found that the beetles found on Monica's body had bath salts present. Cam says that Monica could have overdosed or been poisoned. Daisy tells them that methylone will appear in the bone marrow if it tests positive that means there are two murderers.


The next day Booth and Brennan get ready for work. Brennan asks for Booth to redo his will but he doesn't want to. Brennan tells him that she wants a Tibetan Sky Funeral where she would be carried into the mountain plateaus and a burial master will break her body. Booth gets upset that Brennan's last message to him and Christine would involve that.

In the FBI Conference Room, Sweets talks to Wes again. Sweets puts the powder of methylone on the table. Sweets tells him that he knows he used to use it to treat depression in his practice. He tells Sweets that Monica begged him because she was in terrible pain. He said he did not help her do it but he didn't stop her.

Booth tries to work on his will in his office. Sweets comes in and tells him that Wes' grief and guilt are very real. Sweets believes that Wes suffered from survivors guilt which is apparent in his phone records. He called Rachel more frequently as Monica's suicide drew near. Booth realizes that all the phone calls happened more frequently in the three-month period and then suddenly stop. Sweets sees that Rachel and Wes were sleeping together.

In the Interrogation Room, Booth shows Wes the phone records. Booth pushes for answers. Wes admits that he had an affair with Rachel and his three-month period ended two days before Monica died. Wes continues that Rachel came to Monica's grave and he grabbed Monica's stone.

Back at the Lab, Cam gets ready to leave and sees Daisy crying. Daisy tells her that she is really sad about Sweets and doesn't want to let go. Cam urges her to let go and to keep moving forward. Daisy appreciates Cam's advice.

Back at Booth and Brennan's house, Booth gets his video camera and makes a goodbye video for Christine. Brennan comes in and watches Booth. Brennan comes in and hugs Booth when he is done his video. She tells him she revised her will to 306 pages. She also changed what she wants for her funeral to a volcano. She wants to be sprinkled over a volcano because Booth and Christine will have a fun trip doing it together.

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