Bones Episode 8.12 The Corpse on the Canopy
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Bones Episode 8.12 The Corpse on the Canopy

Episode Premiere
Jan 21, 2013
Drama, Crime
Production Company
Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
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Episode Premiere
Jan 21, 2013
Drama, Crime
2005 - 2017
Production Co
Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
Fox TV
Official Site
Robert Hardy
Jonathan Collier
Main Cast
  • Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan
  • David Boreanaz as Special Agent Seeley Booth
  • Michaela Conlin
  • T.J. Thyne
  • Tamara Taylor
  • John Francis Daley
  • John Boyd
Additional Cast
  • Patricia Belcher
  • Reed Diamond
  • Henry Simmons
  • Mike Nojun Park


Angela and Hodgins have a startling wake up call in their home when they find a body hanging from the canopy of their bed. The couple runs to Michael Vincent's crib to find bloody petals lying in his bed.

Brennan and Booth rush over to their house. They have dropped Christine somewhere safe. Brennan tells Booth that Angela believes they were drugged and that Pelant is back.

Brennan examines the body in the canopy which is missing it's skin, mandible, and internal organs. She determines the body is male. Brennan needs to have Cam assess the tissue incisions to help determine if it's Pelant's work. Angela gives them the petals, which Hodgins has determined, are Crocus Sativus from Egypt. Booth wants to call a team in to get the body to the lab but Hodgins doesn't want anything in the system. Booth tells him they need to stay in the system.


Caroline, Sweets, and Booth visit the lab. It has a military grade surveillance panels lying the ceiling for protection. Booth tells them that all calls are used on burner cells and no computers are to be used. Cam takes some of Hodgins blood to get tested. They need ID the gas that was used on him and Angela. Cam tells Hodgins to go examine the petals.

On the lab platform, Angela takes pictures for the reconstruction. Cam joins Brennan's examination. Brennan determines the male victim is Caucasian and in his 30's. Cam notes that the lack of putrefaction means that he's been dead less than twenty-four hours which means he won't be in Missing Persons. Brennan knows Pelant is sending them a message through the body. On the X-rays there are small lesions on the scapula and some fragments were embedded into the victim's pelvis. Cam removes tiny shards of twisted metal from the bone and puts it on a petri dish. She takes it to Hodgins. Angela is upset that Cam is treating this like a normal case. Brennan tells Angela to focus on stopping Pelant and not anything else.

In a hotel room, Pelant works on making a security card for himself. He completely wipes the original photo and replaces it with his own photo.

In Booth's office, Caroline, Sweets, and Booth go over Pelant's file. His first victim was his guidance counselor, then Inger Johannsen, then Ezra Krane. He used their bodies to tell a story. The next victim was Ethan Sawyer. Agent Flynn comes into Booth's office. The group isn't warm to Flynn asking questions about their investigation.

Angela comes to the platform to show Cam and Brennan her reconstruction. However, without the mandible she's a little uncertain about it. Brennan notes that the lesions on the scapula are remnants from cutaneous leishmaniasis that is a disease usually found on soldiers from Iraq. Its caused from the sand in flea bites. There are also fractures to the metatarsals with are consistent with parachute jumping. Angela tells them that Hodgins thinks that the fragments were shrapnel. Cam realizes that the victim sounds like the victim was part of Special Forces.

Agent Flynn comes into the FBI Conference Room to offer his help to Booth. He brings him a stamped classified file. Flynn tells Booth that he is looking for a man who used to serve in Iraq, dove, and managed to get wounded in Central Africa. Booth tells Flynn that if the victim did an assignment in Africa it would be off record. Agent Flynn offers the file to Booth again.

Cam tells Hodgins that hematology couldn't ID anything in his blood. Hodgins tells Cam he doesn't care what it takes; he has money, that he will get the resources to figure this out.

Sweet and Booth talk in the car on the way to the victim's apartment. Xavier Freeman is the victim. He did five tours as a SEAL. No job and no family so they don't need to notify anyone.

Booth and Sweets examine the apartment. It is set up for Xavier to leave at a moments notice. His gun locker is also open which Booth assumes is for a reason. There are lots of rifles and ammo in the locker. Booth notes that it is proprietary gear but the guys who get these types of weapons do it for money. Booth realizes the victim was working for Serberus. Booth calls Flynn to tell him. Serberus is the world's biggest provider of mercenaries they supply arms and the men that use them. Sweets realizes that Pelant is escalating in his attacks by killing a solider, Booth wants to know why.


Cam comes into the Bone Room to tell Brennan that the victim's tox screen was clean. Brennan shows her the victim's vertebrae, which has scratch marks that were made by needles. The needle would have pieced the nerves on each side of the vertebrae causing intense pain. He literally died from the pain.

Agent Flynn and Booth talk to the CEO of Serberus, Tom Molner. They tell him about Pelant and Xavier's death, however, Tom is not going to give them any information. Their business has a confidentiality policy. Molnor said if Pelant killed one of his men he will find out on his own without the help of the FBI.

Sweets comes into the lab to check on Hodgins. Hodgins doesn't want to hear any of Sweets shrink talk. Sweets tells Hodgins to take a breath-Hodgins gets an idea.

In the FBI Conference Room, Caroline tells Flynn and Booth that she cannot get them a warrant to search Serberus unless they tell her what they are looking for. Booth doesn't know what they are looking for until they go back. Caroline can't help them.

Sweets comes into the Autopsy Room to tell Cam that he is worried about Hodgins. Cam tells Sweets that he shouldn't be assessing her employees and that she is not going to send him home. Sweets doesn't understand why. Cam tells Sweets that that is what Pelant wants-Hodgins off the case.

Angela comes into the Ookey Room. Hodgins gets ready to snort lidocaine so that he can biopsy his lung, Angela tries to stop him. Angela offers her lung as well to biopsy. They both snort the lidocaine.

Brennan gets a call in her office: it's Pelant. He is disappointed in Brennan that she hasn't figured out the body yet. Pelant said she is dumber for being a mother and off her game. He tells her that he will be giving her a hint...soon.

In the Jeffersonian Mail Room, a clerk goes through the mail. He finds a damp envelope and opens it to find...A FINGER!


Booth comes to lab to check on Brennan. She needs to do some test and analysis to figure out where the finger came from. Booth leaves her to do her work.

Hodgins shows Angela an Enigma machine that he has set up to contact the FBI. Hodgins is manic and paranoid about Pelant finding out information. He gets the results from the mass spec from their lung biopsy. There was a trace of sevoflurane, an anesthetic gas. Hodgins traces the suppliers or the drug who are both divisions of Cantilever. Hodgins owns Cantilever, Hodgins runs out of the Ookey Room.

Cam and Brennan go over research books to try and under the finger clue. It belongs to a monkey or ape. Brennan narrows it down to the Barbary Ape. Brennan realizes the Roman anatomist, Galen, used to disset them as models for his work on the human body. She pulls out a book. There is a picture of Galen's work. Brennan tells Cam that his work was accepted until Vesalius proved that Galen's work had many errors in it. The finger was pointing them to Vesalius.

Angela gets her projector out to help Cam and Brennan. She compares the pictures of the body that was found in the Hodgins' household and compares it to Vesalius' work. Both bodies are flayed and missing mandibles. Angela manipulates the position of the bodies and they are almost similar. They are stumped on what it means.

Sweets, Flynn, and Booth try to understand the latest findings. Sweets thinks Pelant is building to something. Booth smells something burning-it's the Enigma machine. It's a message from Hodgins: Pelant has a new identity Justin Trimple. Flynn has an idea on how they can run a search.

Hodgins reads his Enigma machine message: They need to spam Pelant. Angela grabs her computer to blast Pelant with Nigerian spam and send it to every Justin Trimple.

Pelant is at Serberus when he gets a notification on his phone. He goes to a nearby computer and sees spam pop up everywhere. He tries to block the Jeffersonian but now Angela knows what server he is using. Hodgins sends the message on the Enigma machine.

Flynn and Booth tell Caroline that they traced Pelant at Serberus. They want to go in with a tac team and a warrant to go to Serberus. Caroline tells them that if this isn't successful they will all be in trouble.


The tac team gets ready for the take down. Booth tells Sweets he has to stay back incase him or Flynn get injured. Pelant checks in the Serberus security cameras to see the building is surrounded.

Cam, Brennan, and Angela continue to compare Vesalius' corpse and the body that they found at the house. Cam notices that Pelant made some errors on the body. Brennan believes that this is his code. Hodgins comes in to help. There are muscles missing on Pelant's body that are intact on Vesalius. On Vesalius' body the muscles are labeled with letters. The team overlays the two bodies to see what letters are left: M, E, L, Y, C, U.

The tac team enters the building ready to attack. Pelant gets on his computer and types furiously. The screen reads: REMOTE SYSTEM ARMED. He downloads information onto his tablet quickly before disabling the connection.

Back at the Jeffersonian, Hodgins tells them the only combination that makes sense is LYCEUM. Brennan tells them that it means school, it comes from the Greek word "lukeoin."

Booth and Flynn see Pelant on the security camera-but he's showing up on every monitor in every room. Booth needs to know where the off map evac route is. Tom Molner tells them there is no way Pelant knows about it.

Booth and Flynn go into the electrical room. They see Pelant. They run after him. Pelant goes into the Boiler Room, they follow him. Pelant opens a secret door. They follow him. Flynn tries to shoot at Pelant but misses him. Pelant takes out his tablet and turns something on. Suddenly an automated gatling port opens in the wall. Booth gets down but shots start being fired and Flynn is hit.

Pelant makes it to his getaway car. Booth drags Flynn with him. Booth tries to take Pelant down on his own. He shoots at his car-hitting Pelant but not good enough because Pelant drives off.


Booth tells Sweets that he knows he hit Pelant but didn't kill him. Sweets tells him that if that is true Pelant will need medical attention. Flynn is wheeled away on a stretcher. Tom Molner calls Booth to the lobby-every work station on the eighth floor just turned on. A bunch of numbers scroll across the computer monitors.

Angela tells Cam and Hodgins to come into her office to see the Serberus server. Hodgins doesn't know what the numbers mean.

At Serberus, Booth is on speaker phone and tells them that he recognizes the numbers at coordinates on MGRS. It's used for air delivered weapons.

Angela pulls up the coordinates on her computer its in Afghanistan. They are able to see the source moving. Angela realizes it's a MQ-9 Predator Drone. Brennan tells them anywhere in this area is heavily populated, no matter where it lands its going to be devastating.

Booth needs to get re-routed but the Serberus team is locked out. Angela tries LYCEUM in the system and it pulls up the plane's video feed. She enhances the image and realizes that it is headed for a school. Angela notices Pelant sending other data-Hodgins tries to figure it out.

Sweets tells Booth that Pelant wants them to feel helpless when the school is blown up. Hodgins looks at the other data-it looks all to familiar. He realizes that these are the numbers to his personal portfolio. Pelant has set up a program to drain his account. He tells Angela if they shut down the server they will lose contact of the plane. Pelant is making him choose: saving the children at the school or his money. Hodgins chooses to save the girls.

The plane is getting closer. Angela tries her hardest to get the plane to self destruct...and she is successful!

Back at the lab, Hodgins is upset that he lost all his money. Angela tells him that they will be okay without it.

At Booth and Brennan's house, Christine sleeps peacefully. Booth tells Brennan that Flynn is stable. Booth is upset Pelant is still out there and is going to make another move soon.

At a vet clinic, a bloody Pelant attempts to sew up his own wounds on his face.